Deportation deaths: Jimmy Mubenga family still wait for justice


A year is a long time to wait for justice but that is exactly what the family of an Anoglan man have endured as they hope for answers behind his death.

It was on October 12 2010 that Jimmy Mubenga dies after he was allegedly restrained by three G4s security guards during an attempt to deport him to Angola from Heathrow airport.

Witnesses claimed that Mubenga repeatedly complained of not being able to breathe shortly before he collapsed. The three guards in question were arrested on suspicion of murder and have been bailed by police until December.

£1 million damages for ex-officer Sultan Alam


Many Black people will wonder whether or not racism is rife in our Northern police forces. It was just a few months ago that two officers were cleared of criminal wrong doing, which more than anything highlighted a level or racial discrimination and persecution, the likes of which we thought had disappeared in the 1980’s.

Oldham Riots - Togetherness is key to a better future


The Asian News marked the 10th anniversary of the Oldham riots earlier this year with a series of insightful articles around the disturbances. Happening before 9/11, those disturbances were to transform the way Britain viewed its Muslim communities, and also the way many Muslims viewed themselves.

Black Britannia Exhibition: Celebrating Black Britons


The saying goes "A picture is worth a thousand words" and when it comes to the BME community, especially in the media, it can often portray a negative stereotype which can shape thoughts in people's minds.

But any challenge to the preconceived ideas we have about a certain community in this country is a welcome, especially during Black history month, which is supposed to celebrate the positive and progressive aspects of Black culture and the contributions made in Britain and the wider world.

Beverley De-Gale recognised for ACLT campaign


IT has been a long and tireless fight for Beverley De-Gale in her quest to get more people from the Black, mixed raced and minority ethnic communities to become blood and bone marrow donors.

De-Gale is the co-founder of the African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust (ACLT) along with partner Orin Lewis back in 1996 and fifteen years later, it has been a driving force in increasing the number of people from the BME community on the UK bone marrow and blood donation registers.

Rabinder Singh QC sworn in as High Court judge


Britain's first Sikh judge of the High Court was sworn in at the Royal Courts of Justice this week.

Rabinder Singh QC becomes the first Asian and only the second lawyer from a Black and Minority Ethnic background to be promoted to the High Court. The 47-year-old follows in the footsteps of Dame Linda Dobbs, who has been a High Court judge since 2004.

Shabana Mahmood appointed shadow minister for Business, Innovation and Skills


Labour leader Ed Miliband's recent shadow cabinet reshuffle was a signal of his intent to bring new life into the party and move with the times.

The 27-member shadow cabinet is now made up of 13 women and a number of MPs who were only elected into office at the 2010 general elections.

One of the progressive moves was installing Chuka Umunna, often labelled as Britain's Barack Obama and a potential future leader of the country, as Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS).

Hip Hop Black Scientists & Inventors


For some Hip Hop is all about suggestive lyrics, blinged up rappers and explicit videos. But for others, Hip Hop is a movement which has elements which celebrate Black culture and pay homage to individuals from the past who have paved the way as inventors and pioneers.

So what is the relationship between Hip Hop and Black Inventors? Michael Williams, who co-authored the Black Scientists & Inventors series, is set to host an evening exploring this theme, looking at the five elements which make up Hip Hop cultures and their relationship with inventions and inventors.

Dr Rami Ranger honoured at World Sikh Awards


He started his first business in 1987 with just two quid in his pocket but today Dr Rami Ranger MBE overlooks an empire with an annual turnover of £120 million.

Most influential Black person?


Someone at the London Mayor’s office and the Metro newspaper wanted to be positive about Black history month. Hat’s off for that. But the way they have gone about it, unless there is something we cannot see, is so bewildering that it almost undermines the project. Almost.

Asking the public to vote for the most influential Black person, and then putting the USA President Barack Obama alongside Kwasi Kwateng MP or Oprah Winfrey along with BBC Radio Five Live presenter Dotun Adebayo just doesn’t make sense.

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