Met Officer: Black people ‘Look like Monkeys’


Two Metropolitan Police officers are on trial for allegedly making racist comments about members of the public and fellow officers, hot on the heels from another infamous case of alleged racism in the Met.

Martin Soloman: The Gift of a Lifetime



Although many of us are aware of the health disparities which affect BME communities, it can at times feel that we may not have the knowledge, the resources or simply the time to make a difference. Well here is a chance to make a difference - a life saving difference and you only need 10 minutes.

20-year old Martin Solomon from Salford is battling Hodgkin's Lymphoma for the second time in his short life. He needs a lifesaving transplant.

Turbanology: Guide to Sikh Identity



Issues of mistaken identity have led to race hate crimes, such as the innocent shootings of Sikh worshippers in Wisconsin last August which left six people dead and three people critically injured.  

This important issue is at the centre of a new book entitled Turbanology:Guide to Sikh Identity.  The newly published book unravels the meaning of identity for Sikhs and chronicles the significance of their symbols of faith at a time when they have become misunderstood.

Croydon By-election: Can Jasper do the impossible?


With virtually no money and a small team of activists, Respect candidate Lee Jasper has gone from rank outsider to second favourite in a matter of weeks.

The Voice newspaper reported this week that Jaspers bid to become a south London MP moved up a notch yesterday (Nov 21) after bookies moved the Respect party candidate to second favourite behind Labour.

The by-election was called following the death of MP Malcolm Wicks earlier this year.

Nottingham Muslim family met with burning cross


In what must seem reminiscent to the feared Klu Klux Klan in the USA, a Muslim family were greeted at their new home in Nottinghamshire with a burning cross wrapped with ham.

The family, who do not want to be indentified, heard a knock on the door. The father answered only to find no one there but a burning cross which fell into the house.

Police are now investigating the incident which happened in Bingham, Nottinghamshire on Tuesday evening.

Europe – should we stay or should we go?


OBV Graduate Olivia Boland shares her views on Britain’s role in the European Union as she feels that some politicians have just got it wrong.

Staying in Europe or getting out is a mathematical question. I believe that it is financially illiterate for parties like UKIP and those on the right wing of the Conservative Party to talk about leaving Europe when more than 45% of our exports go to the free trade zone of Europe.

Black Mental Health UK wins EBR Award 2012


Human rights campaign group Black Mental Health UK (BMH UK) has won this year’s Ebony Business & Recognition Award (EBR Awards 2012) for its outstanding work in the area of health, care and wellbeing.

Honouring the work led by BMH UK’s director Matilda MacAttram, the campaign group won the award during a black tie affair attended by hundreds of black business owners across the capital at the Regent Banqueting Hall in Finchley in London.

Croydon: No support for Black 'after schools'


In a week in which the Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove stated that Black children are being marked down by their teachers, Croydon council are undermining local projects that  mitigate institutional prejudice in schools  and other factors that cause  BME low education achievement.

Schemes which have clearly helped improve educational attainment amongst BME School students in Croydon are at risk of being abolished, undoing the progress made in turning around children’s prospects.

Simon Woolley awarded Honorary Doctorate


At an award ceremony at London's Festival Hall, Operation Black Vote Director Simon Woolley was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Westminster for his work combating racism and promoting equality and human rights.

Presenting the award Senior Fellow Sally Feldman said:

Labour in danger of losing Black Voters


The Labour party has been accused once again of taking the Black voters for granted.

With two by-elections gone and two to go BME labour party members are furious that they keep being passed over either by local party activist or central party bosses when it comes to standing in winnable seats.

Labour party activist say that:

There are very limited number of seats in which we could be serious contenders for selection, but time and time again we are being passed over for our white colleagues.

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