OBV Volunteer Mems Ayinla: AAA+ student


Like many students across the country last Thursday was a day that couldn’t come quick enough. Mems has spent the last four weeks volunteering with OBV, but every now and then she’d comment about her pending results and how they might change her life.

She needn’t have worried. Mems excelled way beyond her expectation receiving 3 A’s and one star A. In a few months time, her life will dramatically change as a student who’ll go to the prestigious Warwick University to study law and international study.

OBV: The power of poetry



Who said young people don’t care! For some months now Zena Agha and Alan Ssenpebwa two former volunteers at OBV have been working on a project to give a meaningful voice to young BME individuals. Now it’s here for all to see and, importantly hear. OBV: The power of poetry.

They have assembled some of the countries brightest young poets and invited them to speak truth, not just to power but to you too. Their aim is to inform, empower, inspire and above all to warm your heart.

Helen Grant MP: Judge her on merit


When my friend Michael Young, Lord Young, first termed the word ‘meritocracy’ back in 1958 he would later become bemused and somewhat saddened that it’s true meaning would be lost and even subverted. For him the term ‘meritocracy’ was pejorative, and used in a satirical way. Above all it was a warning about an emerging governing elite who would talk about merit and fairness, whilst benefiting from the privilege.

Anuja Prashar: At the heart of why Europe matters


Anuja Prashar is a woman on a mission - and that mission is synergy; on a local, national and international scale. Prashar, who is a candidate for the European Elections in 2014 for the Liberal Democrats has a determined and clear-sighted vision of how to move the world forward both socially and economically for Britain and Europe in particular as Ashlea Williams discovers.

The Black vote and lessons learned from the US


The most recent census showed that the population under 18 is significantly more ethnically diverse than the rest of the electorate. This is filtering into the make-up of those who vote. Research published on Monday by Operation Black Vote (OBV) concludes that any future majority government will only be possible with the support of ethnic minority voters.

Adeline Aina: A victory for common sense


Today Adeline Aina remains the chosen candidate for Larkhall ward in Lambeth. Senior Labour Officials have advised the Local Labour party that their actions to deselect her were invalid, and the original democratic result stands.

This is a victory for Adeline, and for all those people who supported her but above all it is a victory for local democracy.

One worries what might have occurred if Adeline had not had the strength to fight this injustice or the support of those who would speak on her behalf.

Speaking exclusively to OBV Adeline said:

Sunny Dhadley: Policing the Crime Board


Here at OBV we are currently in the middle of yet another of our award-winning mentoring and shadowing scheme this one covering Birmingham and Wolverhampton with the West Midlands Civic Leadership Programme, funded by the Barrow Cadbury Trust. One particular go-getting member amidst an already elite group of 40 individuals is Sundeep Dhadley who has, it would seem, a finger in every pie and has managed to garner himself a position as the newest member and Third Sector representative of the new Policing and Crime Board in Wolverhampton.

Oprah Winfrey told: ‘You cant afford it’


You maybe one of the most influential women on the planet, but if you're Black and the person doesn’t know your status, too often to them, you’re just another lesser human being than the rest of white society.

When Oprah Winfrey walked into a Chic Boutique in Zurich wanting to spend twenty four thousand pounds on a designer handbag, the shop assistant took one look at Oprah and said:

you can’t afford it."

Black vote can decide 2015 general election


Ground-breaking research undertaken by Operation Black Vote shows that the Black and minority ethnic (BME) electorate could decide over one quarter of the seats in the 2015 General Election. That means BME voters have the greatest opportunity ever to effectively engage in British politics.

Have you been stopped and searched?


Speak out now.

In the wake of the recent spate of divisive Home Office initiatives such as tube 'stop checks' and 'go home' ad vans, the Islam Channel would like to explore the direct impact it is having on our communities.

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