Duggan police evidence flatly contradicted


It must have been a dramatic moment at the High Court during the inquest into the death of Mark Duggan when an eye witness -only known as Miss J- gave evidence in regards to the immediate aftermath of the Mark Duggan’s shooting.

On Tuesday the officer who shot Duggan swore on oath that Duggan had taken the gun and raised his arm in a manner that would indicate he was going to fire the gun.

Can we really trust the police?


What do a former Government Cabinet member Andrew Mitchell and a London gang member, Mark Duggan have in common? Answer: On the same day officers of the Metropolitan police have been accused of collective fabricating, lying and tampering with evidence against both individuals.

Mark Duggan having been shot dead by a Met office clearly has no voice in regards to the last minutes of his life. However, the evidence against the Met is so damning, so alarming that Black people in particular will have even less confidence in our police force than before.

Movement against xenophobia



It is with alarm that we are witnessing the development of increasing hostility, xenophobia, discrimination and intolerance towards immigrants.

We are gravely concerned at the tone of public discussion about immigration which is contributing to a climate of hostility and fear. Government, the Opposition and other political parties are directly participating in a race to the bottom in this regard.

Daniel Kaluuya sues Met


Being a movie star and award winning actor is no protection from the police activity which many describe as racial profiling. To the Metropolitan police, Daniel Kaluuya 24,who appeared in the hit movie 'Johnny English Reborn' and the teen drama 'Skins' , he was just another Black man who too often is seen as guilty until they can prove their innocence.

However, so traumatic was Daniel's interaction with the police that he has decided to sue the Met.

Labour oust Diane Abbott MP


Britain’s longest serving Black MP has been sacked as a Shadow Cabinet member. In a move that shocked many in the Black community, Abbott was told she was no longer wanted on Labour’s front bench.

Abbott left with her dignity intact stating that she had enjoyed her role, but would now concentrate on her constituency.

But many will wonder about what signal this sends out to Britain’s Black voters as the parties prepare for the 2015 General Election.

Cameron’s reshuffle: Diversity works


We are two years away from the next general election, but David Cameron’s Cabinet reshuffle is an early sign of his intent. Cameron has made an attempt at diversity, shaking off criticisms of only promoting white, middle class males from the south.

There were only a few alterations in Cabinet, but there were more significant changes among the junior ministers in what Grant Shapps called “a reshuffle for hardworking people”. BME MP’s have made significant gains in Cameron’s reshuffle.

Tommy Robinson quits EDL


Having created an organisation of racial and religious hatred, Tommy Robinson and his co-founder Kevin Carroll, have decided to leave the English Defense League citing that the organization has become too extreme.

Many reading this news will quite rightly be suspicious and skeptical. After all, it was only a few months ago when Robinson and Carroll were seeking to make allies across Europe with Far Right groups even more extreme and violent than some of their own thuggish supporters here in the UK.

Pamela Roberts: Black Oxford


Oxford is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Its alumni can be found at the top of most fields; this includes educating 26 British Prime Ministers and many more heads of states from other countries.

Lampedusa: We pray for the African dead


Our imagination cannot stretch to the fear and horror that the deceased Africans and those who survived must have endured during the capsizing of the boat carrying nearly 500 migrants from Africa to the Italian island of Lampedusa.

Italian officials estimate that the death toll will be close to 300 including women and children.

Dr Garvey: ‘Racist right wing close down US Gov’


The son of Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Dr Julius Garvey made an impassioned speech at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office earlier this week. He said:

Some Republicans hate President Barack Obama so much they are content that ordinary people will go without pay. The racist Right wing - The Tea Party - will shut down the Government in a bid to the President and his Health Care Bill.”

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