EDL leader Stephen Lennon spared jail


English Defence League leader Stephen Lennon has received a suspended jail sentence for head butting a fellow member of the group.

Lennon, who pleaded not guilty, received a 12-week sentence suspended for a year at Preston Magistrate Court. He had assaulted his victim shortly after speaking at a rally in Blackburn in April.

Make Bradford British to air on Channel 4


How do you get people who have differences or problems with different communities to tackle their inhibitions and challenge their views of others in society? One way to do so is to throw them in a room together and see what happens.

Well, that is exactly what Channel 4 will be doing in their new programme which will test the boundaries of racial and cultural harmony to see what happens when you bring people who live segregated lives together for the first time.

National Adoption Week 2011


This week is National Adoption Week run by the British Association for Adoption & Fostering (BAAF) and sponsored by 1E to highlight the need for more adoption and fostering placements throughout the UK.

Oldham Riots - how White and Asian residents have moved on


The Asian News marked the 10th anniversary of the Oldham riots earlier this year with a series of insightful articles around the disturbances. Happening before 9/11, those disturbances were to transform the way Britain viewed its Muslim communities, and also the way many Muslims viewed themselves.

Mayor's Black mentoring scheme questioned


Last year summer I reluctantly attended a public meeting held in City Hall by Mayor of London Boris Johnson and his team. The meeting was meant (or so I was told) as an information/consultation meeting to gauge the Black community’s feelings towards the Mayor’s proposed mentoring program. The programs remit was clear; 1000 Black men to mentor 1000 Black boys. Seven London boroughs were chosen by virtue of their Black crime statistics.

Can we end racism in a generation?


UK race equality think tank The Runnymede Trust is currently in the midst of an innovative new project looking at how we can end racism in a generation.

Called Generation 3.0 the project partially focuses on young people three generations on from the post-war migration of the 1940s and 50s, as well as on creating spaces for older and younger people to come together to share their experiences and views on how to end racism.

OBV Black History Month competition winner


OBV would like to congratulate Maurice Price who was the winner of our Black History Month book competition.

Mr Price wins a signed copy of Remi Kapo's Reap the Forgotten Harvest, labelled as one of the greatest novels of slavery which covered all aspects of life on a slave ship.

Mr Price gave the correct answer to the first question of what is an Astrolabe, which is a navigation instrument to work out the position of a ship at sea. He also gave his hero from the slave trade period, writing about John Newton, the writer of Amazing Grace.

David Goodhart: More dangerous than Nick Griffin?


Founder of Prospect Magazine criticised.

Whether you are Black or White most people know what the BNP Leader Nick Griffin stands for. The fascist boot boys that follow him around, along with his own putrid rhetoric, ‘ Sink those ships full of Africans that try to come to Europe’, ensures that Griffin is about as transparent and as honest, in his rabid racism as he could possibly be.

Ahmed Sule : The prevalence of racism


Very often, racially inflammatory comments are made in the British press against the Black community. Despite the outrage that often occurs after these comments are made, these racially offensive comments still persist. The prevalence of these attacks in the British media are starkly illustrated in two famous race rows; David Starkey's comment on 'the Whites are becoming Blacks' and Shilpa Shetty's race row in Celebrity Big Brother.

Occupy London protests


For over two weeks, protestors have set up camp outside St Paul's Cathedral, London as part of the "Occupy London" movement. London is just one of a number of cities around the world to be "occupied" with similar protests taking place across 951 cities in 82 countries.

The movement emphasises the flaws of capitalism and a turn towards global democracy. The protesters also support ending corporate greed, respecting the earth, and moving towards socialism, which they believe will give everyone a better future and life.

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