The link between EDL and UKIP: Hate!


If we needed proof about the symbiotic relationship between Far Right extremism and Right wing parties which feed on bigotry and intolerance, we need look no further than English Defence Leagues statement: ‘Let’s support UKIP’

The band of thugs and bigots that is EDL is urging that ‘all nationalist parties should stand aside in areas that Ukip have a good chance of winning’.

Councillor Natalie Nicholas - How DOES she do it all?


Although International Women's Month have finsihed, we at OBV continue to celebrate exceptional women. OBV speak exclusively to Councillor Natalie Nicholas from Picton Ward, a young mother and full time nurse, who is injecting new impetus from a BME perspective into Liverpudlian politics as one of only three minority members.

Riaz Khan: From gang member to writer


A FORMER gang member has revealed how the Hillsbrough stadium disaster made him turn his back on football violence.

Riaz Khan has written a new book called Khan – Memoirs of an Asian Football Casual on his six years in the notorious Leicester Baby Squad.

The 47-year-old, whose brother Yusuf was also in the gang, was arrested twice and spent time in jail after a brawl at a match.

Khan (holding dog) revealed the 1989 Hillsborough tragedy, where 96 fans were crushed to death, was the turning point for leaving the gang.

The Importance of the Black Vote


On Friday April 12th 2013, Black and Minority Ethnic Arts Network (BEMA) will host ‘The Importance of the Black Vote’ event in partnership with Hackney Unites, Operation Black Vote & LB Hackney Library Service. OBV caught up with BEMA’s chief officer Ngoma Bishop to find out why this event is so important.

Brazil: The cost of being Black and poor


Studying Latin American politics in the early 90’s at Middlesex University was perhaps the trigger that urged me to political activism here in the UK.

Mandela: We must do more than pray for him


We need legacy.

I’m sure by now that every news agency in the world has its obituary already written, ready for the sad day when Nelson –Madiba-Mandela passes away.

Many of us held our breadth over the weekend, willing and praying that our African hero survives another health scare. As the days go by and the news is slightly promising we are probably quick to return to our day to day lives.

Di Canio: ‘I’m not a racist , I’m a fascist’


Just when you thought the Premier League was beginning to get its act together from last year's catalogue of high profile racial incidents, Sunderland FC appoint Paulo Di Canio, a self proclaimed fascist. The fascism to which Di Canio refers to was the Benito Mussolini type, which together with Adolf Hilter murderously brought the world to its knees with more 60 million deaths and the extermination of more than six million Jews. The Sunderland board suggested that former Vice Chair David Miliband, who is Jewish, was politically posturing by resigning his post.

‘Racist Attack’ on fire-fighter IPCC says



The Independent Police Complaints Commission has rejected the police’s report into the stun gunning of Edric Kennedy-Macfoy, a Black fire-fighter. Mr Kennedy-Macfoy, 29, was off-duty when he saw a young man hurl a rock at the police van. He then approached officers (in his car) to help identify the young man, when the group of officers turned on him believing he was the suspect because of his skin colour.

More than a Fly on the Great Wall



World's female politicians inspire British women


There is a collective assumption in the West that on this side of the globe we lead the way when it comes to female representation in politics. Britain achieved universal suffrage in the 1920s, elected the first female prime minister in the 1970s, and since then women have taken their rightful place at the heart of public life.

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