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On a windy, rainy day in Brixton the OBV eXpress campaign bus quietly rolled into the symbolic Windrush Square emblematic of the multiculturalism of this London borough. It was one of those wet, drizzly days where the pavement reflects images like a simmering mirror that somehow offered the opportunity for Brixton to take a long hard look at itself.

Charlie yes, but what about the massacre in Nigeria!?


I met Lorenz in Berlin just before Xmas at a leadership training event which OBV helped found. At every juncture during the training Lorenz was inquisitive and challenging. At one point he said, I’ll be in London soon can I come and volunteer for you Mr Woolley? Yes, I instantly replied, knowing talent when I see it. And here he is, in Bethnal Green writing his first article and assisting with campaigns. Expect much more from this bright young man!

Simon Woolley

Cuba to come in from the ‘Cold’?



Realising the ideal of a fairer society


Tony Thomas writes an excellent blog, One Love, One London. He recently took issue with a piece I wrote on the OBV website encouraging readers to understand the power their vote gives them to force politicians to take racial equality more seriously.

Profile: On the Level with Dr Patricia Daley


‘On the Level’ is a series of interview style profiles highlighting individuals whose work or campaigning is a model to inspire and engage our communities. Here Patricia Daley shares her views.

Dr Patricia Daley (pictured above) is a University Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Oxford & Official Fellow, Jesus College, Oxford.

She taught at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, USA, and at Loughborough University, UK before her present role at Oxford.

A fighting chance


All black and minority ethnic shortlists are a temporary measure we need to effect a permanent change in our political culture.

Their whipping boy


Lee Jasper has been subjected to a vicious press campaign as a proxy for his boss Ken Livingstone - and damn the consequences for community relations.

Racism in Spain : A country in denial



Lewis Hamilton

It’s unbelievable! What happened in Montmelo, Barcelona? Well, nothing, absolutely nothing...a few delinquent kids and nothing more.

The end of the nasty party?


Comfortable, confident and multifaceted, the new black and ethnic minority Tories are showing how their party has changed.

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