Pension freeze for minorities who retire abroad


People who retire to countries such as India, Pakistan, Trinidad &Tobago, Grenada, Nigeria and Kenya are not entitled to their full pension payout, unlike those retiring and staying in the UK and Europe.

People from Black and minority ethnic (BME) background who retire to certain countries will have their state pension frozen for the duration of their retirement and this will have a detrimental effect on future of BME finances according to a report by equality think tank Runnymede Trust.

Black stereotypes fuel unemployment


In her second news story, Kei-Retta Farrell takes a look at the dynamics that are fueling Black youth unemployment. One big factor, she argues, is Black stereotypes.

Around half of young black men available for work in Britain are unemployed according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS). A recent study conducted by the Black Training and Enterprise Group (BTEG), concluded that persistent racial prejudice was the main reason for high unemployment among the BME community.

You spoke, the BBC listened


The African and Caribbean communities are not powerless. When we come together in solidarity fighting for equality, demanding to be respected we can win. Above all when we are successful, everyone benefits way beyond our own communities.

Back in April, six Caribbean individuals – Diane Abbott MP, David Lammy MP, Pat Younge - ex director of BBC, Baroness Ros Howells, George Rudduck - The Voice Editor and myself wrote an open letter to two of the most senior men at the BBC - Tony Hall and James Harding.

Jamaicans: Fastest men on earth ?


As we approach the Commonwealth games in a few days time OBV writer Adam Sinclair Charles explores whether or not his kith and kin -Jamaicans- have that God-given talent to run the fastest, jump the longest or highest. His findings ultimately ask more questions than highlight answers but it’s an excellent read.  Simon Woolley.


Tim's back: OBV 18th Birthday


Francine Fernandes partially leaving OBV


Due to a long standing health problem that may need surgery, Deputy Director Francine Fernandes is forced to stand down from her post.

Francine has been with OBV for over 12 years having joined after taking part in one of OBV’s Parliamentary Shadowing Schemes.  Her talent was quickly spotted, and for many years, she has been heading up all OBV’s leadership programmes, and has personally nurtured many hundred of graduates from the MP, Magistrates, and civic leadership shadowing schemes.

Janusz Korwin-Mikke MEP: N-word insult outrage


Why are people still using this rancid racist language? This question should be asked put to  Janusz Korwin-Mikke, leader of the New- Right Congress Party who has been called to be disciplined after using the N-word during Wednesday’s plenary debate in Strasburg. The outrageous comments came after discussions took place on the existence of the minimum wage law.

He compared job seeking youth to black labours in the American South during the 1960s, saying:

Conservatives make Race history again


The Ministerial appointments of Sam Gyimah and Priti Patel mean more than 50% of Conservative BME MP’s now hold Ministerial positions. They include: Helen Grant, Shailesh Vara, Alok Sharma, Sajid Javid, and Paul Uppal. Back in March the Rt Hon Sajid Javid became the first BME Secretary of State.

Happy Birthday OBV: Help us fulfil our vision


Eighteen years ago today, 16th July 1996, the sun shone on the Houses of Westminster as a small, but dedicated, group of campaigners launched Operation Black Vote.

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