Wanted: Black Football Coaches


Yesterday the FA launched an audacious plan the change the face of English football managers.

At present there are no Black managers in the Premier league, and one in the Championship, Chris Hughton at Birmingham City and Chris Powell, who is managing Charlton Athletic in League One. Yesterday FA Supremo David Bernstein said ‘that has got to change’.

Spider-Man moves into the 21st Century


Comic book fans will be familiar with the immortal phrase associated with Spider-Man: "With great power comes great responsibility".

And it seems that Marvel Comics have taken the responsibility to increase diversity in their superhero range by introducing a new Spider-Man who happens to be of mixed heritage - African/Hispanic American.

No apology for racial slur: Cllr Warren Swaine


Some senior Black Liberal Democrats are questioning whether or not they should be in a party that refuses to insist that one of its councilors should apologise for making a racial slur. Earlier this year Councillor Warren Swaine tweeted that Labour MP Chuka Umunna would claim "is it because I is black" as "defense” for being a muppet."

Demetre Fraser : Activist march for justice


If you know where you son is right now your very lucky. Consider the plight of Josie Fraser. Watch a mothers emotional appeal for your support here. As a people we must regain our tradition of marching and protest. Please read this and take action in support.

Demetre Fraser aka T.Dot was 21 years of age from London Peckham. He died after being visited by the West Midlands Police Force on the 31st May 2011. He was staying with a friend from Birmingham at the time

Black gang violence


The current scale of youth violence in UK black communities is rarely understood by white mainstream society. There is a strong view among black communities that if such levels of serious youth violence and murder were occurring in white middle class communities this issue would be a matter of national concern.

OBV in solidarity with Norway


The whole world shuddered when the tragic news came through that a crazed Right wing extremist Anders Breivik slaughtered 77 Norweigans mostly young men and women. For us at OBV the pain was particularly close.

High Court appoint first Sikh judge


Rabinder Singh QC has created history after becoming the first Sikh to be appointed as a High Court judge.

The 47-year-old is set to take up his position on the Queen’s Bench Division (QBD) in October and will preside over cases wearing a turban rather than the traditional judicial wig.

Singh is the first male from an ethnic background to be made a High Court judge and his appointment comes at a time when diversity in the judiciary is being looked at by a House of Lords select committee.

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