Lubna Mir JP: Taking justice into her own hands


In 2013, the judicial workforce of individuals from Black and minority ethnic (BME) backgrounds was 4.8%. Looking at magistrates in particular, an area which OBV has worked in conjunction with the Ministry of Justice, just over 8% of Magistrates are BME.

BBC pandering to immigration prejudice


The iconic Black politician Bernie Grant once told me:

The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

As an activist learning the ropes over two decades ago I struggled to understand the lesson that Bernie was trying to tell me.

But looking at the headline for tomorrow evening's BBC double billed programme; ‘Nick and Margaret: Too many immigrants?, I see exactly what he means.

Hunger Strike by Africans in Israel for harassment


In her first article for OBV, Kei-Retta Farrell highlights the plight of Africans in Israel. It's a very good piece of writing  and a news story we should be awar of - SimonWoolley.

OBV asks Nurse Oluwole why today’s strike?


Today Thursday 10th July, will see what is being billed as ‘the biggest strike since 1926’. Up to a million public sector employees will leave their post for the day due to pay freezes. But the plans have come under fierce scrutiny from Tory leaders prompting them to initiate reforms to strike laws.

Now they claim Obama is the worst US President


Rejoinder to the Quinnipiac National Poll

Mr. Tim Malloy/ Dr. Douglas Schwartz
Quinnipiac University
Hamden, Connecticut, USA

Dear Sirs,

Psy’s “Gangnam Style”: Laughing with him or at him?



The beauty about being at an international conference with delegates from around the world all seeking to make sense of  and tackle racism, as I was in Chicago last week, you are sure, not only have your own views challenged but also learn a great deal about the plight of others.

Asian Professional Awards: Asian achievements celebrated


The Asian community now makes up over 8% of the British population, and contributes extensively to a number of areas of national life. The contributions from the Asian community are essential for our growing economy, with studies showing that Asian Business contributes up to 10% to the GDP of our country.

London’s Mayoral race hotting up: Khan tops poll


Just a few weeks ago, we predicted that the race to become the next London Mayor had a long way to go. In particular the fight to become the Labour candidate was already hotting up.

The last poll we highlighted surprised many when Diane Abbott PM surpassed her rivals by leading the pack. The unpredictability of these early polls continues with a recent YouGov poll for London Evening standard saw Sadiq Khan MP narrowly edge ahead of Tessa Jowell and Diane Abbott.

Rev Jesse Jackson: Still impatient for change


Despite being 72, Civil Rights icon, Rev Jesse Jackson has no intention of slowing up. On the 43rd Annual Rainbow Push Conference in his home town of Chicago, Illinois, Jackson and his team hosted a five-day international conference for two thousand delegates from more than 20 different countries.

The theme of this year’s conference was ‘A Quest for Equality and Peace’.

Richard Williams: The Tenacity of a Black Father


As Wimbledon fever is upon us, the man behind undoubtedly the most famous tennis sisters in the world, Richard Williams has released a book entitled ‘Black and White: The Way I See It’. Ahmed Slue CFA reviews the book and reveals some fascinating insights into the motivations of the Williams’ family and some of the unorthodox, but extremely successful, methods that have led to their success.

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