Aung San Suu Kyi: Freedom From Fear


Aung San Suu Kyi is a visionary. Her political and philosophical views and her own beliefs as a Theravada Buddhist with the depth and knowledge gained through her intellectual interests have made her into a global symbol of resistance. OBV's Berny Torre examines what lessons we can learn from her magnificent example.

General J.J. Singh’s ‘A Soldier’s General’: an inspiring read


To be honest I went to the book launch of JJ Singh, who in 2005 became the first Sikh to lead the Indian army, not because I’m interested in Generals , but rather I support many of the projects and events put on by the host Dr Rami Ranger.

But I was surprised just how impressive this man had been. Moreover, listening to his peers he came across as a man who deeply cared about the unity of India. He believed that all religions and their followers must be acutely respected and given a voice in modern India.

What is 'Britishness'?


That is the Question raised by today's announcement by the Home Office that the UK Citizenship test which all migrants must pass in order to gain British Citizenship will be re-written in the Autumn with a greater focus on the nation's history and culture, instilling 'traditional' values in the process.

Mayor of Southwark, Althea Smith: Grassroots activism to elected office


Recently appointed Mayor of Southwark, Althea Smith speaks exclusively to OBV on her journey into public life.

Althea Smith is a woman with years of community experience. Having come to the U.K. aged 13 from Jamaica, she became a Councilllor in 2006 representing the ward in which she was raised. Her long standing in the area means that Smith talks with confidence about what the community needs and want. Therefore her selection Mayor of Southwark last month, was a welcomed and privileged opportunity to further serve her community.

Twitter trolling


Last week, the Football Association branded Twitter attacks on England internationals Ashley Cole and Ashley Young as “appalling and unacceptable”. Both players missed penalties in the shootout defeat to Italy prompting vile reactions over the social networking site.

Super Mario Balotelli. Super Mama’s boy!


Italy’s golden striker Mario Balotelli shot his nation into the final of the Euro 2012 championship, with two goals, one of which could easily be the goal of the tournament.

Patrick Vernon OBE: The problem of Black ephemera


Patrick Vernon OBE, founder of 100 Great Black Britons and a Councillor in the London Borough of Hackney writes about the importance of ephemera.

Ephemera are 'minor transient documents of everyday life', essentially ordinary items, normally thrown away which provide a valuable insight into everyday life in the past. For the last 15 years I have been collecting a range of ephemera, particularly Black related such as from postcards, trade cards/advertising, photographs, newspapers etc.

Ahmed Abdullah belongs to Glasgow


One of OBV's new and talented interns writes an impassioned plea for a Somaili refugee to be given the right to stay in the UK.

OBV nurturing talent


Recently there has been a lot of talk about interns, particularly in regards to those multi-million pound companies who, instead of paying for a young person’s talent they can get them to work in some cases for six months full time without paying them a salary.

Does rap enhance or degrade society?


Yesterday the Internet giant Google engaged in a cross Atlantic debate about the language of rap. Here our very own Jane Odera discusses the pros and cons.

Hip hop is now one of the biggest music genres in the world. It tells of the ‘rags to riches’ tales of millionaires and celebrates the culture of Black people around the globe. As Jay-Z put it, Hip Hop took him from ‘grams to Grammys’. The music is bursting with thumping beats and clever rhymes. For many, including myself, it is hard to imagine the world without it.

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