Put criminal cash to help poorest


London’s deprived areas suffer higher rates of crime. That’s been a historical fact for some time now and is routinely accepted by most politicians. In these areas, many including huge council estates, the quality of life is poor, unemployment particularly youth unemployment is criminally high, rates of health and well being are very poor and violent gang activity is on the rise.

Southall Black Sisters victorious in Legal Aid Bill row


Just a month after proposing changes to the Legal Aid Bill, the government has been forced to make a u-turn on its decision to deny abused migrant women access to legal aid.

Last week, Legal Aid minister Jonathan Djanogly MP confirmed in parliament that he would bring cases under the "domestic violence rule" under the immigration regime back into the scope of legal aid.

This will allow people who are on spouse or partner visa to leave violent or abusive relationships and apply for indefinite leave to remain in this country.

Marcus Garvey plaque to be unveiled


A plaque commemorating the life and work of an inspirational figure for civil rights activists will be unveiled in London next month.

Community organisation Narrative Eye will honour Marcus Garvey and his work with the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) with a Blue Plaque at the site of their offices in from which they worked when the organisation moved to the UK in 1935.

Anders Breivik, the BNP and White Supremacist


Anders Behring Breivik has demonstrated what lengths White supremacist will to go to incite a global race hate war. It is Islam and its followers who he most hates, but instead of turning his violence on  those who he despises -dreadful and wicked as that would be- his plan was to incite the indiginous society to do it for him.

‘Pen is mightier than the sword’


For far too long, people of African descent have allowed others to tell our stories and decide on our worldview.

Time to rename British Empire awards?



One of the most anticipated events in the British Royal calendar is the release of the Queen’s Birthday and New Year Honour List. On an annual basis the Queen of the United Kingdom honours deserving individuals for services to the United Kingdom and its former overseas colonies.

400 billion Eurozone bailout



Whilst Africans starve.

At the best of times it is difficult to fully understand global politics, in particular how big financial interests and political power blocks look after each other and when it suits, trounce upon those with little or no power.

Domestically we have been given a rare glimpse of how one of the most powerful men in the world came to manipulate, not only successive British governments but also those we pay to protect us. The Metropolitan police force. It is truly the stuff of a John Grisham novel, only more exaggerated.

OBV shortlisted for European Diversity Awards


Operation Black Vote were recognised at the inaugural European Diversity Awards which took place in September after being shortlisted as a nominee in the 'International Politician of the Year' category'.

The Awards, headline sponsored by Google, are designed to showcase individuals and organisations who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

Keith Vaz’s finest hour


Phone-hacking scandal.

The member of Parliament for Leicester East Keith Vaz has had a long and distinguished, if at times rocky political career. He along, with Bernie Grant, Diane Abbott and Paul Boateng, made history when they collectively entered Parliament showing for the first time multicultural Britain at the heart of our democracy.

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