Misha B: Too Black for X Factor?


It is without doubt the greatest cliché of the Black British experience. Grandparents told their children, our parents informed us, and now we as the next parental generation owe it to our children to firewall them against the inevitable with those immortal words; ‘Child! If you want to get on in this society you have to better than the rest’.

London Student Protests against cuts and high fees


Last week saw thousands of demonstrators take to the streets of central London to show their opposition to the government austerity measures. The protest was directed against cuts in education funding and rising student tuition fees. Between the students and their supporters, thousands of people participated in the rally, which marched from Russell Square to St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Give more women and ethnic minorities top judiciary jobs, says Lord


The country's second most senior judge has given his support to a new law which could help increase the number of women and ethnic minorities at the top of the judiciary.

Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury believes there is no reason why female or ethnic minority candidates shouldn't be favoured over white men when the two applicants are otherwise equal.

Protest planned outside education conference in London


A row has broken out over an educational conference which will take place in central London tomorrow.

Furious campaigners are set to demonstrate outside the Insitute of Education near Russell Square after accusing the Mayor of London for hijacking a conference which was set up and run by Diane Abbott MP.

They are angry that Boris Johnson has, in their words, hijacked the London Schools and the Black Child (LSBC) conference, which was set up to deal with the increasing problem of educational underachievement in the Black community.

Asian Traders honoured at awards ceremony


There are so many stories about the global economic troubles and how we all face an uncertain future that sometimes we fail to appreciate those who work tirelessly every day and make a contribution to the economy.

But there was a reason to celebrate this week with the annual Asian Trader Awards held in London which highlighted success stories of countless individuals and organisations who have made invaluable contribution to Britain's economy and society.

Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf re-elected as president of Liberia


Africa's first female president Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf has been re-elected as Liberia's president following a landslide victory on Thursday.

Johnson-Sirleaf picked up 90.2 percent of the votes though there have been claims her government was not legitimate because the opposition boycotted the poll.

Opposition leader Winston Tubman had called on his supporters to avoid the presidential runoff on Tuesday and stated he would not accept the outcome of the vote.

Remember the fallen on Armistice Day


As the hour approaches 11am 11th 2011, Armistice Day, the nation will fall silent for two minutes to remember those who have fallen and sacrificed their lives for Britain.

There are some who wish not to observe the silence or wear a poppy but we should remember that many of our brave brothers who fought in the Great Wars and other conflicts, and it should be a moment for us to appreciate their invaluable contribution.

Many soldiers have come together to fight for a common cause regardless of religion, gender or social background.

Lee Jasper on David Goodhart


If David Goodhart wanted to open up a debate about 'New race politics', he certainly achieved that. Although some would argue that it is at best a distraction and worst a ploy that stops us effectively tackling race inequality.

Whatever view you take on the merits of discussing these issues, at the least it does give us a space to articulate why we do what we do.

Here the veteran campaigner Lee Jasper writes an in-depth analytical piece

Herman Cain embroiled in harassment allegations


This past week, the US presidential campaign of African-American Republican candidate Herman Cain came under fire as allegations surfaced that Cain had sexually harassed at least four women during his time as chair of the National Restaurant Association. These claims, which are over a decade old, raised questions about who had leaked the information and the validity of the charges.

The next generation of Black MPs


The launch of the 2011 Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme at the Houses of Parliament will be shown in a special programme tonight on Sangat TV, Sky Channel 847.

The programme, which will begin at 9.30pm, will feature the launch which introduced the 25 Shadows selected to take part in the scheme as well as hearing words of inspiration from OBV director Simon Woolley, Conservative MP Sam Gyimah, Labour MP Sadiq Khan and Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes. Sangat TV's programme also features an interview with David Lammy MP.

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