Jesse Owens documentary


Last week, I had the pleasure of viewing the documentary “Jesse Owens” directed by Laurens Grant.

The American Embassy hosted the event and the panel discussion afterwards including the director and two former Olympians 1968  200 meters bronze medalist and civil rights icon John Carlos, and the UK's very  own silver medalist 200 meters John Regis.

Alarming rates of racism in schools


Tens of thousands of children are having their lives blighted by racism in schools, the BBC has reported today. In response to a Freedom of Information request that looked at 90 areas, the BBC found more nearly 90,000 cases of racist bullying were reported. From verbal abuse to physical violence, many incidents made students lives unbearable. Yet the Government want to change the guidelines for reporting racism.

Sarah Soyei, of the anti-racism educational charity, Show Racism the Red Card (SRRC), said:

Diamond Jubilee - What's your story?


The Diamond Jubilee takes place this year, marking 60 years of The Queen’s reign. Over the last 60 years, the UK has changed dramatically and contributions of the Black community politically, economically and culturally have been significant.

To highlight the changing cultural landscape of the UK since the Queen's accession in 1952, ITV National News’ Shan Allana is working on a series of four short films.

Birmingham’s Black Church leaders get political


A significant and historic move will be played out tomorrow afternoon as Church leaders and other community activists make a silent protest outside City Hall.

The protest is a result of the notable absence of an African or Caribbean councillor on Birmingham's Council Cabinet.

Rochdale sex grooming gangs: Warsi gets it right



We can only hope that journalists and opinion formers take note of Baroness Sayeeda Warsi’s carefully nuanced articulation of the Rochdale sex grooming gangs and the wider questions it raises. I’ve said on these pages before that language is key if we want to highlight a particular problem within a community without demonising the whole community.

In an interview with the Evening Standard Warsi, who is Tory Party chair stated that,

Scottish councils still pale


Today, the Guardian has shone the light on Scottish local governance and BME representation, and it’s not looking good. Out of 1233 councillors only 17 are from BME communities and most of them from the Glasgow region.

In Glasgow the figures are neither brilliant nor shocking. But outside the Glasgow the general feeling is often, ‘we don’t have many Black people here so we don’t have a race problem'.

'Stop Search': The Play


The powerful play ‘Stop Search’, at the Broadway theatre in Catford leaves you emotionally drained, but fully informed how the blanket process of ‘Stop and Search’ dramatically effects Black communities.

Overlooked Communities


There are at least one million BME disabled people in the UK and this number is growing, yet there is little research into how the lives of disabled BME individuals could be improved.

With that in mind, Scope and the Equalities National Council (ENC), a user led Black and Minority Ethnic BME disabled peoples' organisation has carried out research to identify how BME disabled people, their families and carers feel about the services available to them and how this could be improved in the future.

Kenny Dalglish sacked



In football, it's sadly all about winning. If you keep winning, the errors that you make can by and large be overlooked. But woe betide if you fail, the mismanagement of certain situations will certainly be the stick that drives you out the door.

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