Naomi Campbell challenges Racist ‘White Beauty’


In her first major opinion piece OBV's Mallory Moench takes a look at recent developments in the fashion industry in which supermodel Naomi Campbell challenges the racism and stereotyping of ‘beauty’. She also explores of how the racism of ‘white beauty’, has become a global phenomenon, but one against some black women are at last fighting back.

‘Powerlist 2014: Black Britain’s most influential’


Britain’s showcase of some of the most influential Black people in the UK was held at the Tate Modern on London’s Southbank last week.

Full credit must go to Michael Eboda’s Black Powerlist now in its sixth year, which seems to get bigger and better every year.

Once a year Eboda brings together an eclectic group of influential individuals to celebrate their achievements and show the world that here in the UK there is a deluge of talent. A pool of talent that ensures the UK remains a multicultural powerhouse.

Why Voting Matters


With the General Elections of 2015 quickly approaching, the Black and Ethnic Minority Arts Network (BEMA) hosted an event this Wednesday to discuss the critical role minorities in the UK can play during an election. Around 50 people came to the Houses of Parliament to hear representatives from political parties and non-profit organizations speak on how important it is for the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities to cast their votes.

Ashlea Williams: My time at OBV


It's my last (official) day at OBV and its one naturally tinged in no small part, with sadness. I have been a volunteer here since January and it has been an incomparable experience.

I have met some wonderful people, even a hero or two, and my time here has not only served to fuel my determination to change the world but to also reinforce the tangibility of the possibility of my dream for a prominent life in Politics.

Bradford's Respect councilors resign on mass


Over the last two months I have been having discussions with senior Respect party officials to address the legitimate concerns that we have relating to the unwarranted suspension of Respect Councillors Ahmed and Shabbir, the defamatory statements made about the Bradford Respect councillors and a failure to develop transparent operational structures and procedures to enable the party to work effectively in Bradford.

Gary Younge: Unlocking the myth of Dr King


Last week at Westminster University, one of the UK’s greatest columnist, Gary Younge, gave a master class around the mythology of Dr Martin Luther King, and in particularly the ‘I have a dream’ Speech. Other guests on the evening included Baroness Lola Young Prof Kurt Barling and the Vice Chancellor Godfrey Petts.

Younge told a packed audience at the University’s famous Lumiere theatre:

Immigration Bill: A ‘race relations nightmare’


Despite public protests and a walk-out in Chinatown, this week saw the passing of a controversial new bill criticised as a ‘race relations nightmare’.

After a lengthy debate in the House of Commons on Tuesday October 22, the Bill aimed at eliminating illegal immigration passed its second reading with 303 votes in favour to 18 against.

Adult Supervision


Sarah Rutherford’s comically poignant play about racial attitudes and preconceptions is brilliantly thought provoking. There is a strong cast that will cause you to run a gauntlet of emotion, causing the audience to roar with raucous laughter one moment and a moment later, somberly contemplate individual personal creeds and prejudices.

Adult Supervision skilfully explores the increasingly socially delicate topic of “beige Britain” through the eyes of four women, played artfully by each respective actress.

Operation Elven - 'Racial profiling' raids


Susannah Mengesha, contributing author of Netpol, a coalition of community and activist based support groups which monitor police activities and challenges practices which may be unlawful, excessive or damaging to society writes about the recent raids on Britain's Traveller communities.

Warsan Shire: London’s first young Poet Laureate


Warsan Shire was announced this month as the first ever Young Poet Laureate for London. Chosen from six young finalists, the 24-year-old poet was born in Kenya to Somali parents and grew up in London, where she still resides.

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