Those involved with Dr Tommie Smith’s visit: Thank you


Thanks to those people who played such a positive role.

OBV would like to thank a number of people who played such a positive role during the visit of 1968 legendary Olympian Dr Tommie Smith.

Organising and hosting a UK film premiere was not easy, along with a number of talks and dinner in honour of Tommie Smith. But with good people around we managed it all, including a most memorable film premiere evening.

Therefore, OBV would particularly like to thank:

Michael Johnson: Survival of the Fastest


Ahmed Sule CFA responds to Channel Four’s recent documentary, Survival of the Fastest, in which US Olympian Michael Johnson explored whether slavery was a contributory factor to the success of Black people in athletics. Ahmed writes an Open Letter to Michael Johnson to share his thoughts.

Dear Michael Johnson

Ramadan Mubarak


As we enter the holy month of Ramadan, OBV's Ijeoma Mbubaegbu examines the significance of Ramadan and compares it to the Christian fasting period of Lent.

Belated, Happy Birthday to Nelson Mandela!


Yesterday the whole of South Africa was celebrating the birthday of its most prominent figure and former president, Nelson Mandela. Mandela or ‘Madiba’ as he is affectionately known as did so much to spread worldwide attention on the plight of black South Africans, giving up an arduous 27 years of his liberty in a bid to rid South Africa of apartheid. Yet despite what they did to him, he valiantly continued and in 1994, became president and the first ever to be elected in a fully representative democratic election.

Colonial Christianity: A curse on the Black Community


The eminent theologian Dr Robert Beckford is known for not pulling his punches,and in a frank conversation with Church leaders and activist he was true to his word. During a seminar which sets out to transform Black led churches to be at the forefront of demanding greater social and racial justice, Beckford argues:

Marsha Singh: A tribute


Former Labour MP Marsha Singh sadly passed away yesterday, but in his wake he leaves on a legacy that has had many of his colleagues championing his work. Today, OBV remembers the high points of a distinguished career.

Born in the Punjab region of India, Singh migrated to Britain where he was worked as a part of the Directorate of Education for Bradford City Council and Bradford Community Health Trust. Eventually Singh was elected in a landslide victory to become Labour’s MP of Bradford West in 1997.

The Voice get their Olympic pass


Pressure from the Black community and others have forced the Olympic authorities to rethink their position and afford The Voice newspaper accreditation to cover the London Olympic games.

In a statement the BOA said:

We are pleased to confirm that the IOC have awarded an accreditation to the BOA, which will be allocated to The Voice.

The Voice senior Editor George Ruddock said:

Jyoti Bhojani: From OBV volunteer to Former Prime Minister’s assistant


When Jyoti Bhojani joined OBV as a volunteer, none of us would have guessed that in three short years she would go from enthusiastic volunteer to a ‘stand out’ candidate to become Parliamentary assistant  to Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown.

The Voice Newspaper: Barred from the Olympics


With less than two weeks to go before the Olympic games the oldest and most-read Black newspaper in the country, The Voice newspaper, has been refused Olympic accreditation to be at the games.

This is an insult on a number of levels; not least because the games here in London was won on its teeming diversity, secondly and equally important is that on the track at least, it will be Black athletes who will dominate success.

OBV’s director Simon Woolley said:

John Terry Trial: One Sorry Mess


The trial of John Terry for alleged racial abuse may be over, but it still leaves questions that need to be answered about the acceptability of racism in football and wider society, as well as how footballers are to conduct themselves in future. The revelations unearthed during the week-long trial do as much to order a new change in attitudes within English football as the not guilty verdict for Terry does.

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