Mandela: We must do more than pray for him


We need legacy.

I’m sure by now that every news agency in the world has its obituary already written, ready for the sad day when Nelson –Madiba-Mandela passes away.

Many of us held our breadth over the weekend, willing and praying that our African hero survives another health scare. As the days go by and the news is slightly promising we are probably quick to return to our day to day lives.

Di Canio: ‘I’m not a racist , I’m a fascist’


Just when you thought the Premier League was beginning to get its act together from last year's catalogue of high profile racial incidents, Sunderland FC appoint Paulo Di Canio, a self proclaimed fascist. The fascism to which Di Canio refers to was the Benito Mussolini type, which together with Adolf Hilter murderously brought the world to its knees with more 60 million deaths and the extermination of more than six million Jews. The Sunderland board suggested that former Vice Chair David Miliband, who is Jewish, was politically posturing by resigning his post.

‘Racist Attack’ on fire-fighter IPCC says



The Independent Police Complaints Commission has rejected the police’s report into the stun gunning of Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, a Black fire-fighter. Mr Kennedy-Macfoy, 29, was off-duty when he saw a young man hurl a rock at the police van. He then approached officers (in his car) to help identify the young man, when the group of officers turned on him believing he was the suspect because of his skin colour.

More than a Fly on the Great Wall



World's female politicians inspire British women


There is a collective assumption in the West that on this side of the globe we lead the way when it comes to female representation in politics. Britain achieved universal suffrage in the 1920s, elected the first female prime minister in the 1970s, and since then women have taken their rightful place at the heart of public life.

PM – Fear and loathing of the immigrant


If there is one phrase word to describe David Cameron’s immigration speech on Monday it is ‘fear of the other’. He set out to show the ‘concerned’ public that he wanted to get ‘tough on immigration’, and that it is time to have a ‘sensible debate’ about immigration and some of the ‘coercive’ effects it has on public services and the changing demographic make-up of the UK.

City of London Police - We want you


The City of London Corporation is currently looking to appoint 2 external members to its Police Committee. The City of London Police is responsible for safety in the City of London, the Square Mile. There are about 8,000 residents in the City although this number is swelled daily by an influx of some 350,000 commuters, as well as people travelling through and visitors.

The Remarkable Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin


This year OBV celebrates International Women’s Day, taking the month of March to shine the spotlight on some remarkable women and their achievements. This article focuses on Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin.

Anti-immigration policies damage economic growth


Olivia Boland, Chair of the Suffolk Chinese Family Welfare Association and graduate of OBV’s MP Shadowing Scheme believes that the UK’s anti-immigrant policies towards Chinese tourists is not only xenophobic, but detrimental to our economic growth.

There is an easy, fast way to generate jobs in the UK - that is to stop the UK Border Agency (UKBA) shutting Chinese tourists out of Britain.

Generation next in society


School governors, councillors, magistrates and MPs of tomorrow were in the spotlight at the launch of a unique civic leadership programme which encourages those from ethnic minority backgrounds to step forward and have a stake in their own community.

The unique scheme, organised by Operation Black Vote (OBV) and the Barrow Cadbury Trust, has selected 40 dynamic BME individuals from across Birmingham and Wolverhampton who are keen to develop a public role.

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