White privilege and the race penalty: Discuss!


Last week the Guardian’s Sophie Heawood wrote a deeply honest article about perhaps one the most problematic issues around racism the paper has published for more than a decade: The denial that subtle forms of racism occur on a daily basis and that they have a dramatic effect on people’s lives.

2015 Election: The scramble for Black votes


Lester Holloway takes swipes at all the Party leaders in what he sees as the scramble for the crucial BME vote. His answer for real change seems to suggest that we need to wrestle democracy away from the leaders and ensure BME voters voices lead the debate for greater race equality

I’m fully expecting Home Office vans to tour the inner cities before the general election urging the public to report any suspicious politicians seen courting black communities.

Iqbal Wahhab: “I want Soul food in London”


Restaurateur Iqbal Wahhab seems to revel in doing the impossible!

Labour Edmonton select ‘All BME’ Female Shortlist


In one of the most fiercely contested seats for Labour party candidates, the party has selected a final shortlist of three women all Black and Minority Ethnic. They are: Ayfer Orhan, Kate Anolue and Kate Osamor .

Alan Mak: The first MP from Chinese heritage?


With less than 100 days before a defining General Election, all the political parties are looking for ways in which they can find the edge to beat their rivals. And with the Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Havant, Alan Mak provides the Tories with an history breaking narrative.

With the present MP, David Willetts stepping down as the sitting MP, Yorkshire born Alan Mak who is proud of his Chinese heritage could well become the UK's first MP from a Chinese background. His chances are good given the Conservatives hold a 22k majority in the area.

Race inequalities in health: Why?


A recent report on inequalities in health, commissioned by the British Academy, brought together responses to the question, “What one policy could make a difference if implemented at a local level?” The context was, of course, local government, which has taken responsibility for public health and, by implication, for dealing with inequalities in health.

It’s National Voter Registration Day…so register!


Today, Thursday 5 February, is National Voter Registration Day. Amid concerns about the number of people who are not currently on the electoral register, campaigning bodies such as Operation Black Vote want to highlight the value of the vote and how to register.

Those groups particularly under-represented on the voter register are young adults and people from Black minority ethnic (BME) communities.

Research by the Electoral Commission shows that 76 per cent of BME people are currently registered to vote, ten per cent less than white people.

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