Proof Multiculturalism works


It seems that Prime minister David Cameron was wrong to say that multiculturalism is failing - especially when it comes to the English language.

It turns out that kids from an Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) background speak English better than their white counterparts from low income families.

England's school commissioner Liz Sidwell, who was brought in by Michael Gove to tackle underperforming schools, fears the white working class in coastal and seaside towns are posing one of the greatest challenges to education reforms.

Barbara Lindsay is European Diversity Awards winner


Senior Policy Advisor and community campaigner Barbara Lindsay MBE last night succeeded against the odds to become the European Diversity campaigner of the year.

At a lavish event at the Savoy Hotel in London last night, Barbara beat off her rivals to take the coveted crown.

Speaking exclusively to OBV, Barbara said,

"I nearly didn't go to the awards. I knew I was nominated but I never thought I would win, particularly as the competition was so strong."

The Oldham Riots - 10 years on


The Asian News marked the 10th anniversary of the Oldham riots earlier this year with a series of insightful articles around the disturbances. Even before 9/11, those disturbances back then were to transform the way Britain viewed its Muslim communities, and also the way many Muslims viewed themselves.

Human Trafficking of African footballers


The issue of human trafficking of African footballers into Europe is the focus of a film which will be screened at a festival next week.

Soka Afrika documents the lives of two young African men, one from South Africa, the other from Cameroon, who take different path in pursuit of their dreams of becoming professional footballers. The story that unfolds reveals the struggle that is life in much of Africa and demonstrates how football is a vital lifeline to which many desperately cling.

Stop and Account


A number of police forces, especially those that target the Black community, will no longer record the race of those stopped under Stop and Account.

Five of the 10 forces most likely to stop Black people under the power don't record the ethnicity of those stopped under the powers. Stop and Account allows the police to stop anyone in a public place and ask individuals to account for your actions, behaviour, presence in an area or possession of anything. Those stopped do not have to give personal information.

Jenny Steele and Kouame Kouakou - 'Rising stars'


Here at OBV, one of the aims is to help people gain knowledge and get engaged in the political process as well as take an active role in their communities.

One of OBV's initiatives, the Lewisham Civic Leadership programme is designed to nurture the next generation of leaders in the south London borough.

Consequences - Breaking the negative cycle


His book has been described as a guide to understand gang culture and ways in which to combat it in a progressive manner - so does Emeka Egbuonu have the answers to solve Britain's problems with gangs?

Egbuonu is a community and anti-gang worker in Hackney and based at the Crib youth project designed to engage with youngsters from the area and empower them with positive thoughts and have ambition.

Bursaries available for aspiring journalists


Aspiring journalists with a passion for telling a good story, relish deadlines and have a desire to report on the issues which reflect their communities are being encouraged to apply for bursaries from the Journalism Diversity Fund.

Dale Farm: Olivia's Story


Much of the media would have us believe that those individuals supporting the Dale Farm travellers from eviction are either ‘rent a mob’ anarchists or trouble makers.

OBV alumni Olivia Boland, like many other activists driven by desire to see justice, dispel that myth. Olivia took part in OBV’s first MP shadowing scheme. A Conservative by nature, she shadowed former Health Minister John Gummer.

This is her story about her time at Dale Farm.

Allah Made Me Funny


Heard the one about the three Muslims intent on taking over the world?

Unfortunately for the English Defence League and other preachers of hate, this trio has no interest in causing trouble or engaging in street battles. Rather three American comedians - Preacher Moss, Usman Azhar and Mohammed Aamer - are part of the Allah Made Me Funny - an official Muslim comedy tour who are on a mission to break down social barriers and remove religious prejudices by using the power of comedy as a vehicle of peace.

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