Calls to reopen unsolved racist murder case in Scotland


Unresolved murders give families more pain than just the loss of a loved one. Take the case of Stephen Lawrence as an example.

The fight for justice has taken nearly 19 years and the sentences passed to two men for his racist killing has only been considered as a partial victory as other prime suspects are on the loose. But in the past couple of weeks, listening to the stories of Stephen's parents Doreen and Neville brings home the devastating effect the murder can have on family life.

Anti Islamic Lib Dem Candidate: Dave Stones


In a local by-election to be held this Thursday, local Lib Dem candidate Dave Stones will be allowed to stand by in spite of repeatedly and shockingly anti-Islamic remarks.

Operation Hope and Recovery


The dream is still alive.

There are times when an event takes place that seems at first glance to be modest, small in scale and not hugely significant. In retrospect, history has a way of restoring some perspective to these seemingly insignificant events.

It was a cold Sunday on January 15, the anniversary of the birthday of Dr Marin Luther King. We had stood for most of the day with the Occupy movement at the historic location of St Paul’s, London.

Poverty in Bradford will cause racial tensions


In many ways, the people of Bradford are showing great resilience in the face of some of the worst levels of poverty in the country. But with the prediction that the situation will get worse before it gets better, the possibility of racial tensions rising is very real.

A recent research paper highlighted that more than 35,000 children in Bradford are growing up in poverty.

Martin Luther King Day: The Legacy of the Tuskegee Airmen


Today, the U.S celebrates Martin Luther King Day, a national holiday to commemorate the civil rights leader. To mark the occasion, His Excellency Louis Susman, the American Ambassador, hosted the UK’s premier screening of the film Double Victory at the American Embassy in London.

Operation Trident set to target street gangs?


The Metropolitan police are reported to overhaul Operation Trident to lead an anti-gang initiative in London.

According to the Guardian, Operation Trident, which was set up to tackle gun crime in Black communities, will spearhead a new attack on teenage gangs. Detectives from the specialist unit will be responsible for a new policy against street gangs to combat a rise in youth violence.

Duwayne Brooks: turning adversity into ambition


Duwayne Brooks is only too familiar with the challenges that young Black men face. In the last two decades of his life, he has lost his best friend, Stephen Lawrence, in a racist attack, as well as being demonised with false accusations of rape and being a gang member.

But these episodes in life have not held him back, rather he has used the moments and experiences to forge a career in politics, becoming a Councillor for the Liberal Democrats in the London Borough of Lewisham in 2009.

Why it is right to investigate racism in sport


The Department for Culture, Media and Sport announced last week they were to launch an investigation into racism in football and other sports with the first session set to be held in the first week of March.

The investigation was called for by Steve Rotheram, Labour MP for Liverpool Walton who said that "it would be appropriate for this issue to be looked at by Parliamentarians from all Parties and from different football/sporting and non-sporting allegiances".

He added:

Stop the slide towards a two-tier Parliament


Irrespective of what MPs say and do, the media narrative seems pre-determined: the House of Commons is packed with self-serving charlatans motivated only by a selfish desire to extract more money from the taxpayer for personal financial gain.

It is little wonder that public confidence in our elected representatives remains so low. In such a hostile climate, it is understandable that many MPs are reluctant to correct the storyline for fear of media reprisals. Yet our parliamentary democracy must be defended.

Police stop and search set to be slashed


There has been a mixed reception to The Metropolitan Police Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe's plans of reforming stop and search tactics in London.

Hogan-Howe wants to overhaul the policy in an effort to improve relations with Black and Minority Ethnic communities. There are also plans for Section 60 orders, which permit random stop and searches across wide areas, to be cut in half.

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