Kids Company: Colonial missionaries failing Black people


As a damning report looks at how Kids Company used its friends in high places and charismatic leader Camila Batmanghelidjh unconventially receive over 100 million pounds, Lee Jasper puts the organisation and the thinking that supported it into a Black context.

PM picks David Lammy to tackle racism


In a move few expected the Prime Minister David Cameron has called upon an opposition MP, Labour’s David Lammy, to head an investigation into racism within the Criminal Justice system. Lammy will head a team that will look specifically at why Black people are treated much worse in every aspect once they’ve been arrested.

Cameron did not mince his words about the treatment Black people face within the Criminal Justice system stating:

Rhodes statue: Symbol of African oppression remains


Cecil Rhodes had money, power and the support of the State, when he entered Africa to plunder its natural resources and cruelly, murder, shackle and suppress African people.

Reparations: Its time has truly come


One of the most prominent intellectual, political and philosophical voices on the issue of reparatory justice for Britain’s role in slavery, colonialism and its legacy of structural racism was the guest speaker for a debate about reparations in Parliament.

Sir Hilary Beckles, Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies, and Chair of the CARICOM reparations commission, told the audience including, writer and film maker David Olusoga, UCL Professor Nick Draper, David Lammy MP and Baroness Floella Benjamin, that:

Sports Guru inspires BME young leaders


Former cricketer and now internationally renowned psychologist Steven Sylvester normally spends his time working with top sportsmen and women and business leaders helping  ensure  they deliver world class performances.  But yesterday  he took time out to join OBV and Lewisham Council for the graduation of 30 BME leaders who took part in an intense four month leadership programme.

Charlotte Rampling: Power, privilege and prejudice


They often say that ‘life imitates art’ and ‘art imitates life'. This is particularly so with the recent remarks by the Oscar winning renowned actress, Charlotte Rampling.

In an interview to the French media about Black and white actors questioning that there was no Black actor being nominated for the Oscars, Rampling retorted, ‘That was racist towards white people.’ Explaining her position she went on:

Record BME MPs bring historic Black unity


The word historic is one that is too often overused; a lazy description usually deployed to try and artificially inflate or hype, some otherwise mundane, high profile activity.

The recent OBV gathering of Black and ethnic minority MPs celebrating the largest number of BME MP’s to be elected in British political history was however, truly historic. Many attended from both sides of the house. Those who didn’t, profusely apologised having prior engagements

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