Bsix College students told: "aim high"


In the continued fight to empower the next generation of leaders and captains of industry, OBV held an event for students at BSix Brooke House Sixth Form College in Hackney earlier this month.

'Empowering a new Generation' had the aim of empowering and engaging around 100 young people aged 16-18 years old in the areas of education, employment and civic partnership.

OBV invited a number of speakers from different fields of employment to talk about their journey in their chosen occupations and advise about following in their footsteps.

Live the Dream 2011


Bishop Wayne Malcolm is a good friend of OBV and a key partner in Operation Hope and Recovery. Here is his invitation to you. If you you’d like to go, friends of OBV will receive three tickets for the price of one.

Dear friends of OBV,

I’m Bishop Wayne Malcolm, inviting you to a special event that addresses the subject of economic empowerment in a very practical way. Live the dream 2011 was designed to furnish delegates with over 100 realistic alternatives to job-insecurity, austerity and inflation.

The End of Gaddafi


With unconfirmed reports, it looks like the very brutal end for Muammar Gaddafi, the former ruler of Libya for more than 45 years.

On the Guardian website they show (with an apology) a graphic blood stained picture of the former ruler.

Before his capture there was heavy fighting in his home town of Sirte. It has been reported that he was fleeing in a convoy of cars, before it was initially attacked by NATO helicoptors.

Black tax collectors become empowered


As part of Black History Month, BME women from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) organised a one-day seminar called “Black Innovation and Inspiration.”

There was an array of speakers, including Stephen Banyard (HMRC Director General Personal Tax and Gender Champion), Dr Vivienne Connell-Hall (HMRC Race Coordinator), and Cliff Johnrose from the Ministry of Justice Department.

Waves of protest: From Tunisia, to Toxteth to Tottenham.


The ‘Jasmine’ revolution started in Tunisia and spread across the region as the Arab Spring while the Toxteth race riots, Liverpool 1981, followed earlier demonstrations in Brixton.

Black youth unemployment: No jobs, little hope


Recent youth unemployment figures provide a stark reminder of the huge difficulties facing all young people during this financial crisis, but none more so than young Black people. Recent figures show 50 percent of Black people aged 16-24 years are unemployed compared with 20 percent White people.

Schooling the next generation of Black MPs


Operation Black Vote in partnership with the Department for Communities and Local Government launched the Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme on Monday. Politicians from all three major political parties were in attendance to pledge their support for the scheme and their commitment to increasing the low levels of BME representation in parliament and local authorities.

Dale Farm: The ugly end game


National and local politicians have failed the Traveller community at Dale Farm in finding a peaceful solution to the lack of appropriate Traveller sites in England. As a result we are now witnessing a very ugly battle between the police and the Dale Farm residents along with their supporters.

This is the end of 10 long years of legal battles to avoid eviction and find suitable sites in the region.

Partnership not Piecemeal Approach required for Race Equality


Here on the OBV website, Professor Harinder Bahra confronts the British academic establishment's lack of BME representation at all levels. His data is compelling; his concern that things could get worse should be worrying for us all. Above all, Professor Bahra has been brave challenging the status quo, particularly at the highest level, which can seriously damage your career prospects. Undiminished by that, Bahra has said what needs to be said.

Sajid Javid gets promotion in Cabinet reshuffle


Following the resignation of Dr Liam Fox as Defence Secretary on Friday, Prime Minister David Cameron has had to do a little of his own shuffling in the cabinet.

Phillip Hammond has replaced Dr Fox, who resigned after the controversy surrounding his close relationship with Adam Werritty made his position untenable.

The most notable movement in the reshuffle was the promotion of Bromsgrove MP Sajid Javid, who has been made Parliamentary Private Secretary (PPS) to Chancellor George Osborne.

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