Cambridge University invites Marine Le Pen. Disgrace!


What is it with Oxbridge Universities courting controversy by inviting political unsavoury characters because they can?

Hiding behind the facade of ‘free speech’ Cambridge University are once again self-promoting at the expense of fuelling and legitimising xenophobic and fascist politics. This time its Marine Le Pen, Leader of the Nation Front in France. One imagines that one of the most prestigious Universities in the world feels it was out done by its arch rival Oxford, who last year invited BNP leader Nick Griffin to its debating chamber.

PM in India: The value of Indian UK MPs


Ten UK parliamentarians from Indian heritage have underpinned the Prime Minister’s largest overseas business delegation in recent years. David Cameron has taken six Peers and four MPs, and 100 top British companies to India as part of a three day visit to enhance trade links.

Making a speech in Mumbai on the first day of his historic trade visit, the PM said that India would soon be the 3rd largest economy in the world, and he hoped that the UK would be its preferred business partner.

Xenophobic portrayal deserves an apology


The Romanian people deserve an unequivocal apology over the horse meat scandal. Not just from certain sections of the media here, but one imagines right across Europe too. The blame game, as to how horse meat got into frozen foods, and English school meals has witnessed levels of xenophobia and racism not seen for a long time.

The Romanian Prime Minister, Victor Ponta, understandably stated that he was very angry with the portrayal of his people and the meat industry:

Labour has no plan for Black representation


It may seem a long way before the next General Election scheduled for May 2015, but the battle plans for targeted seats, including who can stand, and who will get supported are very much in their advanced stages.

Sikhs Against the EDL: “We must unite to show these racists they will not win”


The ‘Sikhs Against the EDL’ will be joining a counter demonstration in conjunction with Cambridge Unite Against Fascism (CUAF) against the 'static protest' being held by the English Defence League (EDL) in Cambridge on Saturday 23rd February. Initially the EDL intended to hold a march, but now have announced to hold only a static protest.

Horse meat scandal unleashes rampant xenophobia


Until yesterday evening, certain sections of the British press and some politicians were articulating the horse meat in processed food scandal as, quintessentially a problem with ‘Johnny Foreigner’.

Crawley Borough Council: “Culture of bigotry”?


Councillor Lenny Walker, a black councillor from Crawley, has lost his position within the Cabinet of Crawley Borough Council over allegations he made a week earlier about institutional racism within the council. Mr Walker who was dismissed from the Cabinet with immediate effect yesterday said, there is a “culture of bigotry, bullying and intimidation”. He added, ethnic minority staff believe it to be ‘institutionally racist’.

Time for a Black Pope?


As the catholic world awoke to the shock news that Pope Benedict XVL resigned, sighting ill health, speculation has quickly grown about who might succeed him. The role, as leader of 1.2 billion followers is fantastically unique , proudly undemocratic, and profoundly archaic. And yet it has emerged that two Black Cardinals have already become the two front runners to replace Benedict XVL.

Desmond Jaddoo: A man on a mission


The nation's number one Black newspaper, The Voice - recently proclaimed that Desmond Jaddoo was a ‘Man on the mission.'

It’s true; he is, and you better not get in his way, because the force of Jaddoo is very much like one of those Black activists from the 60s or 70s: driven, selfless, with a moral compass that Westminster politicians can only dream about.

The Year of the Snake: Happy Chinese New Year


Those who braved the wintry weather yesterday in central London may have witnessed a giant yellow and red, all dancing, squirming 80ft snake, weaving its way through the streets of China Town to the back beat of drums, and cymbals. In London and throughout the country, Britain’s Chinese population and thousands of others were celebrating their New Year: The year of Snake.

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