OBV initiate Mary Seacole Petition


Due to the overwhelming response to yesterday’s story and conversations with a number of people such as Patrick Vernon who established 100 Great Black Briton’s we’ve decided to initiate a petition to the Secretary of State for Education to reconsider putting Mary Seacole back on the Curriculum.

As you will know, petitions are only note worthy when you respond; when we tell our Government that we care about Mary Seacole and we care about having diversity in our children’s education.

Happy New Year 2013 from OBV


Michael Gove dumps Mary Seacole


The Education Secretary Michael Gove has bowed to the detractors of great Victorian Mary Seacole, and removed her from the National Curriculum.

Gove has stated that students should learn about traditional figures such as Oliver Cromwell and Winston Churchill.

Truth is, Michael Gove would find it difficult to find a history teacher who sacrificed teaching either Winston Churchill or Oliver Cromwell for Mary Seacole.

Merry Christmas to one and all


The human capacity to focus on the good and forget or diminish the negative is one of the greatest assets we clearly have. Ask most people about the year gone by and many will respond with that incredible summer in which London and UK showcased multi-cultural Britain to the world during the 2012 Olympic games. And they loved it, they loved us. Above all for the first time that I can remember the nation collectively celebrated its diverse identity.

Andrew Mitchell MP: ‘Welcome to our World’


An open letter

Dear Mr Mitchell

One negative altercation in which one officer is alleged to have fabricated evidence. One! And your ‘life long support and confidence’ in the whole of Her Majesty’s Police force, has been ‘shaken’.

Imagine Mr Mitchell being strangled, called, a N…r, arrested, thrown into cell. Then, having miraculously been able to record irrefutable evidence that you were racially abused, watch that officer walk free from a court of law, twice?

Adoption: Race matters


A Lords Committee has issued a report on the issue of adoption and has rejected Michael Gove the Secretary of State for Education’s argument that race doesn’t matter.

The cross party committee led by Baroness Butler-Sloss, said:

We do not agree with the Government’s proposal to remove the requirement to consider ethnicity when matching children with families.’

Sam Gyimah: The PM’s right hand man



Next time you watch Prime Minister’s Questions - every midday on Wednesdays - have a look at the man behind the PM passing him notes and other relevant files. That man will be Sam Gyimah MP and Private Personal Secretary to the nation's Prime Minister.   Gyimah’s role is to ensure that the PM has every base covered.  Whether it’s a Cabinet meeting with a historic visit by the Queen, or negotiating with other Heads of State around EU treaties. Sam’s your man.

The immigration debate but no Black voices


The new population census has once again put the debate about immigration firmly on the political map. Many politicians, newspaper editors, and often salivating columnists jump up to give an often deeply negative view in the issue.

And although the conversation about immigration is often a complex picture, it is usually presented in a very simplistic way, one in which evokes both fear and loathing in equal measure.

Here are a number of the headlines from the last few weeks:

Sanchia Alasia - The fight against the far right


OBV graduate Councillor Sanchia Alasia, successfully won her council seat from the BNP’s London regional coordinator Robert Bailey in 2010 to become the youngest woman on the Barking and Dagenham council. Alasia talks about her journey into politics and the continual fight against the far right in the UK and Europe.

Cliff Johnrose: My day with Operation Black Vote


Allow me to start with a brief history on how and why I got to spend a day in OBV with Simon Woolley, Director of Operation Black Vote, and his colleagues.

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