Brett Bailey and the new white supremacy


I guess it’s one way to get international fame, lauded by liberals, and thanked by Black actors for getting some miserly short term employment.

But in the real world for the vast majority of Black Britons, and other Africans on main land Europe -where this exhibition has been equally controversial- Brett Bailey’s human installation that mimics the nineteenth century Victorian ‘human zoo’, which exhibited Africans in cages, is but a modern day facet of white supremacy.

Is there is a Ferguson near you?


Philip Lynott: Superbrother inspired generations


As a child I remember being  transfixed, jaw dropping  watching Philip Parris "Phil" Lynott  fronting Thin Lizzy on Top of the Pops. The thrill this androgynous, 'Punk Regent' 'Superbrother' simple made me simply want to be him. It was the same with Michael Jackson, Prince or Hendrix, but he was  different. Black Americans were 'normal'- plentiful when it came to music: they dominated the charts; the tour revues; and the music magazines. I'd grown up with them.

Race equality not a photo opportunity


Pauline Pearce giving up her attempt to become Lib Dem president shows the lack of progress on race in British politics

Sadly, it was no real surprise to me when Pauline Pearce labelled the Liberal Democrats’ attitudes to race as “neanderthal” and accused them of “underhand racism” as she ditched her attempt to become party president.

NASA vs Star Trek: Black space exploration


To paraphrase Chris Rock ‘if they can blast rockets into space to withstand temperature upwards of 20,000 degrees’, surely it’s not rocket science that they can send more black pioneers to space?

OBV Cartoon Corner: Michael Brown Shooting


Krishna Janmashtami


Over 1 billion Hindus will today be celebrating the birth of the religious deity, Krishna. Based on scripture and astrological estimations, Krishna's year of birth, in the northern Indian town of Mathura was 3228 BC.

Let your Beauty Shine


Acid Attacks are very common in many countries around the world, especially India. These horrendous attacks on woman are mostly done by perpetrators who want to strip woman of their dignity and identity.

However Rupa, a victim of an acid attack back in 2008 proved them wrong. Rupa and her friends have been hiding their scars for years, but now have come forward together bravely, to show the world that there's nothing to be ashamed of. Rupa, 22, said:

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