Trevor Phillips doesn't speak for Black Britain


Hear me when I say Trevor Phillips doesn't speak for Black Britain. Recent controversy generated around his Channel 4 documentary, "Things We Won't Say About Race That Are True," should be viewed as nothing more than an attempt to legitimize racism and racist sentiments.

Phillips once said,

Campaigners like me sincerely believed that if we could prevent people expressing prejudiced thoughts, they'd stop thinking them."

Now, he's "utterly wrong" in holding such views.

Black Church leaders make political history


On a cold yet brilliantly sunny day Black Church leaders from around England gathered in Clapham for a momentous occasion.. Never before in British history had Church leaders representing hundreds of thousands of parishoners, collectively declared that civic political engagement must be encouraged at every church.

To some this statement of intent by the Black led church may not seem like earth shattering news, but there were many in the room including Bishop Powell, Bishop J Aldred, and Dr David Muir, who knew better.

Trevor Phillips should stand up to racism, not pander to it


If Mandela or Martin Luther King were alive today, its obvious that they would oppose what Trevor Phillips has just said. His latest article suggests that anti-racism has been damaging the fight against racism, clamping down on freedom of expression which in turn has fuelled the growth of the far right.

OBV eXpress journey so far - 30 days left


The deadline for voter registration is quickly approaching! With 30 days left until the cut-off, the OBV eXpress bus is on the move.

Shanice and Skylar Nelson Adams: The future of Black leadership


This OBV eXpress tour, which has been travelling around the country to ensure BME communities are registering to vote was always going illuminate great stories, and historical moments, such as the collaboration with the British Chinese project which demands that the British Chinese are listened to by politicians.

OBV App - the first register to vote app


In an age where you can use smartphone technology to do most things from booking a holiday in Bora Bora, to buying a house or car, it's ridiculous that our democratic institutions seem least willing to embrace the new technology. The basis of democracy is to engage, empower people and to hold politicians and democratic institutions like the UK Parliament to account.

All political parties have failed Black youths


Figures reported by the Labour party claim that since the coalition came to power in 2010, there has been a 50% increase amongst young people from minority ethnic backgrounds that have been unemployed for more than a year. According to the party’s figures, there was a 1% drop in overall long-term youth unemployment and 2% drop in unemployment rates among young white people. Yet, in stark contrast, an overall 49% increase in long-term unemployment rates for young people from minority ethnic backgrounds was reported.

OBV launch UK’s first voter phone APP at Youth concert with Fuse ODG



Press Release


OBV launch the UK’s first voter registration download APP at Youth Concert with Fuse ODG

'The future of political engagement will be done via the smart phone'

Today at Tooting and Mitcham Football Club OBV, with the help of the international singing star FUSE ODG, will launch the nations first Voter registration down load App.

Farage: “Scrap race equality laws”


Just a day after it was announced that there has been an increase of 50% Black youth unemployment, when white youth unemployment is going down, the Ukip Leader Nigel Farage has said if he was in Government he would scrap race equality employment laws, so that employers could racially discriminate who they did or did not want to employ.

Shadow Justice Minister Sadiq Khan stated that Farage had shown ‘breathtaking ignorance, whilst Downing St said it had ‘grave concerns’ over the comments by the Ukip leader.

Vote: A very small word with huge potential


The role of decent art in any democracy is to critically challenge, inspire, educate and to help us look at life in a fresh and exciting way.

Art motivates our consciousness to explore fresh perspectives and offers us different insights into our everyday lives and issues that affect us.

Whilst the thought of democracy and voting may not get some of us out of bed in the morning, the relationship between art and politics is a long and fascinating one.

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