Big Labour local wins, but Boris bucks trend


The Labour party has not enjoyed this level of political success for a long time. Results coming in show that Labour has one an extra 500 seats, with the big losers being the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats losing 288 seats and 133 seats respectively. Although present Mayor seems to be bucking the national trend and is on course to notch up what will be a famous victory if as the early results suggest he has won.

It also looks like the only remaining BNP councillor in Burnley has lost his seat with the Party losing more than 50% of its voting share.

French Presidential Candidate François Hollande: ‘N…s in Paris.' Really?


Yesterday, during a debate at the United Nations in Geneva I had the great pleasure of meeting Mireille Fanon Mendes, daughter of Frantz Fanon.

OBV Graduates stand for election


OBV are delighted that five of its graduates are standing in this year's elections.

In Birmingham, Parveen Hassan and Afzal Shah both graduates from the Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme hope to make their mark on local politics in Birmingham. Hassan is the Conservative Party’s candidate for Ladywood ward. Talking about the importance of politics she said’ politics is important for us all to get involved in, to nurture and empower others’.

The talking is done. Time to vote.



It's time for our communities up and down the country, and north of the border in Scotland to vote.

Remember a No vote is a boost to the bigoted vote. Their collective vote is boosted when the overall turnout is low.

Above all, engaging in politics will of course focus on today, but it is also about what we do tomorrow, the next and thereafter.

Delivering greater race equality will only be driven by us.

Today let's show we care by going to the polls to vote.

Simon Woolley

Elected Mayors - should they stay or should they go?


As London gears up for its fourth Mayoral and Assembly elections on Thursday, and local elections are being held up and down the country, there will also be a number of referenda in ten of the twelve largest English cities on whether there should be directly elected Mayors.

Turkish people and British politics: Where are the other 499,997?


This month, OBV have had the pleasure to work with students from B6 College in Hackney as they undertake a work placement at OBV. 19 year old Hanifi describes the importance of politics to him.

The Turkish community, faces the same lack of political representation that many other BME communities face.

Bradford Mayoral Referendum Debate


The public meeting organised by JUST West Yorkshire in partnership with the Bradford Cathedral, the Common Good Network and the University of Bradford Student’s Union on the 30th of April 2012 highlighted the ambiguity that continues to hang in the public’s mind around the issue of an elected Mayor.

Simon Woolley to speak at UN


On behalf of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Commissioner Simon Woolley, who champions race, has been invited by the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Right's Anti-Discrimination Unit to speak at the 11th Session on the Working Group (WG) on people of African Descent.

Boris Johnson: Olympic failure on Black jobs and procurement



In a frank and honest omission, the Conservative party candidate for London Mayor admitted during The Voice newspaper round table discussion that LOCOG had not reached their targets in regards to finding jobs for Black Londoners or procurement contracts for Black businesses.

‘I’m really not happy about this, but I’m sure there are still some procurement opportunities’.

Elections May 3rd: Far Right politics must be defeated


There are many reasons for engaging within the local elections and referendums for Mayors on May 3rd, not least issues around; policing, housing, education, health and transport. But there is also another fundamental reason why every decent citizen must exercise their democratic right this Thursday: The vile politics of racial and religious hatred must be defeated at the ballot box.

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