Peter Herbert: Race for justice



Celebrating BME success: Powerful Media and Green Park



In the same week Powerful Media and Green Park recruitment released their much-anticipated annual reports ranking the one-hundred most influential black and minority individuals of the year in the United Kingdom: the Powerlist and the BAME 100 Board Talent Index 2017, respectively. Distinguished with a position on each of these two well-known and prestigious classifications is Operation Black Vote’s Executive Director and Co-Founder Simon Woolley, joining other notable activists and influencers.

Black gay men face shocking bigotry


Within our communities we see how discrimination affects us, but Black women, Black people with disabilities and Black gays often face a double form of discrimination.

A good example is the contentious issues raised when Black gays are involved in mixed relationships and that tension is reflected in the broader politics and culture of gay communities. FS Magazine (published by the gay men's health charity GMFA), recently highlighted this in a study.

Education: Opening the eyes and minds of our young


It’s a widely held view that when it comes to racism, today’s generation is much less prejudiced than their parents’ generation. Britain has moved on, so the thinking goes, and become a 'post-racial society'. 

Increased voter turnout from BME Brits



Despite one of the fiercest fought political battles in a generation, turnout remained broadly flat at 65%, exactly where it was in 2010. 

However,  our initial analysis  indicates that during this election, just as in 2010,  the Black and minority ethnic vote  turned out  in increased numbers, bucking the national trend. 

What is racism



Surely I’m not the only one weary of the constant denial of racism from Britain’s United Kingdom Independence Party.

Of course, we all know that the incidence of racism across all parties is one from which none is entirely immune. However, whilst other parties have the occasional bout of racism UKIP has inculcated a particularly nasty strain.

Xenophobia has poisoned our EU institutions


As the bodies of hundreds dead migrants gently rise and fall with the of the swelling of the Meditation Sea we see the stunning lack of compassion of European nations, many of whom failed to act when Italy warned them of this growing and intending crisis over a year ago.  This year an estimated 1.500 people have drowned on Italy's coast although, in reality the number is expected to be much higher. 

Pankurst and King: divided by continent; united in vision


This week saw two important dates celebrated across the world. First, there was the celebration of Dr King’s historic civil rights march in Selma Alabama, and then our annual celebration of International Women’s Day.

Both are hugely significant in demonstrating the changing nature of our democracies, improving representation and forcing the Governments of the day, to yield to the massive public demands for equality and justice.

Easy way to register to vote




This weekend see's the 50th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther Kings historic civil rights march in Selma Alabama March 7th 1965. Our journey on the long road to equality and justice is far from over, and this important anniversary is the perfect occasion to launch our 'Reclaim Democracy' voter registration campaign for the forthcoming general election. 

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