Manchester’s new Sikh temple opens


A new Sikh temple in Manchester which has been in the pipeline for over 45 years was open for worship at the weekend.

The Sri Guru Gobind Singh Gurdwara officially opened with a parade and celebration on November 11 in Manchester’s Old Trafford neighbourhood on Upper Chorlton Road. The Gurdwara (the name of the Sikh house of worship) was designed by the architect Amar Singh Egan and built at a cost of £2 million.

Saiman Miah's design to appear on Olympic coin


Student Saiman Miah has achieved his part in the 2012 Olympics legacy after his design was chosen for one of the official £5 coins for the London Games.

The 24-year-old won a student competition run by the Royal Mint, to see his design on the Olympic coin while Pippa Sanderson will see her design on the Parlympic coin.

Miah said his love of architecture spurred on his design for the Olympic coin which includes a detailed sweep of London’s skyline and pictograms of athletes running around the edge.

Asian Football Awards launched


Over the past decade, there have been plenty of stories about the lack of Asian representation in football. How can it be that a community which has established itself in Britain in Business, Law, politics and other sectors has so far failed to make a contribution to the beautiful game?

Happy Birthday Rev Jackson


On November 8, Reverend Jesse Jackson, Civil Rights icon and tireless campaigner for racial and social justice turned 70.

This past week Jackson’s achievements were celebrated with a dinner at the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles that also included an awards ceremony by the Rainbow PUSH Coalition.

At another event last week at Georgetown University, Jackson was honoured with a forum organized by supporters and friends featuring speakers who recognized Jackson’s contributions to everything from civil rights for African Americans to gender equality.

Wuthering Heights: Two views of the new Heathcliff


The new screen adaptation of Emily Bronte's classic Wuthering Heights hit the cinema on Friday. Most people were pleasantly surprised to see anti-hero Heathcliff played by a Black actor and it has given some hope that more directors could take the somewhat bold move such as director Andrea Arnold to use Black or minority ethnic actors in lead roles and not typecasting them due to stereotypes or perceptions. But not everyone shares this view.

London's most influential people of 2011


The Evening Standard published their list of London's 1000 most influential people of 2011.

There are a number of interesting figures featured on the list from all parts of society, with money men Lakshmi Mittal and James Caan mentioned alongside political figures like Chuka Umunna MP, Keith Vaz MP and Priti Patel MP.

OBV director Simon Woolley also gets a mention as one of the most influential people in the Faith and Philanthropy category alongside Pastor Nims Obunge.

Stephen Lawrence: The long wait for justice


At the start of the trial at the Old Bailey, Doreen and Neville Lawrence sat a few feet away from the two men, Gary Dobson and David Norris accused of killing their son Stephen. They hope, as do the whole country that British justice will at last be done and their son’s killers brought to justice. It’s been a long wait.

Can the Euro survive?


Kevin Julien is currently taking part in OBV’s Lewisham Civic Leadership programme. Here, he writes about the Eurozone crisis and whether the single currency can survive.

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