The Sidhu Family: Terrorised by racist thugs


One wonders what the good people of Airedale, Castleford in Yorkshire are doing whilst their neighbours - a hard working family- are subjected to the most appalling racial abuse and threats of violence.

The Sidhu family who run the local convenience store at the Square in Airedale, Castleford have made a plea to their torturers:

“Please leave us alone we just want to live our lives.”

Mugabe heading for victory


Much to the displeasure of many officials in the United Kingdom, 89-year old political veteran Robert Mugabe is set for another electoral victory in Zimbabwe 33 years after coming to power.

Councillor Alex Payton



Doreen Lawrence to be made Baroness


Doreen Lawrence, long time race activist and mother of murdered teenager Stephen Lawrence, will be made a Baroness in the new Peers intake.

She is to join the Labour benches in the House of Lords. This will be seen by many as a coup for the Labour party Leader Ed Miliband.

Doreen's work and her tenacity in tackling the big issues around race inequality such as police ‘Stop and Search’, and confronting ‘institutional racism’, will be seen by the Labour party as a great asset and a potential vote winner for Black communities.

Public Appointments: Still woefully unrepresentative


Figures released this week by the Commissioner for Public Appointments in its annual statistics on the diversity of public appointments, show that ethnic minority individuals are the biggest losers in being selected for roles on public boards with only 56 appointments and re-appointments out of 1087 made last year (5.5%) compared to 119 (7.2%) in 2011-12; the lowest level in more than a decade.

Help save the Black Heritage Today magazine


It’s difficult to remember when this Black History month publication wasn’t around. It seems as though it’s been around for ever. Actually the truth is it started 10 years ago this year!

OBV man selected to fight Parliamentary seat


Cllr Singh Dhesi aiming high.

Just over a week ago in a closely-fought contest, Cllr Tanmajeet Singh Dhesi won the Labour nomination to be the Party's Candidate for Gravesham in the 2015 General Election.

Cllr Singh Dhesi, who has been a local government councillor since 2007, is currently chair of the local Labour party. Singh Dhesi came to local prominence after he took part in OBV’s MP Shadowing Scheme.

He rang OBV’s Assistant Director Francine Fernandes, with the most humble words:

Government Ad vans: pandering to racial prejudice


You would be forgiven if, like many, you believed that the Government’s ‘Go home or face arrest ’ advertising campaign was nothing more than a cynical ploy to win bigoted voters away from Ukip back to the Conservatives.

Cécile Kyenge: The bravest woman in EU politics today


Many people across Italy celebrated the fact that Cecile Kyenge become Italy’s first Black Minister. Her portfolio is Intergration. One of her tasks has been to change Italian citizenship law from ‘blood line’ to anyone who is born on Italian soil. Here we must remember that millions of Italians born in countries such as the USA have automatically been given US citizenship. Kyenge wants the same to apply in Italy.

Trayvon Martin: We see things differently


In the 20-21st July edition of the Financial Times, Christopher Caldwell penned an article titled "A civil rights chase of Zimmerman is doomed to failure" in response to the ongoing call for justice for Trayvon Martin. Ahmed Sule writes his rejoinder to Caldwell’s article.


Mr. C. Caldwell
Financial Times
1 Southwark Bridge

Dear Mr. Caldwell,

Trayvon Martin: We See Things Differently

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