Jonathan Malia: Another Black man dies in custody


Jonathan Andel Malia is the latest in a long line of black men to die in custody. While by no means an exclusively black issue, these cases have highlighted the problems faced by detained black men – particularly those held in the mental health system. It is now common knowledge that black people are subject to detention under the Mental Health Act in far greater numbers than their white counterparts, even though there isn’t a higher prevalence of mental illness within this group.

OBV to train Tower Hamlet’s Community Champions


In the weeks and months ahead OBV will help train Tower Hamlet’s Community Champions. At present Tower Hamlet’s Council are recruiting for volunteer Community Champions who have a passion and pride in their local area .

A number of individuals from each of the 17 wards in the borough will be chosen to bring ideas, which will support, develop and tackle community issues.

Michael Gove, please listen: in adoption race matters!


Today there will be another extremely important debate in the House of Commons in regard to the adoption process: There is a Bill being put forward, which seeks to remove the importance of race, religion and ethnicity to the adoption process.

Majority Black AC Milan make history


Last night in the cauldron of the San Siro stadium of AC Milan, something very historic occurred which could have far reaching effects way beyond the football's global spotlight.

That Barcelona FC, the greatest football team ever assembled, were categorically beaten was news worthy in of itself. The Milianese fans like the rest of the football world were almost resigned to the fact that the team would lose, but hopefully not by much. In football if you can’t win, and not many do against Barca, you try to keep the score down to a respectfully level.

Pistorious: Black South Africa stands accused too


The Oscar Pistorious murder trial of Reeva Steenkamp is probably the biggest story around the world today. London’s 2012 Olympic games catapulted Pistorious, known as the Blade Runner, to worldwide fame. Perhaps of all the Olympians who participated at the London Games at a global level, Pistorious probably comes second only behind Usain Bolt.

Which is why there is a such a massive interest as this tragic story unfolds. One fact remains however, that a young woman with her whole life to look forward to was shot dead by her boyfriend.

Good Immigrant, Bad Immigrant. Racial politics in Cameron’s Britain?


Prime Minister David Cameron is currently in India, reportedly ‘winning over’ Indian students and attracting Indian businesses towards the UK. Accompanied by ten UK Parliamentarians of Indian heritage, Cameron has recognised India’s economic ascent – soon to be the world’s third biggest economy and ‘hopes’ that Britain will be its preferred trading partner.

Frederick Douglass: Blue Plaque Unveiling


Today at 12pm, a blue heritage plaque will be unveiled in South Kensington to honour the American Social reformer and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. Douglass was an important actor in the abolition of slavery and was the first African American to receive a nomination for the presidency of the US.

The plaque will be unveiled on Nell Gwynn House, Whiteheads Grove, South Kensington, SW3 3AX which is the site of the former home of British abolitionist George Thompson, who Douglass stayed with for a time in 1846, while lecturing in London on the horrors of the slave trade.

Cambridge University invites Marine Le Pen. Disgrace!


What is it with Oxbridge Universities courting controversy by inviting political unsavoury characters because they can?

Hiding behind the facade of ‘free speech’ Cambridge University are once again self-promoting at the expense of fuelling and legitimising xenophobic and fascist politics. This time its Marine Le Pen, Leader of the Nation Front in France. One imagines that one of the most prestigious Universities in the world feels it was out done by its arch rival Oxford, who last year invited BNP leader Nick Griffin to its debating chamber.

PM in India: The value of Indian UK MPs


Ten UK parliamentarians from Indian heritage have underpinned the Prime Minister’s largest overseas business delegation in recent years. David Cameron has taken six Peers and four MPs, and 100 top British companies to India as part of a three day visit to enhance trade links.

Making a speech in Mumbai on the first day of his historic trade visit, the PM said that India would soon be the 3rd largest economy in the world, and he hoped that the UK would be its preferred business partner.

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