Team GB and The Greatest Show on Earth


As the London 2012 Games arrived, Prime Minister David Cameron said:

It’s very exciting. I think there is a huge sense of excitement and anticipation, because Britain is ready to welcome the greatest show on earth.

Mo Farah – The British Dream


Much has been made of the American Dream – a set of ideals, that regardless of whoever you are, the opportunity for prosperity and success is possible through hard work and determination. Notable examples include Oprah Winfrey, and of course Barack Obama, and now Britain has its own shining example of the British Dream.

Meliz Redif to make Olympic history


Today, 23 year old Meliz Redif will make history as the first Turkish Cypriot to compete in the Olympic Games, running in the women’s 4x400m relay for Turkey. She is the fastest 400m runner for her native Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) and the U23 national record holder for her adopted country of Turkey with a time of 52.89 seconds.

UK Black Pride 2012


It is just over a week until the seventh annual UK Black Pride kicks off in central London. On Saturday 18th August the capital will host the biggest celebration of African, Asian, Caribbean and Arab Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people in Europe. The inclusive event is a space devoid of cultural stereotypes and challenges both homophobia and racism.

Elitism in British sports: How deep is it?



If you want the best chance of becoming a medal winning British athlete, go to a private school. This was the outlook recent figures released showed, highlighting the advantage which those who attend private schools receive.

Thandiwe Khumalo: An accomplished OBV graduate



For 15 years now, Operation Black Vote has been very active in tackling BME under-representation in political life and increasing political participation in these communities. Thandiwe Khumalo is one of many of OBV’s graduates to become an agent of positive change in her community.

Getting into politics appears to be difficult and many who become politicians hail from a similar educational background and are typically white middle aged men. Thandiwe Khumalo doesn’t fit this mould, but has managed to buck this trend of exclusion.

A year on from the riots: Five instances we can be proud of


Since the riots of last August, many have analysed the negative impact. This article counts down five positive instances of the riots which perhaps have so far been underplayed.

London 2012: Standing up to bigotry


On today’s Guardian CIF OBV’s Simon Woolley outlines why he stood up to the racism and bigotry at the Olympic Park.

Great Britain is now basking in the glory of our Olympic Games and also showing its multicultural face. The eight team GB gold medallists last weekend all came from very different walks of life; different races and religions, from north and south of the border, the privileged and not so privileged. A glorious snapshot of who we are.

“Olympics 2012: Year of the [Muslim] Woman ?”


The Olympics 2012 has been named ‘Year of the Woman’. Within team GB there is much evidence of this. The likes of female athletes like Jessica Ennis, the women's team pursuit cyclists and the Hosking – Copeland rowing duo have bolstered Great Britain’s place on the medal table by grabbing gold medals.

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