Pension freeze for minorities who retire abroad


People who retire to countries such as India, Pakistan, Trinidad &Tobago, Grenada, Nigeria and Kenya are not entitled to their full pension payout, unlike those retiring and staying in the UK and Europe.

People from Black and minority ethnic (BME) background who retire to certain countries will have their state pension frozen for the duration of their retirement and this will have a detrimental effect on future of BME finances according to a report by equality think tank Runnymede Trust.

Cambridge and Starkey race row


Well, I do feel that I carry the responsibility of representing my country wherever I am, and this responsibility came with the success that I had in last couple of years, not just myself but the whole group of tennis players that comes from Serbia. And athletes in general are, in this moment, the biggest ambassadors that our country has.

- Novak Djokovic

And the winners are...



BME 'Stop and search' figures down by 68%


The headline news that Black and Minority Ethnic ( BME) 'Stop and Search' figures are down by 68% since 2010/11 can only be greeted as good news. But it's not the whole story.

Stars shine light on racism


Last night’s Shining a Light 2015 concert held in Los Angeles, CA in the United States started at 8pm at the Shrine Auditorium. The concert focused on promoting unity and social progress within the realm of racial equality. This sold out concert, featured a start studded set list, ranging from Sting to Pharrell Williams, Ed Sheeran to Bruce Springsteen, or Sia to Zac Brown Band.

Paris Attacks: Are we reaping what we sow?


Even as the French and other European authorities continue to track down all the perpetrators of the Paris atrocities, there is a question few seem to want to confront until now: Are we reaping what we sow?

It's a difficult question not least because conflation between the barbarism that occurred in Paris, to the US, French and Russian bombing in Syria is often characterised as 'wooly liberal politics, or an 'apologist for extremism'.

Rugby legend Jonah Lomu dies


Perhaps with the exception of Wales and its working class mining roots, rugby union is mostly seen as the preserve of the white middle and upper classes. Every since I can remember fee paying schools predominantly played rugby and all the rest of us played football.

That was until the New Zealander of Togan decent , Jonah Lomu literally burst onto the rugby stage.

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