Misha B is a superstar!


OBV's Director Simon Woolley argues that the X Factor is a racial barometer for equality in the UK.

I’m so pleased I was out of the country and missed Misha B being voted off the X Factor, which incidentally, I won’t be watching anytime soon.

Public sector strikers speak out


Millions of public sector workers went on strike last Wednesday in response to the Government's austerity measures and pension reform.

The N30 Day of action was orchestrated by the Trade Union Congress (TUC) and included workers from UNISON, the biggest public sector union.

OBV interns Arita Pecaka, Oksana Trofimenko and Danny Mucinskas travelled to Holborn where the strikers had gathered before their march in central London to hear from the protestors about why they chose to come to the events and how they felt about pension reform.

Black actors on the English stage: Onwards and Upwards!


The National Theatre held a discussion on the identity of the modern Black and non-white voice in British theatre back in October, hosted by Paterson Joseph. On the panel was actor Asif Khan, the actress Ellen Thomas, and the actor and director Don Warrington. Together, they represented several generations of actors.

Wembley Stadium to host Muslim women sports awards


Muslim women in Britain don't always get positive coverage in the news.

But one pioneering organisation which has been attempting to motivate the Muslim community to get more active and involved is hoping to highlight positivity and progression.

The Muslim Women's Sports Foundation (MWSF) celebrated a decade of leading the way in encouraging, supporting and developing the involvement in physical activity of women from BME communities, particularly focusing on the cultural and religious sensitivities of Muslim women.

Lord Dholakia’s rise to politics via the pub


His first visit to a pub was the unlikely starting point for Lord Navnit Dholakia's political career.

Mistrust of police blamed for August riots


The ambience of the summer was disturbed by four consecutive days of rioting in London and other parts of England which blighted the city in early August. The reasons behind the troubles are still being talked about today, with everyone sharing an opinion about why people decided to smash up and burn businesses and properties.

"Cardiff Three" officers' corruption trial collapses


The collapse of Britain's biggest police corruption trial yesterday has been described as a 'dark shadow upon the justice system'.

Eight former police officers along with two other people were cleared of perverting the course of justice at Swansea Crown Court after the wrongful conviction of three men for the murder of prostitute Lynette White. The judge ruled the officers could not get a fair trial, bringing to an end 10 years of investigation which cost millions of pounds.

Oldham 10 years on - 'The future’s looking good'


The Asian News marked the 10th anniversary of the Oldham riots earlier this year with a series of insightful articles around the disturbances. Happening before 9/11, those disturbances were to transform the way Britain viewed its Muslim communities, and also the way many Muslims viewed themselves.

Seema Malhotra fights for Feltham and Heston seat in by-election


There may be 23 days to Christmas, but there are a few people who will be putting their present shopping lists on hold in west London.

That's because campaigning has begun in Feltham and Heston for the by-election to see who will replace the late Alan Keen as MP. Keen, who was a member of the Labour party, died of cancer last month after being the MP since 1992.

There are nine candidates looking to take the hot seat, which is a Labour stronghold though the Conservatives will need a 4.8 percent swing to take the seat.

Winsome-Grace Cornish receives MBE from the Queen



Yesterday, OBV’s former Communications Director Winsome-Grace Cornish attended a reception at Buckingham Palace to receive an MBE for services to Black and Minority Ethnic communities in London. Named in the Queens Honours List earlier this year, Cornish attended the Investiture Ceremony to formally receive the honour and medal.

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