Immigrants: putting the country and record straight


The asinine comment made by Nigel Farage, blaming immigrants for his delayed drive on the M4, has paradoxically made many people reflect on the role those from minority backgrounds have played and are playing in making this country such a fine place to live, though we more than most are aware of its injustices.

Don't ignore the power of the Black vote


Ed Miliband's pledge to give the vote to 16-year olds from 2016 should he lead a Labour government was headlined yesterday when he announced the move at an event organised by the youth democracy organisation 'Bite the Ballot' co-hosted by YouTube, Twitter UK and ITV News.

Toxic stench of the xenophobe


So Nigel Farage couldn't get himself to a meeting in South Wales…

It was a political meeting and he was the main speaker, so not to turn up is pretty poor. It's hardly likely to inspire much confidence for those looking for someone to take on the establishment.

Farage knew this, and got his excuse in early. "It's the fault of immigrants."

Brown: life, legacy and the future


Yesterday, the prolific politician Gordon Brown announced that he is standing down after a 32 year career in the House of Commons. In those 32 years, Brown was the longest-serving modern Chancellor of the Exchequer, from 1997 to 2007, and then became Prime Minister from 2007 to 2010.

The BBC writes about Brown:

A London Black Mayor? History in the making


With Diane Abbott MP officially throwing her hat into the ring to become London’s Mayor in 2016 the capital has potentially three outstanding BME candidates who could make history and lead our metropolis.

Abbott now joins David Lammy MP and potentially Sadiq Khan MP as one of three Labour candidates who are vying for the Labour nomination to become Mayor. There’s also talk about the Conservatives putting forward Shaun Bailey.

Patriotism in Black, White and Red


Professor Gus John brilliantly unpicks the furore over Emily Thornberry’s now infamous tweet. But in the rush to kick and condemn Thornberry, there was little or no commentary on what was, and perhaps was still is in places, the brutal reality about ‘White man van’ displaying St George Cross flags outside their homes.

Tamir Rice: 12-year old Black boy executed by the Police


Most boys around the ages of 5 and 12 have toy guns, including my own 9-year old son. Some of those guns are more real-looking than others but they are all toys, and children like them.

Rev Jackson: ‘The system fails Black America’


It has been fairly obvious since this summer that the predominate belief in Ferguson and St Louis was that Darren Wilson, the killer of Michael Brown, was not going to be indicted by his Missouri grand jury. In a rambling statement of the grand jury’s process and conclusion – which did little to inform, and lots to enrage – prosecutor Bob McCullough acted in the capacity of an attorney who abused the grand jury process as “a trial” without professional legal cross-examination.

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