PC Alex MacFarlane: " will always be a n*****"


Tension between the police and the BME community is back in the news after a race abuse trial has ended for the second time without a verdict.

Last year's riots - that sparked in Tottenham and swept a significant number of neighbourhoods across the UK - was the setting of an encounter between the police and an African-Caribbean male that is now being heard in the courts.

How long before a representative democracy?


Britain parliamentary democracy is nothing if it fails to represents the very peoples its serves. The question relates to the very nature of our society where any citizen has the potential to join a political party, stand for selection as a candidate, win election and enter public service.

London Citizens celebrate ‘CitySafe’ campaign


Today over 1000 young people from across London will come together at the O2 Academy Brixton for a stunning celebration concert for CitySafe – a London Citizens campaign to tackle crime and rebuild community relationships.

Hosted by Choice FM’s DJ Abrantee, the event will feature a stellar line-up of talented young entertainers including Vibe Squad, Mista Silva, Flava Kwamz, A Dot Comedian, DJ Afro B as well as the finest talent from London’s diverse communities.

Thank you Mr President


As we near the home straight of the Presidential elections, someone somewhere has sought to illustrate Barack Obama's last fours years in pictures and just a few words.

It is compelling as it is moving. Moreover, in a world in which the word hero is overused, with recipients rising and falling even before the newspaper ink is dry, we are in danger of overlooking those real heroes who are quietly, inexorably making us better people, and thus a better world.

First steps to a Black Footballers Association ?


Black footballers made fantastic history over the weekend. A small number of prominent players collectively protested about the games inability to effectively deal with racism. One could argue that the focus of their frustration, ‘Kick out racism' of football, was slightly misguided, but the collective political statement could not have been more powerful. By boycotting the wearing of the ‘Kick out racism’ shirts, they were in effect stating; ‘Deal with racism on and off the field’.

Sikhs against the EDL


‘Sikhs Against the EDL’ will be marching against the English Defence League (EDL) in Walthamstow, East London this Saturday 27th October. A counter demonstration is being organised by a multi-cultural, multi-racial and multi-faith organisation known as ‘We Are Walthamstow’. It is a broad-based network of local community groups, political organisations and trade unions. Their aim is to ‘celebrate diversity and oppose racism and fascism’ and to show the EDL that they are not welcome in Walthamstow.

The state of black America under Obama


President Obama’s historic election in 2008 remains fresh in the memory of Americans and most citizens around the world. But on November 6 it will be decided whether the first US Black president will win a second term.

A crucial element of Obama’s success was his ability to capture 95% of the African American vote - the highest share any candidate had ever gained from this community. But whether such support can be matched in two weeks time may depend on the ‘black experience’ under his presidency.

Serb Shame! But will UEFA act ?


In one of the most deplorable nights of international football English footballers including Danny Rose were subject to sustained racial and at times physical abuse. To add insult to injury the only person punished on the night was Danny Rose, who was sent off for kicking the ball away, after he reacted to the deluge of taunts.

After the match Rose stated that he endured overt racial abuse including monkey chants throughout the match. Coins and stones were also pelted at the players. Many fans were clearly given the Nazi salute as Black players neared the touch line.

Heather Watson – slammed it!


The tennis player from Guernsey who hit her first back-hand at just five years old has won her first World Tennis Association singles title. On Sunday in Osaka, Heather Watson beat Kai-Chen Chang of Chinese Taipei 7 -5, 5 – 7, 7 – 6, holding her nerve in a tense tie-break in the final set. The win in Japan makes Watson the first British woman to win a WTA singles tournament in 24 years.

NUS Black Students Campaign celebrate BHM


Marking Black History Month, the NUS Black Students Campaign and Venezuela Solidarity Campaign, supported by the Venezuelan Embassy, are hosting a special meeting to celebrate the advances made by the Black communities in the new Venezuela.

Venezuela is an incredibly diverse society, situated in the Caribbean, three quarters of its population are of mixed heritage, of African origin or indigenous origin and has a past dominated by the slave trade.

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