Obama assassination attempt foiled


It looks as though a deadly poisonous package addressed to the President has been foiled by security chiefs.

A letter addressed to US President Barack Obama containing a "suspicious" substance has been intercepted.

The suspicious package was identified at a remote facility where White House post is screened. It is believed that a substance known as Ricin, which is extracted from castor beans, is 1000 times more toxic than cyanide.

Marathon woman - Dr Yvonne Thompson


Yvonne Thompson CBE and 37,000 other marathon contestants will have a minutes silence for their fellow marathon runners and their families who cruelly lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Boston last Sunday.

Some here are worried that Sunday’s race should be postponed, but not Yvonne. She is determined to show her solidarity to the people of Boston and continue to raise money for projects in Africa.

Last year Yvonne completed her first marathon, and in doing so she raised £2,366.28 for Build Africa, and she is supporting that Charity again.

Boston Bomb Terror!


The horrors of terror that plagued the streets of New York, London and Madrid more than a decade ago have returned, this time to the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. Quite rightly, right-reminded individuals are not jumping to speculate who the murderous perpetrators are. But everyone is tense, nervous, and apprehensive as to what all of this might mean.

Right now the authorities must effectively do their investigations. All we can do is offer our most sincere condolences for those who have either lost their loved ones, or had them seriously injured.

Save our Curriculum!


Once again OBV along with a coalition of BME organisations has joined forces with the Runnymede Trust to ensure our National Curriculum, particularly around history remains diverse and reflects a UK and global history that will inspire all children. Runnymede’s briefing paper in regards to ensuring Mary Seacole and Olaudah Equiano stayed on the history curriculum was hugely helpful in winning that debate. Now our joint efforts in response to the consultation paper about the proposed changes to the curriculum.

Move over Tiger - Tianlang is on the prowl!


Tianlang Guan the 14 year old wonder-boy from Guanzhou, China, has become the youngest ever competitor in the 77 year history of the Masters.

Not content with just rubbing shoulders with the likes of Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Nick Faldo and other golfing royalty, Guan actually had a very respectable first round. Scoring a respectable 1+ par seven shots behind the leader, Guan looked every bit a seasoned professional, even though he’s an amateur.

Asked at the press conference how he felt after his first historic day, Guan replied,

Local Elections 2013: Register to Vote - deadline 17th April


Local elections are taking place on Thursday 2 May 2013 in local authorities and county councils in many parts of the country. These local elections are a vital part of local democracy because local councils have decision-making responsibilties over many services which are part of our everyday lives – transport, libraries, community and youth centres, schooling and employment.

Sanchia Alasia: first black woman elected to European Parliament?


International history is in the making. The Labour Party has announced that its councillor from Barking and Dagenham, will stand in the 22 May 2014 European elections. If elected, she will be the first British black woman in the European Parliament. When OBV spoke to her she told us,

“I feel privileged and humbled to have been selected to stand as an MEP”.

At last Uefa tackles racism


After years of campaigning by groups such as ‘Kick Racism Out’, ‘Football Against Racism’, and many others, Uefa have finally agreed that their poultry fines for those committing racial abuse both on and off the field haven’t worked.

Today Uefa General Secretary Gianni Infantino announced that his committee would propose a minimum 10 match ban for any player found guilty of racism. He also stated that if fans abused players there would be first, partial closure and full closure for a second offence plus far tougher financial penalties.

Health Minister to attend Policing & Mental Health Conference


Health Minister Norman Lamb MP will be speaking at the first national conference on policing and mental health organised by leading agencies from the UK’s African Caribbean communities scheduled to take place at the Molineux Conference Centre in Wolverhampton, on Thursday 27th June 2013.

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