Two wins in the world of soccer


In the white male-dominated world of professional football, it is good to report two rare victories.

The first is the story of Annie Zaidi, who is Youth Engagement Coach at Leicester City Football Club Community Trust. Annie is a Muslim coach with Leicester City Football Club, and the first ever South Asian woman to get a level two coaching certificate from the Football Association. Her story can be seen here.

Kingsley Burrell Inquest Verdict: Beaten, Battered, and Neglected


The horrific death of Birmingham black man and father of two, 29 year old Kingsley Burrell at the hands of the West Midlands Police Service and Birmingham NHS workers, provides another tragic commentary on the reality of institutionalised racism within the criminal justice and mental health systems.

The Inquest held in Birmingham and heard over the last seven weeks, broke the heart of all who had this misfortune to be forced to hear it.

Chuka pulls out of leadership race!


I guess with any meteoric rise there’s always the potential for a spectacular fall. And so it is with less than a week gone by since Labour's brightest star, Chuka Umunna announced he would run for the leadership of the Labour party, he has just announced he’s withdrawing from the contest. He stated in his resignation letter that:

RIP BB King: the last of the greats


My son is part of today’s Hip Hop generation: The heavy bass, the fast beat, and at times the even faster rap. When Micklemore’s ‘Can’t hold us’, comes on the radio, my son like many of his age go into a frenzy imitating every detail of the hurricane rap.

Bookies make Chuka Umunna favourite to lead Labour


It seems there’s no stopping the meteoric rise of Chuka Umunna. Having announced that he will run for the Labour leadership, some bookmakers have just made him favourite, and they rarely get these things wrong.

Nigel Farage unresigns: Can politics sink any lower!


The British people are fed up of politicians not keeping their word. I said I would resign if I lost the election in South Thanet, and I’m going to keep my word... I’ve never broken my word,”

Nigel Farage May 2015.

Until today, that is.

Just 36  hours after telling the world that he had resigned the former leader of Ukip Nigel Farage, has just announced he’s unresigned.

Congratulations David Cameron and the Conservatives!


Defying both the polls and the pundits, Prime Minister David Cameron has scored an incredible victory in securing a Conservative majority in the House of Commons.

All the numbers are not in at the time of writing, but nevertheless this has been a quite remarkable victory for the Tory party.

Cameron has all but eviscerated most his party political rivals and wiped out a generation of leading political figures in one fell swoop, including his EU detractor Nigel Farage.

2015 Elections: Record number of BME MP’s make history


British democracy has once again made history.

A record number of BME politicians have been elected to Parliament, with eight new BME MPs coming from Labour, seven from the Conservatives, and one SNP.  Ten new BME female MPs have been returned to the House of Commons.

One new MP who has made history is Alan Mak, who becomes the first MP of Chinese origin to sit in the House of Commons, having won Havant.

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