Pepe Reina Ad


There has been a lot of heat generated from OBV complaining about a Spanish TV ad starring Pepe Reina. Many bloggers on national websites have been outraged that our organisation should say, ‘this demeaning portrayal of Black people in Africa is not acceptable’. Many comments have been very abusive. But few writers have taken a step back and tried to objectively unpick and understand what is being played out in regards to this ad and what it means in Spain and here in the UK

Met Police and IPCC forced to apologise to Mark Duggan's family


The Metropolitan Police and Independent Police Complaints Commission have been forced to apologise to the family of Mark Duggan, whose death at the hands of the police triggered off last summer's riots.

A report from the IPCC said that officers had wrongly left it to family members to inform Duggan's parents about the fatal shooting which took place 4th August 2011. His family complained to the IPCC that they had not been told about his death by the Police.

Challenging FIFA's Hijab ban


This weekend, the International Football Association Board (IFAB) are set to meet up at Bagshot, London.

Why is this important? Well, the IFAB, made up of FIFA as well as the English, Welsh, Scottish and Irish FAs, are the lawmakers of the game and are set to decide a number of issues, including substitutions and goal-line technology. But there is one important issue up for discussion which affects the Asian community which could have wider implications and that is to do with the wearing of the Hijab in football.

OBV force Spanish multinational to pull racist ad


In the last hour, OBV have learned that Spanish multinational insurance company, Groupama, which has a subsidiary here in the UK, has pulled one of its adverts currently showing in Spain that depicts Black people, in a jungle scenario as stupid, backward, animalistic homosexuals.

Sadly, however, the group go on to say,

“Groupama Seguros does not consider that this advert contains either offensive nor any discriminatory content.”

Another Liverpool player Pepe Reina in race row


We sometimes forget-to our peril- the battles we have fought here in the UK against racism and racial stereotyping.

OBV 15th anniversary event - in pictures


Images copyright: OBV. Pictures taken by Colin Paterson

OBV's Jyoti Bhojani, Merlene Carrington, Rhona Asmah, Arita Pecaka and Francine Fernandes

Sinitta, OBV director Simon Woolley and Miquel Brown

OBV’s 15th anniversary


To all those who attended OBV’s 15th anniversary event at the United States Embassy in London last week, thank you for making it an unforgettable evening.

His Excellency the Ambassador Louis Susman opened the proceedings with the remarks, ‘this Embassy is honoured to be a friend and collaborator with Operation Black Vote’.

Prevention rather than the cure


In the month that the Metropolitan Police carried out hundreds of arrests as part of the newly launched Trident Gang Crime Command, one community project proved there is a better way to deal with the apparent growing gang problem in London.

The Prime Minister’s Football summit


I don’t have anything against the UK’s only two senior Black football managers Chris Powell and Chris Hughton. They are great coaches and hold themselves with dignity. John Barnes too has been a great ambassador for the game - although his unequivocal defence for Kenny Dalglish has been disappointing.

But none of the above have shown the type of leadership which will convey the Black communities anger at the lack of effective action in regards to racism, as it once again sweeps through football, on and off the terraces.

Black Leaders accuse Liverpool FC of inciting racism


Liverpool Football Club has come under fierce criticism from an influential group of high profile, local and national black leaders, alongside a host of anti racist organisations.

The group have written an open letter delivered today accusing LFC and manager Kenny Dalglish of grossly mishandling the Saurez/Patrice Evra affair contributing to the incitement of racism in football and wider society. We know that they have had good advice to assist them and refused to take it choosing instead to continue on in this manner.

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