Mental health and policing


Government Consultation

The Independent Commission on Mental Health and Policing has today launched a public consultation open to anyone who wants to share their views about mental health and policing in reference to the Metropolitan Police Service in London.

28,748 + support Mary Seacole petition


In just over a week, nearly 30,000 individuals across the UK and a few worldwide have signed the petition to ensure that the great Black Briton Mary Seacole stay on the national Curriculum.

John Coventry from, where the petition is hosted, said:

The numbers and reach of this petition is truly remarkable. What’s fascinating about a petition such as this is that ordinary people are seeking to make their voices heard.

Mary Seacole and the Mis-education of history


On Monday 29 December 2012, just as many in the nation were reflecting on the closing year and hoping that better would come in 2013, the Daily Mail published an article indicating that worse would continue and be compounded. In that article, Jonathan Petre commented on ‘leaked drafts of the new history curriculum to be published in the New Year’ under the headline:

Gove faces war with equality activists as he axes Labour's PC curriculum that dropped greatest figures from history lessons.

Highlights of the article included:

Bradford City FC: Growing new fan base


There was a time when Asians and Black people in general had very good reason to fear if they ventured to a big city football match. Yet, a young Asian female Bradford city fan wearing a hijab was noted to be rather vehemently supporting her club Tuesday night, heckling the opposition as a die-hard supporter might.

It can only be seen as refreshing that despite being in often racialized part of England coupled with ongoing unsavoury stories associated with the beautiful game, there is a bright ray of emerging hope. Why is this particular fan so noteworthy?

We salute Jabeer Butt OBE


Don’t be fooled by the quiet, well mannered tone of Jabeer Butt. In terms of fighting for social and racial justice Butt is a Rottwieler. His international reputation for evidence based interventions in regards to policy is admired as much as it is feared.

For example, with Sukhwant Dhaliwal, he carried out the research for and wrote the award-winning guide to better practice in housing for disabled people, ‘Different Paths ‘.

It is no surprise to those of us who know him that in Queens New Years honours Jabeer was awarded with an OBE.

The world according to Prince Charles


The End of Life as we know it? According not to the Mayans, but to our very own Prince Charles. That is if the first royal born happens to be a girl.

We are in the 21st century, an age rampant with the propagation of feminism, forward thinking and a push for equality with the most renewed and fervent vigour, yet our King in waiting, Prince Charles is failing to keep up with public opinion regarding the gender laws surrounding the Royal succession.

Stuart Lawrence speaks out


As a young Black man, being stopped and searched by the police is seen by many, as just part of growing up. You just accept it. But should we really be accepting this?

Stuart Lawrence, the young brother of murdered Stephen Lawrence has had enough. He told the Daily Mail that he has been stopped and search up to 25 times “for no apparent reason and without any justification”. He believes the police are targeting him simply because of his skin colour, and because of this he has lodged an official complaint.

Open letter to Rt Michael Gove MP



Dear Rt Michael Gove MP

Remember that glorious summer evening when Jessica Ennis, Mo Farah and Greg Rutherford all won Olympic gold medals? It encapsulated multicultural Britain at its very best.

Given the nations collective celebration which included who we are and what we achieved, it is deeply disappointing that you as the Secretary State for Education, is considering removing two Black great Britons - Mary Seacole and Olaudah Equiano - from the schools curriculum.

Black mental health: a public debate


A Parliamentary debate will occur this Thursday to spotlight the unequal treatment of black patients who use mental health services

The public safety implications of the ongoing failings of mental health services in the treatment and care of people from the UK’s African Caribbean communities will be among the issues discussed at a parliamentary debate on disability and BME communities at 11.45am, House of Lords, on Thursday 10th January 2013.

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