How democracy shoots itself in the foot?



In Britain and much of the western world, we are taught that democracy is ‘good’ and that other forms of government (totalitarian, dictatorship) are ‘bad’.

Democracy is often heralded as the height of human civilisation, born from a system of governance “by the people, for the people” which is the epitome of impartiality, justice and equality. However, whilst this propagates free speech and protects the rights of all, it is also, fundamentally, its own fatal flaw.

Mali: A failure of Western policy



By reading the notes of Andy Morgan, we know he loves this region of the African Sahara desert. Music was is introduction. He met some Touareg poet-guitarists Tinariwen at music Festival in the Desert in 2001 and went on to co-manage and then manage them and helping them to win fans and influence people all over the world.

"Stubbornly White" Police Chief calls for action


In a speech last week at a conference run by the Home Affairs Select Committee, one of Scotland Yard's most senior officers criticised the recruitment strategy used by the police. His criticism comes as it emerged that in the last strategic command course, which qualifies a police officer to the ranks of senior officer, not a single candidate on the course was from a Black or ethnic minority (BME) background.

Cameron must not target Black British Muslims


African Muslim Communities throughout the UK will nervously be seeking assurances from the Prime Minister, David Cameron that his hard line ‘resolve’ to tackle the growing threat of Islamic rebels in North Africa will not translate in the wholesale demonization of Black British Muslims.

In a speech to the House of Commons the PM said:

This is a global threat and it will require a global response… It will require a response that is about years, even decades, rather than months.”

OBV Cartoon Corner


President Obama’s inauguration impacts us too


I do believe that the effect of Barack Obama’s 2012 Presidential victory and his inauguration will have a major impact on current and potential development of black politicians and community activism in Britain over the next few years leading up to the 2015 General Election.

Birmingham City Council ‘white wash’ staff


Birmingham City Council are facing one of their biggest internal race allegations for a generation. Following a review of the City’s Neighbourhood Offices, where 11 Managers in post were to be reduced to 5. All 5 white staff were selected whilst all 6 Black staff were told their services were no longer required.

Hundreds attend funeral for Lord Tarsem King


A who's who of West Midlands politicians showed up to pay respect to Lord Tarsem King, who was the UK’s first Sikh peer.

Lord Tarsem King died suddenly last week after collapsing at Euston station as he was preparing to travel back home.

Lord King headed Sandwell Council for ten years from 1997, in 1999 he became a Lord and Baron King of West Bromwich. Notables such as Keith Vaz MP and Tom Watson MP were there to pay their respects. Tom Watson said:

Jacintha Saldanha: still waiting for answers


The family of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who was found hanged after taking a hoax phone call about the Duchess of Cambridge, are still be awaiting answers from the authorities of the hospital where she worked.

Saldanha was found dead, hanged in her nurses’ quarters three days after she put a hoax call from Australian radio show presenters through to a colleague who then proceeded to give a detailed description of the Duchess’ condition, who was in the hospital being treated for acute morning sickness at the time.

2013: ‘Year of the Black Woman’


How refreshing: Barely half a month in, and 2013 is already being heralded the ‘Year of the Black Woman’. A title coined in an article from The Voice Newspaper, which has highlighted the rising success of black women from every facet of society, many of whom have garnered attention from power-list magazines such as Forbes. Looking at many of these powerful women it is clear that Black sisters are in fact ‘doing it for themselves.’

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