Dame Elizabeth Anionwu leads BME Honours


The Professor of Nursing and leading campaigner for the Mary Seacole Statue Elizabeth Anionwu has been awarded a Damehood in the Queen’s New Years Honours list. Professor Anionwu is part of a record number of Honours award to Black and minority ethnic individuals in 2017.

Other awards include:

Caroline Chege: An OBV alumnus runs for Kenya Senate



What wonderful news to start the New Year of 2017.

We got the news that Caroline Wambui Chege, who took part in OBV’s Parliamentary mentoring scheme in 2008/9 will run for Senator in Kajiado, Kenya where she was raised as child.

As a young woman she came to the UK and studied at the University of Liverpool, where she did a degree in Business and Health. In 2008 she was selected from strong competition to win a place on the coveted OBV MP Shadowing scheme.

Merry Xmas: But what a year we’ve had!


What a year we’ve had, sounds like an understatement of the year I’m not even quite sure where to start?

Maybe I should start with yesterday and attending the funeral  of the Honorary Alderwoman Gee Bernard. Known to many simply as ‘Mama Gee’.

The Croydon Chapel simply wasn’t big enough to house the hundreds who sought to pay tribute to the borough’s first Black councillor and life-long warrior for social and racial justice.

Prince Charles warns against 1930’s extremism


In what must be an unprecedented political intervention the heir to the throne, Prince Charles, made an impassioned plea on this morning’s ‘Thought for the day’, on Radio 4’s today programme, arguing the political populism of our time is becoming reminiscent to the 1930’s - that witnessed the birth of fascism and of course the Holocaust.

First Class Legacy: Know your legal rights


I came across this YouTube video #NotTheEndofTheRoad via a friend of mine who strongly suggested I watch it. I’m glad I did.

It was commissioned by The Criminal Case Review Commission, and made by First Class Legacy whose vision is to bring impactful information to a young generation about the things they should know and care about.

Amid the bloody carnage left by hate, Angela Merkel is a beacon of sanity


When Angela Merkel addressed a press conference in Berlin yesterday morning, only hours after the attack on the Christmas market and not far distant from it, she was unflinching. She took head-on the hardest question of how the country would feel if the perpetrator turned out to be one of the million refugees to whom she had offered protection not much more than a year ago.

Cartoon: Farage


Farage: The master of hate sinks to new low


Most decent people would not look for cheap political points, hours after the deaths of innocent people killed by a fanatical terrorist in Berlin two days ago.

Sadly, former UKIP leader Nigel Farage knows no decency. On the contrary, Farage clearly thinks nothing about using such a tragedy to rubbish humanitarian efforts shown by German Chancellor Angela Merkal by giving sanctuary to Syrian refugees. Then whilst in full hate-flow, he stoops even lower to accuse the widower of Jo Cox, Brendan Cox, of supporting extremism.

Hate filled Katie Hopkins forced to apologise, finally


Backed by one of the most powerful media outlets on the planet - The Daily Mail and the Mail online- the hate-filled Katie Hopkins must have felt that she could racially and religiously abuse almost anyone she wanted, particularly if they had little or no power to demand redress.

Bafta Awards diversity drive


Films will not be eligible for two of the main Bafta Awards from 2019 if they do not meet new diversity criteria.

Films will be nominated for outstanding British film or outstanding debut by a British writer, director or producer only if they meet two of four criteria.

The "significant change" will bring in more people from minorities, women, people with disabilities and from lower socio-economic groups, Bafta said.

It aims to improve access on screen, behind the scenes and among audiences.

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