National Black Police Association demand race inquiry at Met


I have written many articles on the increasing nature of Metropolitan Police Service racism in recent times. Today devastating news - another three police officers have been referred to the IPCC for allegedly racially abusing George Asare, a young Ghanaian shot and then tasered in Lewisham recently.

This brings to a total of 6 police officers currently being investigated for racism. The official and anecdotal evidence is that racism is spiralling dangerously out of control as a resurgent and unrestrained and institutional racism returns with a vengeance.

Sayeeda Warsi under friendly fire…again!


Political editor Medhi Hassan writes in this weeks Newstatesmen what many people believe to be going in regard to Party Chair Baroness Sayeeda Warsi and certain quarters of the Conservative Party. He states ‘it’s difficult to come to any other conclusion that they don’t like her because: she’s a woman; she's Asian, and she’s’ a Muslim’. He goes to say of course her critics wouldn’t say that so they use other language such as lack of ‘competence and ability’.

Black Londoners to hold largest Mayoral hustings


In what is likely to be one of the largest Mayoral Hustings during this often acrimonious contest a coalition of Black leaders including church and business leaders, activists, faith group's others will be hosting a rally/hustings to help decide who will be next Mayor for London. Given that BME communities across the capital make up a third of all Londoners if our collective vote could be a deciding factor.

Registering to vote can make a difference



It is important that the Black community register to vote and participates in the May 3rd elections. In many parts of the country, how Black people vote will make a real difference to people’s lives.

In the London Mayoral elections, the Black vote could be decisive –around one third of Londoners are Black. That is literally millions of votes. With the Mayoral elections being closely fought, our vote would decide who runs London.

The backlash of global racism


Racism in the western world is on the rise. Yes there are tracts of academia I could quote you to follow the tiresome conventions justifying and giving credence to such comments, but I’m going to resist that temptation.

Racist Met officers: out of control


It reads like something out of Montgomery Alabama in the 1960s, not here in London in 2011. But what occurred to an innocent Black man picked up by the police raises some deeply worrying questions.

Could Manchester have its first BME MP?


Manchester Central MP, Tony Lloyd’s decision to stand down as the Labour Candidate for the upcoming Police and Crime Commissioner Post will trigger a by-election which is expected to take place later this year.

Following the announcement made last week, the Labour party have been going through the selection process and announced the shortlist. Of particular interest to OBV is Patrick Vernon, who we’ve worked with over the years.

Galloway’s victory: A warning for Black candidates?


There will be a lot of questions asked about the ‘stunning’ victory of Respect leader George Galloway. Some will focus on whether or not he ran a sectarian campaign. Others will point to the main-stream political parties being out of touch with working class communities, Black or white. In all likelihood none of the debates will effectively unpick why a Muslim Labour candidate from the local area lost so spectacularly to a white Scottish candidate from a fringe party.

UK Riot Report 2012: The fire next time...


The report into the causes of the August 2011 disturbances by the Riots Communities and Victims Panel has been published. The report like most of its kind tells us what some of us already knew about the reality of life in some inner-city areas. Racism and the deadening effects of economic exclusion have degraded the quality of life in these areas. The consequences are that whole communities have been left to rot in festering islands of inequality characterized by crime and acute social strains.

Liam Stacey’s racist tweet: does he deserve prison?


The Guardian's Joseph Harker caused a bit of stir in his newspaper yesterday by writing an article about Liam Stacey, who was jailed for 56 days for his racist Tweets towards Bolton Wanderers footballer Fabrice Muamba, who at the time was fighting for his life.

Harker’s central argument was that whilst some might congratulate themselves that this was a victory in the fight against racism by stamping down on the idiot racist trolls, it barely makes a dent in the real fight against institutional racism.

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