Judge slams sentencing powers in racism case


A judge has criticised the constraints imposed on him during sentencing of a former soldier who admitted making racist remarks about Muslims.

Judge Niclas Parry said it was staggering he could only impose a fine on John Parkin, from Rhyl, who said he wanted to "shoot Muslims in the head" and admitted being a racist.

Judge Parry, who labelled Parkin a racist and a bigot, jailed him for 10 months for breaching an earlier suspended sentence. But he said he could only fine Parkin for charges of religiously aggravated public order offences against Muslims.

Diane Abbott attack: OTT


There have been literally thousands of the most wretched comments imaginable directed towards Diane Abbott MP over her semantic error during a tweeting conversation two days ago. On numerous occasions she has been described as worse than the killers of Stephen Lawrence. Her crime was to casually and clumsily state that ‘white people always try and divide and rule Black people’. Her mortal error was not to qualify her statement with ‘Some white …’

Sylvia Maharaj - Well done Ma’am


Sylvia Maharaj is well used to being called ‘Ma’am’. Serving as a magistrate for over 20 years in North East London, she was often referred to as Ma’am when performing her magisterial responsibilities. This week, she was named in the New Year’s Honours List and will receive an OBE for services to the Administration of Justice.

Stephen Lawrence verdict: historic and momentous, but not a proud moment


A group of activists and campaigners joined civil rights icon Reverend Jesse Jackson to give their thoughts following the convictions of two men for the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Lawrence murderers given light sentences


Violent and racist thugs David Norris and Gary Dobson were spared much harsher sentences due only to the fact that both men were aged 16 and 17 at the time of the murder of Stephen Lawrence back in 1993. The Judge gave them the maximum sentences he could under the rule of law, but the mother of Stephen, Doreen Lawrence, aired her disappointment at the low sentences outside the Old Bailey.

Reverend Jesse Jackson to take part in post-Lawrence trial Press Conference


Today, a jury of their peers found David Norris and Gary Dobson guilty of the murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Doreen, Neville and the Lawrence family have waited a gruelling, heart-breaking 18 years for justice - but we want to ask:

What does this all mean?

Does this mean there is closure for the Lawrence family?

Will this help the police regain trust within Black communities?

Dobson and Norris Guilty of Stephen Lawrence murder



Doreen, Neville and the rest of the Lawrence family have had to wait nearly 19 years for justice to be done. Today at the Old Bailey, - a jury of their peers found Gary Dobson and David Norris guilty of Stephen’s murder.

Adios to a tough year


Given how human nature functions we often revel in the fact when our predictions about what might occur are proven correct. Frankly, I take no pleasure in rereading last year's outlook, which in all honesty was probably an understatement of what actually transpired:

In the year ahead, Britain’s Black and Minority Ethnic communities will face the greatest challenge for over a decade.

Youths and knives


With another tragic loss of life on the streets of London, Ade Sawyerr argues that it is up to us as individuals and members of community organisations to be vocal, to be willing to get involved and to ensure the right political and economic structures are put in place to tackle knife and gun crime.

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