Dawn Butler wins Brent Central nomination


Former Government Minister Dawn Butler defied her critics by once again winning the nomination to stand as the Labour Party candidate for Brent Central. In 2010 Butler lost the seat during a fierce contest with Liberal Democrat Sarah Teather. Butler always contested that she should be given a second chance to win back the seat, but at every juncture she faced stiff opposition.

But having come through this latest battle, Butler expressed her gratitude in a letter to her prospective constituents:

Goodbye Madiba



Historic Black deaths in custody debate


It is of little surprise to Black families who have lost loved ones in police custody, that the historic Parliamentary debate on the issue received zero coverage in the National media.

For most media outlets it was virtually a non issue that so many Black men and a few women could arrive in police custody fit and healthy and come out in a body bag, with no one being held to account, ever. In sharp contrast, the trails and tribulations of Nigella Lawson, her ex husband Charles Saatchi have dominated both front and inside pages for the last week or so.

Reverend Jackson: Oxbridge losing out on Black talent


“The absence of Blacks diminishes the greatness of these universities” - these are the words by Reverend Jesse Jackson as he participated in a visit to the Oxford Union last night.

English police & judicial system at war with Britain's Black communities


Lee Jasper, the first Black Policing Director for London and former member of the London Criminal Justice Board has spent the majority of his life campaigning against the racism of the British criminal justice system in an attempt to improve black community police relations. Lee offers his insights into the recently published Ministry of Justice Statistics on Race and Criminal Justice 2012 report and the Release report.

Black British citizens are being deliberately targeted in an ongoing and unprecedented campaign of criminalisation.

The Immigration Debate


Anuja Prashar, OBV Graduate and Euro Candidate London Region 2014, shares her analysis on the immigration debate, focusing upon the importance of the methodology used to undertake the research and its consequent effect on the findings.

"Every stone tells a story" but whose story?


A glittering diamond arrests the attention of London’s underground commuters: the image of the Cullinan Diamond, second largest ever discovered, gleaming in the golden Sovereign’s Sceptre. The gem showcased on the poster entices onlookers to visit the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London with the enchanting phrase: “Every stone tells a story”.

Meet the Somalis: Stories via illustations


Meet the Somalis is a brilliant, informative collection of illustrations portraying the diverse experiences of Somalis who immigrated to Europe, often having fled serious conflict and persecution in pursuit of a peaceful, better life. The groundbreaking graphic novels provide insight into the challenges that accompanied their arrival and how those challenges can be overcome.

Commissioned by the Open Society Foundations (OSF), the 14 stories highlight various stories of Somalis living in Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Leicester, London, Malmo and Oslo.

Britain’s Muslim women under attack


Muslim women face violent verbal and physical attacks based on their religion daily, but only a few stories make headlines or reach the attention of the public. The research group at the University of Birmingham partnered with the Tell MAMA organisation to compile a report on anti-Muslim hate incidents British women endure and the detrimental effects it can have on their lives.

Undocumented migrant children denied rights


In the hostile environment of “go home” vans and condemning text messages, the children of undocumented migrants are the victims of exclusion and exploitation, according to a November 2013 report.

‘Undocumented children are triply vulnerable: as migrants, as persons in an irregular situation, and as children,” begins the report Growing Up in a Hostile Environment: The Rights of Undocumented Migrant Children in the UK, published by the Coram Children’s Legal Centre.

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