Pension freeze for minorities who retire abroad


People who retire to countries such as India, Pakistan, Trinidad &Tobago, Grenada, Nigeria and Kenya are not entitled to their full pension payout, unlike those retiring and staying in the UK and Europe.

People from Black and minority ethnic (BME) background who retire to certain countries will have their state pension frozen for the duration of their retirement and this will have a detrimental effect on future of BME finances according to a report by equality think tank Runnymede Trust.

British Chinese now collaborating with OBV


The British Chinese Project had its media launch in Westminster last night, only six months since it was founded by a group of young Chinese community activists, led by Michael Wilkes, son of long established Chinese lawyer Christine Lee, and his colleague Alex Yip.

Judge Hollingworth: “Patels don’t do important work”


Is this what key establishment figures really think of Asian people?

In an astonishing outburst which came out of the blue, a senior Judge, Deputy District Judge Richard Terrence Peter Hollingworth, sought to guess the occupation of a witness who might need permission for time off work.

The judge argued:

It won’t be a problem. She won’t be working anywhere important where she can’t get the time off. She’ll only be working in a shop or an off-licence.”

Our thoughts are with the children of Peshawar


As we begin the countdown to Christmas and what presents to buy for our children and loved ones, we ought to spare a thought for the heartbroken families and relatives of those who had their children and teachers gunned down in a brutal act of "extreme extremism".

In a modern day unprecedented act, 132 school children and their nine teachers were systematically gunned down in Peshawar, Pakistan, by Taliban forces fighting the Government.

Noble peace prize winner for protecting young children, Kailash Satyarthi said:

Lewis Hamilton: Furious backlash after BBC sports award win


Many of the back page sporting headlines covering the emphatic public support for Lewis Hamilton winning the BBC sports personality of the year award read, ‘It’s a complete joke’, conveying the anger and disappointment of the golfing world that bookies favourite Rory McElroy didn’t win.

Time to take Action on Torture


Earlier this week the Senates Intelligence Committee published a report concerning the CIA’s torture programme, which was launched in the wake of the 9/11 terror attacks, an issue that has caused much stir amongst politicians.

The report stated that the CIA had mislead the senate, congress and the American population about the brutal ineffective techniques uses in the aftermaths of 9/11, where torture usually led to ‘fabricated information’.

Germany’s strong minority voices getting stronger


Like many people who visit the German capital, I love Berlin.

My reasons are perhaps different to the millions who now visit this teeming metropolis. The majority who go there, particularly the young do so because Berlin is, at the moment, one of the coolest urban places on the planet. The four star hotel/hostel  that I stayed at boasted a club night until 4am-thankfully when I wasn’t there- free yoga classes, indoor football, swimming pool, and a bar crawl through the streets of the old East Berlin.

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