Oldham 10 years on - 'The future’s looking good'


The Asian News marked the 10th anniversary of the Oldham riots earlier this year with a series of insightful articles around the disturbances. Happening before 9/11, those disturbances were to transform the way Britain viewed its Muslim communities, and also the way many Muslims viewed themselves.

Seema Malhotra fights for Feltham and Heston seat in by-election


There may be 23 days to Christmas, but there are a few people who will be putting their present shopping lists on hold in west London.

That's because campaigning has begun in Feltham and Heston for the by-election to see who will replace the late Alan Keen as MP. Keen, who was a member of the Labour party, died of cancer last month after being the MP since 1992.

There are nine candidates looking to take the hot seat, which is a Labour stronghold though the Conservatives will need a 4.8 percent swing to take the seat.

Winsome-Grace Cornish receives MBE from the Queen



Yesterday, OBV’s former Communications Director Winsome-Grace Cornish attended a reception at Buckingham Palace to receive an MBE for services to Black and Minority Ethnic communities in London. Named in the Queens Honours List earlier this year, Cornish attended the Investiture Ceremony to formally receive the honour and medal.

Turbanology: Sikhs Unwrapped


For centuries, the turban has bemused other cultures. We haven't exactly understood its necessity and empowering quality to those who wear one. Yet, through the turban, a Sikh feels presence in society and a sense of their place in the wider world.

For those looking to learn more about the Turban and it's important to the Sikh community, a new book has been published entitled Turbanology: Sikhs Unwrapped, which explores the issues of misconceptions about British Sikhs and the beauty of the religious symbol of the Sikh Turban.

Protesters speak out about pension cuts


Almost three million public sector workers went on strike to protest against government cuts and pension reforms on Wednesday. Demonstrations took place all across the country, including a large protest in central London.

Stark raving...Dr David


Ever since the riots blighted the country back country back in August, historian Dr David Starkey has been embroiled in controversy for his comments about the decay in society being caused by Black culture.

More recently, he has been causing more controversy with his views on British culture and what history should be taught in schools. Here, OBV director Simon Woolley and Trevor Phillips, chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission give their views on Dr Starkey.

BFP alliance shows EDL's true colours


According to press reports, the English Defence League (EDL) has formed an alliance with the British Freedom Party (BFP), a breakaway group of the British National Party (BNP) which has an openly fascist agenda.

It was only eighteen months ago that the EDL was making the headlines as an ‘all inclusive’ organisation claiming to have members from various faiths, races and sexual orientation and claiming to be only against ‘militant Islam’.

Public sector strike against pension reform


Almost three million public sector workers are set to strike today in response to government austerity measures and pension reform.

The N30 “Day of Action” is orchestrated by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and will include workers from UNISON, the biggest public sector union which has over 1.3 million members. UNISON voted in favour of striking on November 3 in the biggest trade union ballot ever held.

OBV to address UN conference on the Rights of Minority Women


At the 4th United Nations Conference on minority rights, OBV has been asked to participate and offer some thoughts around political participation.

Over 500 delegates from around the world will bring their stories of inequality, but also wonderful stories of triumph over adversity. High on the agenda will be discussions about the racial prejudice towards Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities. Additionally, perhaps in Latin American countries such as Columbia, perhaps for the first time, there will be a clear acknowledgement of racism towards people of African descent.

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