Promise Campbell: A promising future


A top class Cambridge graduate, who has done it all on her own terms.

As far as inspiring BME women go, Promise Campbell is arguably at the top of her class. At only 22 years of age, this young woman has literally fought against the odds to be where she is now. Currently Campbell works in the House of Lords as the Parliamentary Assistant of Baroness Young of Hornsey, a Crossbench Peer with a reputation for fighting strongly on equalities issues.

Salute: The Movie


Imagine you are one of the fastest men on the planet you’ve just won the Olympic gold medal at 200 meters and fame, fortune and the easier life beckon. This is what Tommie Smith confronted in his once in a lifetime moment of glory.

Yet, he and fellow American John Carlos chose another path. Standing on the podium as the flash bulbs flashed, Smith and Carlos bowed their heads and raised the black gloved fist in a silent protest. They used their moment of glory not for themselves but to highlight racial and social injustice in an America and beyond.

Rodney King: The beating that shocked the world


Rodney King, the man whose senseless victimisation triggered the Los Angeles riots of 1992 was pronounced dead on June 17th 2012, 5.25am at his home in California. King’s death has been met with widespread sorrow, with many celebrities and activists coming forward to express their condolences.

King became a national figure, a name synonymous in American race relations after his brutal attack on March 3rd 1991, where he was beaten 55 times and suffered 11 skull fractures, a broken eye socket and facial nerve damage at the hands of four policemen.

Police Commissioners: Dhanda and Batson?


Rupi Dhanda and Sherma Batson have both been selected to stand as regional Police Chiefs by the Labour Party. The Party selected 42 candidates to stand in the forth coming elections to elect the country's first newly elected Police and Crime Commissioners.

Rupi Dhanda a lawyer and wife of former Gloucester MP Parmjit will lead Labour's fight for the role in Gloucestershre. She said:

Olivia Boland reflects on the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee



OBV MP Shadowing Scheme Graduate Olivia Boland, Chair of the Suffolk Chinese Family Welfare Association was invited to the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Sandringham Garden Party last week and shares her experience of this unique occasion.

Congratulations to Paul Elliott CBE


Former Chelsea midfielder Paul Elliott has received the highest honour of any footballer during the modern premier league era.

In the Queens Jubilee honours list, Elliott received a CBE for his work in tackling racism in football and other services to the game.

Father’s Day Vigil - Sunday 17th June


This Sunday, many families across the country will gather together to celebrate Father’s Day. I myself, will be seeing my father, who undoubtedly holds a cherished place in my heart, but whilst I celebrate the valuable role my father has in my life,  there are many other families who will be gathering to remember the life of a loved one, ripped from their lives  Taking place around the country on the same date and at the same time, a number of peaceful vigils will be held in remembrance of fathers that have died in various forms of state custody.

Gang of Four: 25 years since their election, has change occurred?


1987 was a pivotal year for Black and Asian equality in British politics. Four MPs: Diane Abbott, Paul Boateng, Keith Vaz and Bernie Grant were elected by their distinctive constituencies to represent them in the House of Commons. Their importance cannot be underestimated for two reasons.

Firstly, before 1987, there had only ever been 4 non-white MPs throughout Britain’s parliamentary history. They were: Dadabhai Naoroji, Mancherjhee Bhrownagree, Shapurji Saklatvala and Jonathan Sayeed, elected on separate occasions spanning a period of nearly 100 years.

‘Jamaica 50’ Exhibition: We are more than Rum, Roti and Rasta


August 6th commemorates the day Jamaica won its independence. However, this August there is an even greater furore as the island readies itself for its 50th birthday. All around the world, many Jamaicans are in preparation to showcase the many achievements the nation has. None more so obvious than the ‘Jamaica 50’ exhibition opening at the Community Gallery at Birmingham Museums which started on the 26th May and is due to end on the 30th September 2012.

Life after prison: BTEG conference


Britain has some of the worst rates for reoffending amongst western European countries.

Around 70% of offenders reoffend within 2 years of release and the rates for young offenders are around 90%. The Coalition has placed a great emphasis on employment as a critical aspect of the support package offenders need to go straight.

However for BAME offenders, the double hit of their over representation in the prison system and amongst the unemployed can make their task in leading lives away from crime that much harder.

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