Swedish racism past and present


Momodou Malcolm Jallow, of the 'Afroswedes fighting against racism' put on their  now annual event to both inspire the nation's Black and minority ethnic communities in Sweden and inform and challenge wider Swedish society particularly its institutions.

Trump V Clinton debates: Democracy is being failed


Sexual boasting, emails, tax returns, deplorables - the second presidential debate Sunday featured insults wrapped up in put-downs. This debate was held within miles of Ferguson, Mo., but it was never mentioned. The citizens who offered questions asked about issues - health care, the Supreme Court, energy. The moderators peddled scandals - and elicited insults.

The Met Police: first Black officer


One of Britain's first black police officers, Norwell Roberts, has been honoured by his former colleagues.

He was born on the Caribbean island of St Kitts and joined the Met on November 6, 1967, and later joined the CID where he had a "very distinguished" detective career.

A room was named after him at the Metropolitan Police Service's new training centre.

In 1996 he was awarded the QPM for 30 years' distinguished service before retiring in 1997.

Shabir Randeree: New Chancellor of East London University


As you walk to the East London University from Stratford station you realise the incredible transformation that has gone on in this area. 10 years ago Stratford and its surroundings were one of the poorest run down areas in the country, but not today. The legacy of the 2012 Olympic Games has turned this east London ‘rough diamond’, into a sparkling set of jewels. And one of those jewels has to be the new building housing the East London University.

The fragility of life as refugee, and their power within


How can the world not be moved by this picture?

A child’s life literally hangs by a human thread. Did he survive? We don’t know really know. What we do know, however, is that Europe and most of the western world doesn’t much care for African refugees and or migrants who make these perilous journeys .

Chicago, violence and the Panthers



This is very thoughtful and interesting opinion piece from by Kehinde Andrews about a city - Chicago - that has great history in Black activism, but seems to be struggling to unshackle itself from the legacy of deprivation and poverty caused by persistent extreme racism.

Hurricane Matthew: More misery for Haiti


The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti, is bracing itself for another possible ‘natural disaster’ - Hurricane Matthew. The almost forgotten nation that suffered a catastrophic earthquake nearly seven years ago that killed over 200,000 people, followed by a preventable cholera epidemic, finds itself ill-equipped to deal with a force 4 hurricane battering its shores.

Mayor Marvin Rees: A man on a mission


“Bristol has consistently been voted one of the best places to live. It's a city full of green space, a vibrant culture known for its colourful houses, grand bridges, hot air balloons and Banksy. And it is a great city. A wealthy city,… All this is true. But it's not the whole truth.

There is another Bristol, one that tourists and even some of our citizens never see – the city of poverty and inequality.

…42 areas among the 10% most deprived in England.

…16% of our residents live in deprivation

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