Protest against cuts to save the youth of today


This summer saw the worst civil disturbances seen in Britain in the last 30 years. Despite those being involved being described by the Prime Minister as “purely criminal”, it is widely accepted that a primary cause of the disturbances, a reaction to the shooting of Mark Duggan, was the fact that thousands of young people living in some of the poorest communities in Britain are feeling both alienated and excluded from society. Public sector cuts to youth service are a false economy, and will cost the country more in the long run.

Why we need the Notting Hill Carnival


It’s the late August Bank Holiday weekend. You are walking through the streets of Notting Hill, there are no steel pans, no flamboyant costumes and the sweet aroma of West Indian foods does not fill the air. Carnival has been cancelled!

As unimaginable as it sounds, Notting Hill Carnival is in jeopardy after two of the co-directors resigned. The departure of Chris Boothman and Ancil Barclay came after the two volunteers decided that they could no longer carry on supporting the event.

Ancil Barclay said,

Thank you to OBV's volunteers


Imagine this. A young woman, who lives in Birmingham responded to OBV's call for volunteers. At her own expense Shanade has spent the last two weeks volunteering for OBV, and doing just about everything. Shanade is passionate about equality, particularly when it comes to race.

NHS BME Network assesses race equality


Last month saw the NHS BME Network celebrate their first anniversary at a conference titled "The Big Move" held at the Hilton Hotel on London's Park Lane.

Why Golliwog wars are important


I will be attending a small demonstration taking place in Sutton this Friday, 7th October. We will be protesting about the sale of Golliwogs by a local shop.

Despite repeated requests to remove the offensive "Wog dolls" from Sutton's Memory Lane gift shop window display, they have to date simply refused to do so. In fact they have now launched a public campaign arguing that these dolls do not cause offence and refused to remove them, a full month after Sutton Liberal Democrat Councillor Lester Holloway complained.

London school students taught in "ethnic ghettos"


A leading public school headteacher has been criticised for suggesting schools in London are sleepwalking into segregation and compared it to apartheid in South Africa.

David Levin, vice-chair of the Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference (HMC) said he was alarmed at how the capital was divided into ethnic ghettoes.

Levin is a headteacher at City of London school for boys, which collaborated with Stepney Green school in east London, where students from his school held private tutoring sessions in a range of subjects.

Public meeting to discuss Black deaths in Police custody


The number of Black deaths at the hands of the police is a growing concern for the public especially in the wake of the shooting of Mark Duggan by police marksmen which triggered wide-scale riots across the country.

Along with Duggan, the deaths of reggae artist Smiley Culture, Kingsley Burrell-Brown and Demetre Fraser is at the forefront of the community's consciousness as is the issue of deaths in custody.

Football's Black List revealed


An annual list which recognises and celebrates the contribution of the Black community across all levels of football has been announced.

A number of prominent current and former professionals are included on the fourth edition of the Black List as are those unsung heroes who work tirelessly in their communities, using the power of the beautiful game to promote positivity and progression.

Why human rights matter – the silent struggle in Bahrain


As the international community becomes increasingly concerned with human rights abuses in the oil-rich state of Bahrain, Northern Ireland Human Rights campaigner Debbie Kohner writes for OBV about her efforts to enter the country on a fact finding mission.

Black history stamps


In celebration of Black History Month UK, rare stamp and collectibles dealer Stanley Gibbons will be hosting an exhibition based on the stamp collection of the award-winning African-Caribbean creative, Jon Daniel.

The collection, originally inspired by the lyrics of Public Enemy’s, ‘Fight The Power’, features in the October edition of Creative Review's exclusive publication, ‘Monograph’ and will form part of a wider exhibition being held at Stanley Gibbons flagship store.

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