Yvonne Mosquito Interference or Witch Hunt


The working relationship between the Police and Crime Commissioner for the west Midlands David Jamieson and his Deputy Yvonne Mosquito has been a matter of some speculation over the past few months, which has been reportedly strained to the extent where he failed to endorse her as his Deputy/Running mate in the forthcoming elections on 5th May.

This was then followed by the shock suspension on 23rd march 2016 of Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner Yvonne Mosquito who is also long standing Labour Birmingham City councillor.

President Barack Obama 'saves PM’s bacon’


If the UK decides to remain in the European Union it will be in no small measure thanks to a remarkable speech today by President Barack Obama.

The 'Remain in the EU' campaign have desperately struggled to make their case, whilst the ‘Brexiters’ have become more emboldened with their often ‘little Englander’, anti-foreigner rhetoric.

Black icon Harriet Tubman to appear on US $20 bill


There was great controversy and jubilation in equal measure when it was announced earlier this week that Harriet Tubman would be replacing President Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill.

The U.S Treasury announced that Harriet Tubman, anti-slavery activist and slavery abolitionist is set to become the first black person to feature on U.S. paper currency. Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew said the $20 bill would join new designs of $10 and $5 bills by 2020.

The Prince is dead: Long live his music


To the disbelief of many the tragic news began to filter through that yesterday morning the African American music legend, Prince, was found dead.

Iconic and legendary are adjectives too easily banded about to describe individuals, but not Prince.

NUS Elects First Black Female Muslim President


The National Union of Students has elected Malia Bouattia as president after a tense contest in which she unseated incumbent Megan Dunn.

Bouattia, a leftwing former University of Birmingham student who has been the union’s black students’ officer for the past two years.

Speaking to the Guardian after her victory, Bouattia said her victory was empowering. “Running against an incumbent is always tough. I believe it has only happened before once in the NUS’s history,” she said.

Zac Goldsmith ignores equality ‘Code of Conduct’ plea


As reported in Buzzfeed, despite calls and emails to Zac Goldsmith’s campaign team they refuse to respond to a plea to sign a ‘Code of Conduct’ put together by a coalition of race equality groups, including the Runnymede Trust, the Jewish Council for Race Equality, and Operation Black Vote.

It is bitterly disappointing that our attempts to engage with Goldsmith's team have been met with a wall of silence.

Hundreds of migrants drown: Does anyone care!


In what could be the largest single death toll of migrants crossing the dangerous seas from Africa to Europe has largely gone unreported.

That a large number of African migrants have drowned in one episode as their over filled boat capsized is not disputed. Local agencies cannot confirm whether that number is 100 or 400. Those survivors from that mass tragedy talk about 100’s dying at sea.

Open letter on youth violence london to all mayoral candidates


Youth violence in London is rising and too many young Londoners are living their lives in fear of violent crime. The safety of your young and their right to equitable access to the privileges and freedoms offered to their more fortunate peers is now the number one political concern of black Londoners.

The recent murders of Myron Yarde and Lewis Elwin has left a community traumatised, angry and anxious. Such crime disproportionately affects London's African and Caribbean Communities.

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