Those who would cancel a promise to black America


Introduction by Simon Woolley: Today Gary Younge writes in the Guardian in anticipation of the Supreme Court ruling that may down grade affirmative action in regards to university education. It is a brilliant article, one that sites those Black critics of affirmative action or positive discrimination such as Condoleezza Rice, and those who would pretend that because of President Barack Obama we now live in post racial world.

The Voice: Football against racism campaign


Get the nation's leading Black newspaper - The Voice - past the significant 500 barrier for its campaign to once and for all effectively deal with racism in Sport.

As we’ve seen at the weekend with the Rio Ferdinand incident in which he could have easily lost his eye, racial abuse and attacks blight the game of football at every level.

The Voice campaign is urging authorities both on and off the field to take urgent action and deal effectively with the disease of racism that shows no sign of abating.

Ugandan Asians in Britain


Shailesh Vara MP last week paid tribute to the Ugandan Asians who settled in Britain some 40 years ago.

It was in 1972 that President Idi Amin of Uganda launched a crackdown against 57,000 Ugandan Asians who held British passports, giving them 90 days to leave the country before being thrown into concentration camps.

The then Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath’s government took the courageous decision to welcome 28,000 refugees to the UK.

In a speech at the House of Commons Vara stated:

BME women unemployment stagnates for 30 years



A damning report has been published today in which MPs and Peers argue that unemployment levels of ethnic minority women are too high and need to be tackled.

The All Party Parliamentary Group on Race and Community, chaired by David Lammy MP, uncovered racial discrimination and other barriers to employment.

Eliminating UK caste discrimination



Last week, equality campaigners led by the Anti Caste Discrimination Alliance (ACDA) met in the House of Lords to call on the Government to answer their calls for protection from caste discrimination under British law. Many may think that this is an issue that is only practised in South Asian countries, but this is not so. Over the last 60 years, the immigration of people from the Indian subcontinent has meant that these communities have settled here and brought with them their own social habits, norms and religious customs including the caste system.

Hip Hop is not all bad



Introduction by Simon Woolley:

'Mental Health and Policing: It’s time to talk about it'


In the wake of the high profile inquest verdict of Sean Rigg earlier this year, Black Mental Health UK is holding a public event on Wednesday 12th December entitled: ‘Mental Health and Policing: It’s time to talk about it’.

Citizens UK stand against injustice


Dozens of groups from across the country mostly representing recent arrivals to the UK have come together to make a clear statement of the recognition of achievements, and the co-operation between groups to achieve the same aims and fight against continued injustices.

Will anyone ever be convicted of racism?


In an area well known for its support of Far Right groups -Staffordshire, Christopher Jones joins a growing list of individuals who have used abusive racist language but have subsequently been cleared by the courts of racism.

The latest ‘justification’ for using racist language was that Jones claimed that he likes hip-hop music and regularly uses that language on the streets. He claimed he used the word as a term of ‘endearment’.

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