Britain’s Muslim women under attack


Muslim women face violent verbal and physical attacks based on their religion daily, but only a few stories make headlines or reach the attention of the public. The research group at the University of Birmingham partnered with the Tell MAMA organisation to compile a report on anti-Muslim hate incidents British women endure and the detrimental effects it can have on their lives.

Undocumented migrant children denied rights


In the hostile environment of “go home” vans and condemning text messages, the children of undocumented migrants are the victims of exclusion and exploitation, according to a November 2013 report.

‘Undocumented children are triply vulnerable: as migrants, as persons in an irregular situation, and as children,” begins the report Growing Up in a Hostile Environment: The Rights of Undocumented Migrant Children in the UK, published by the Coram Children’s Legal Centre.

Punjabi Society celebrate Diwali in style


Earlier this month, Operation Black Vote attended the Punjabi Society of the British Isles (PSBI) spectacular Diwali Dinner at the Radisson Hotel, Mayfair in support of the Armed Forces charity, ‘Combat Stress’, which provides support for psychologically traumatised soldiers.

The evening was abound with senior dignitaries with the guest of honour being Rt. Hon John Bercow MP, Speaker of the House of Commons and the chief guest was the Acting High Commissioner for India, Dr. Virander Paul.

Racism rises against Black Europeans


Congo-born Cecile Kyenge is an Italian citizen who has lived in the country for 30 years, but when she took office as Italy’s first black minister in February, she was told that she’d be better as a housekeeper than a government minister.

Mario Borghezio, a member of the European Parliament representing Italy's Northern League party, accused Kyenge of importing “African tribalism” into what he called a “bonga bonga government”.

Caribbeans seek reparations for slavery


For centuries, the colonies of European powers suffered from the imperialists’ unjust acts, such as the Atlantic slave trade and colonisation. Now, 15 members of the Caribbean Community are filing a lawsuit against Britain, France and the Netherlands for the lasting effects of the slave trade; the countries claim they are still living in the shadows of past and present oppression. The discussion continues as experts and governments of both sides debate on how to best resolve former wrongdoings.

In praise of BMW's employment policy


To some this may seem kind of trivial, but to me and perhaps others groundbreaking and uplifting.

Last weekend I took my eight year old son for a Supercar Saturday. This meant going to central London and visiting supercar showrooms. Due to car games on Ipad apps, my son and his friends know every supercar known to man, and woman including: Bugatti Veron, Pagini Zonda, Lamborgini Aventador, the new Porche 928 and of course the prancing horse of the Ferrari.

OBV supports Caribbean Question Time 2013


With the 2015 UK general election only 18 months away – how can the voice of the UK Caribbean Diaspora be heard?

Following on the successful hosting of the 2010 and 2011 Caribbean Question Time (CQT) series, which provided a medium for members of the Caribbean community to discuss pertinent issues with their political representatives, the Jamaica National Building Society is pleased to announce the staging of the 2013 series.

Women in Democracy


Inside the wide halls of the Cabinet Office, school girls, working mothers, feminist activists, and political leaders met to raise issues ranging from sexism in the media to female role models in power.

Parliament Week’s Women in Democracy event on November 18th created an organic space for women of all ages to address these issues and brainstorm how to be catalysts for change in their communities.

Ahmad Khwaja: Southend's community champion


Ahmad Khwaja is a man of many firsts – the first BME appointed governor of a local grammar school, the first BME elected to to be the chair of the Conservative Association in his area, and the first Muslim magistrate in Southend.

Since arriving at Heathrow in 1967 from his native India, the now 72-year-old has given his life to civil service and politics for the good of others.

Understanding ‘Modern day Slavery’


In our second article from the Discover Society series, Professor Julia O’ Connell Davidson explores the world of Modern day Slavery in the context of the ongoing immigration debate.

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