Walter Tull petition: 10,000 strong!


Thanks to you we’ve reached another milestone with the Walter Tull petition: 10k individuals throughout the country have now asked the Prime Minister David Cameron to consider posthumously awarding Walter Tull the Military Cross for which he was recommended.

A few weeks ago, I met with Tull’s biographer Phil Vasili, who both applauded the efforts of our petition and pledged to work together to ensure the legacy of this most extraordinary man is duly honoured.

PM declares British Sikhs are a "model community"


British Sikhs are a “model” community, Premier David Cameron told guests at a reception he hosted to mark Vaisakhi, the annual Sikh harvest festival. Held at Number Ten, the two-hour event brought together around 200 guests, each eminent in their respective fields of work.

Traditionally Vaisakhi in Punjab had been a time for farmers to reap the fruits of their toil and a time for joy after the long-awaited harvest.

A Nation on Trial?


Anti-immigration feeling is as high across Europe as it is in the UK. Often the reaction against immigration has a lot to do with primordial fears about the ‘foreignness’ of other cultures and is often associated with skin colour. Continental Europe, like Britain, is dealing with the effects of multiculturalism and globalization. Legitimate fears about job security, social breakdown, economic decay and crime are wrongly entangled with race, ethnicity, religion and immigration.

BBC 's 'Immigration debate': How racism works within beeb


A picture tells a thousand words and is indelibly etched in the viewers mind. The British Broadcasting Company know and understand this better than most. So, what picture did they want to paint when their flagship news programme, - 10pm news - highlighted its top story on immigration last night?

BBC’s anchor man Huw Edwards announces:

Measures to control immigration are at the heart of the Government’s plans for the year ahead"

BBC man on the ground Mark Easton explained further:

Queen’s Speech!


History repeating itself.

The news that the Coalition Government is to bring forward legislation contained in today’s Queens Speech, that will force landlords to check the immigration status of potential tenants.

It’s a controversial move, which reflects a rush to the right, by a Government desperate to outflank an increasingly xenophobic UKIP flush after recent success in local elections.

Dinner with Cornel West


Few doubt that the philosopher and writer Cornel West is one of the giants of African American thinkers. His statue is now truly international.

His best selling book ‘Race matters’ helped force America to better understand and deal more effectively with the persistent racial inequalities in the US.

Decades since that book and many books since, West continues to be America’s philosophical moral standard bearer, demanding, as he puts to show ‘Truth to power’.

Why the Commonwealth should act on LGBT rights


Rakshita Patel argues that if we believe in race equality, we should also be committed to ensuring equal rights for everyone, and should show solidarity with our Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender brothers and sisters.

VE Day as important as Remembrance Sunday


The London woman who may be on course to become the UK’s first black female Member of the European Parliament has said that in Britain, VE Day should be marked with as much ceremony as Remembrance Sunday.

VE Day was the public holiday celebrated on 8 May 1945 to mark the date when the World War II Allies formally accepted the unconditional surrender of the armed forces of Nazi Germany and the end of Adolf Hitler's Third Reich, thus ending the war in Europe.

The Ghosts of Empire: Mau Mau and Britain


Justice being done?

‘White Community’ must confront child abuse!


Yesterday when I read Joseph Harker’s article in the Guardian, demanding the ‘White Community’, confront a pernicious, hidden, and long standing paedophilia, I thought this would unleash the ‘dogs of hell’, upon him. After all it was a blanket accusation arguing that White society has largely ignored the cries of young children when they have accussed carers, celebrities and others in positions of power of serious sexual abuse.

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