Stephen Lawrence: Will the Metropolitan Police ever tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?


Recent news that the family and supporters of the Stephen Lawrence campaign were subjected to a covert police intelligence surveillance with a view to criminalising, smearing and undermining the credibility of all those associated with the Lawrence campaign for justice has shocked the nation. That the police could have targeted the Lawrence family in this way is utterly reprehensible and an offence to all decent people.

Dr Julius Garvey to make historic visit to UK


This October will see the first visit to the UK by Dr. Julius Garvey MD to pay tribute to his father Marcus Mosiah Garvey who died in the UK in 1940. Marcus Garvey, who is Jamaica’s First National hero and was a 20th century civil rights icon, was famed for creating the 'Back to Africa' movement in the United States, urging African-Americans to be proud of their race and return to Africa, their ancestral homeland.

Chuka Umunna: Labour’s big hitter backs Windrush Day


Chuka Umunna has spoken of his support for a Windrush Day to honour the Caribbean pioneers who gave birth to multicultural Britain. Labour’s business secretary has joined a growing cross-party campaign, backed by a host of prominent figures, to make 22nd June an annual celebration to recognise the arrival at Tilbury Docks of the SS Empire Windrush in 1948.

The Caribbean global Diaspora


A few weeks ago Jamaica’s junior Minister of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Arnaldo Brown, announced that his Government intends setting up a comprehensive database of its professionals and investors living overseas.

The work will be undertaken in conjunction with the Geneva based inter-governmental body, the International Organization on Migration.

The best of Black Writers’ Festival


Something for the weekend.

An impressive array of international writing talent comes to the Bristol and Bath area this month in a festival which celebrates literature from around the world.

A dozen of the best writers and performance poets from across the African Diaspora will be taking part in the Yardstick Festival in Bristol and Bath libraries from 27th – 30th June.

Windrush day: Celebrating diversity


The 65th Anniversary of the Empire Windrush pulling into Tilbury Docks has sparked a campaign which calls for an annual celebration of our truly multicultural Britain. A petition has been drawn up and within 25 hours is over 3000 strong. Petition organisers such as Patrick Vernon state:

Gove will not break promise on Seacole and Equiano


Over the last few days, there has been much speculation about changes to the draft history curriculum. The Guardian reported that Michael Gove was considering significant changes to curriculum particularly for 7-11 year olds, which critics such as Runnymede trust and Operation Black Vote have argued was too Eurocentric, white and male. Latest plans suggest that the Curriculum will incorporate a world history that is able to sit alongside historical events of both Britain and Europe.

Amol Rajan: Britain’s first BME newspaper editor


Amol Rajan becomes the first person of colour to head up a national newspaper. To acutely understand  what the media generally looks like just walk into a national media newspaper, TV, or radio station and you’ll usually find more BME individuals in the kitchens, as cooks, cleaners or as security staff, than you’ll ever find as journalist, technicians or presenters.

Mau Mau compensation: Can we learn from history?


Yasmin Alibhai  Brown, writing in the Independent last week wrote a compelling argument about who writes our history, and even after the tragic  facts are clear, how the deniers will keep denying. Above Alibhai Brown tells us that unless we are brave enough to tell the whole truth , then history and worse still tragic history has a way of repeating itself.

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