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The Voice newspaper this week featured an article about OBV and the Cabinet Office's national voter registration project. 

“The challenges for our community have never been greater,"  says OBV chief

Written by Poppy Brady
28/01/2013, The Voice

Alok Sharma MP: Ethnic monitoring good for business



The Conservative Party doesn't do quotas, affirmative action, or positive discrimination. Their mantra is that any form of discrimination is wrong. Sadly, not countering one with another leaves the discriminatory ‘Old boys’ network, public school/Oxbridge fraternities, and institutional bias in the public and private sector in tact, holding back huge sways of talent.

Adam Afriyie: The man who would be…PM


Forget about UKIP leader Nigel Farage, or even the darling of the Conservative Right, Mayor Boris Johnson, it is the Conservative’s first MP of African descent Adam Afriyie, who has been tipped by conspirators to topple David Cameron.

Whether or not this is wild speculation or a serious manoeuvre to dislodge the PM, one thing is for sure it is the first time in British history that a Black person has been talked about as Prime Minister in this way.

Colleen Brown: Pumpkin Soup for the Soul


OBV speaks exclusively to Colleen Brown, Theatre Producer, Unemployment Counsellor, School Governor and OBV graduate. Brown tell us about her new play ‘Pumpkin Soup for the Soul’ and shares her courageous journey to get there.

Colleen Brown was first introduced to OBV in 2009 when she was selected for the Lewisham Civic Leadership Programme. She didn’t know it at the time, but being part of the project would prove to be a life changing decision.

University of Arts, London: Driving Black success


Under the stewardship of Aisha Richards, Mark Crawley- Dean of Students- and his senior team, there is a quite revolution being undertaken at the University of Arts in London.

They are, perhaps, one of the first universities in the country which has not only undertaken a comprehensive study that outlines clear race inequality in the assessment of Black students, but has also engaged in a public, student and staff debate about how to best tackle this particular challenge.

Baroness Warsi: Islamophobia is bad for Britain


The 2011 Demos report found that 83% of Muslims were proud to be British compared to 79% of the national average. This makes British Muslims one of the most patriotic groups within British society, yet despite this, negative perception of British Muslims is increasing.

Lib Dems and Race Equality: What’s going on?


It wasn’t so many years ago when it seemed that the Liberal Democrats were the loudest cheerleaders when it came to tackling race equality. Not so anymore. Reports in the Guardian and Lib Dem websites have highlighted the fact that an internal report commissioned by the Leader Nick Clegg has been rejected, leaving many in the party feeling their efforts and views are just not wanted.

This is a great shame on many levels. Just over a year ago, Nick Clegg as Deputy Prime Minister stated:

We must tackle racism with an iron fist’

Myrlie Evers-Williams introduces the President


Over here in the UK many Black people may not have heard about Myrlie Evers-Williams. This week she was catapulted into the global spotlight by introducing the President of the United States, Barak Obama for his Presidential inauguration.

How democracy shoots itself in the foot?



In Britain and much of the western world, we are taught that democracy is ‘good’ and that other forms of government (totalitarian, dictatorship) are ‘bad’.

Democracy is often heralded as the height of human civilisation, born from a system of governance “by the people, for the people” which is the epitome of impartiality, justice and equality. However, whilst this propagates free speech and protects the rights of all, it is also, fundamentally, its own fatal flaw.

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