12 years a slave: Italians promote Brad Pitt


It seems that the Italian distributors of Steve McQueen’s epic ‘12 years a slave’, feel the need to fool people in believing this is a film centered around Brad Pitt, and not Chiwetel Ejiofor. The promotional posters seen around Italy to promote the film show a super large picture of Brad Pitt with a much smaller picture of Chetwell Ejifor below. Hollywood studio Lionsgate which made the movie seem deeply embarrased and are investigating how this occured.

Eusebio: Portugal’s greatest footballer dies


For what seemed like an eternity -a minutes silence- a proud Portuguese nation stopped to pay its respect to their proudest adopted son Eusébio da Silva Ferreira. Before the match with his beloved football team, Benfica against Porto, the Benfican players demonstrated their love of the man by wearing his name on all their shirts instead of their own.

Born in Mozambique Africa, under the colonial rule of Portugal, the gifted footballer was only allowed to play for the Colonial power, Portugal But boy this young man play.

Hundreds attend peaceful Duggan protest


Several hundreds gathered in Tottenham outside the police station on Saturday to both support the Mark Duggan family and to register their anger at the Royal Court of Justice findings that Mark Duggan was ‘lawfully’ killed by the police.

The atmosphere was tense, the rhetoric against the authorities particularly the police was of anger and frustration, but throughout this outpouring of pain and bewilderment the clarion call for a peaceful protest held good.

Mark Duggan verdict: More questions than answers


The backdrop to this case is one of a deep divide between Britain’s Black communities and the Metropolitan Police force: Levels of police Stop and Search have been at rates not seen since the 1970’s. A retired undercover police officer recently admitted that instead of helping track down the killers of Stephen Lawrence, and assisting their family, they were tasked to wilfully smear the family and their associates.

Mark Duggan lawfully killed, even without gun!


The Jury listening in the inquest that led up the killing of Mark Duggan, which sparked off nationwide riots, have given a verdict which is incredibly difficult to understand. They concluded that at the fatal moment Mark Duggan was shot, he was not holding a gun. The jury was also  satisfied that Duggan  had probably thrown the gun before the confrontation with the police.

Black Labour activists demand internal action


A group of leading Labour Party activists including the Party’s most senior Black female, Diane Abbott MP, have written to the Labour Party leadership team demanding that African’s and Caribbean’s within the party are better treated.

Diane Abbott, writing a forward within the document laments that:

If you had told me that, twenty six years later,-since four BME MPs entered Parliament- the numbers of African and Afro- Caribbean Labour Members of Parliament would scarcely be any greater, I would have been shocked.

Ex-Tory MP calls Black feminist ‘bully’


Strong Black women beware! If you dare to speak up for yourself, particularly if you are confronting racism from a black, female perspective which challenges some white women, then instead of your arguments being discussed you’re in danger of being accused of being a ‘bully’, ‘disgusting’, and, that old chestnut, ‘playing the race card’.

OBV Graduate Omar Ali makes Welsh political history


Omar Ali's recent election has marked a watershed in Welsh political history as Ali becomes the first British Somali councillor in Wales.

After years of community engagement, Councillor Ali is excited to be serving the Pillgwenlly, or Pill, ward of the Newport City Council. Elected last November, Councillor Ali filled the seat of Ron Jones who recently passed away after representing the Pill area for many decades.

Bangladeshis and Pakistanis face double disadvantage


Racial inequality has many guises but the perhaps one if its most debilitating dynamics is deprivation. A recent study by the University of Manchester and the Runnymede Trust found that one in three Bangladeshis and a third of Pakistanis in England and Wales live in deprived neighbourhoods.

The research found for example that unemployment in those deprived neighbourhoods and other areas were double that of white groups, suggesting that these BME groups face it tougher than their white counterparts both in deprived and non-deprived areas.

Simon De Banya: Rest in Peace


Any one who came across the activist and campaigner Simon De Banya was struck by two prominent aspects about him. Some might event say aspects that were impossible to seat side by side, but now with De Banya: First, his gentleness.

De Banya was not the kind of activist that would scream and shout, instead his demeanor was of a warm kindness, he won people over with charm and strong reasoned argument. Yet alongside the warmth was a rare immovable steeliness that would ensure success was the only conceivable outcomes in nearly all his campaigns and activities.

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