Woolwich murder: This ‘Bloody Hell’ won’t divide us!


The barbaric image of a blood dripping sadistic killer who is both Black and Muslim is beamed around the world this morning. For some, white society’s worst nightmare. The simplistic imagery couldn’t be worse for the Black and Muslim community. The atrocity is truly shocking, the unbearable pain for the victim’s family, friends and colleagues. To call this man a Muslim is an insult to the religion of Islam. Sadly, he and his murderous accomplice proclaimed the heinous crime in the name of Islam.

In memory of Ron Cushnie: The people's champion



Yesterday evening at the Stephen Lawrence centre the sun briefly came out as Doreen Lawrence unveiled the Nubian Jak blue plaque in memory of her son.

There were a number of tributes, not least by Lewisham Mayor Sir Steve Bullock and Stephen’s local Pastor Reverend Cruise. Chair of the Trust, Symon Sentain said that,

African Women’s Achievements Awards


The contribution of African women to society is significant, but often goes unnoticed. Political heavyweights include Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia’s first female president and Kenya’s environmental activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner the late Dr Wangari Maathai.

These women have impacted society at a national and global level and have inspired many other women to emulate their success, such as Wolverhampton based Karyne Tazi who founded the African Women of Substance charity.

Apartheid Brighton?


A damning report has accused Brighton and Hove City Council of racism. The report which was commissioned by the Council, stated that many job applications were ignored if the applicant had a ‘foreign’ sounding name.

Blue Plaque unveiling in tribute to Stephen Lawrence



Today a blue plaque will be unveiled in tribute to the memory of Stephen Lawrence.

In this 20th anniversary year since his murder, the Nubian Jak Community Trust in partnership with the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust and the Luton African Caribbean Community Development Forum, will hold the special ceremony.

Mother of Stephen Lawrence, Doreen Lawrence said:

10th London Schools and the Black Child Conference


Back by popular demand...

“ Dear friends,

Ex MP Dhanda: Pig's head left outside home



One of Britain’s most prominent Sikh politicians, former Labour MP Parmjit Dhanda told a Parliamentary inquiry into racism during elections, that a pig’s head was left outside his home during one election campaign.

Sean Rigg police reporting: "implausible and improbable"


The family of Sean Rigg is a step closer to finding some truth in regard to Sean’s death in police custody back in 2008.

How Mary Seacole Opened My Eyes to the Power of the Web


On New Years Eve I was called by BBC's Radio 4 news programme to comment on the Government's plans to drop the great Black Victorian Mary Seacole from the National Curriculum. The Jamaican Mary Seacole became an heroine when she travelled over 4,000 miles to nurse and attend sick British soldiers in the Crimea during the Crimean War. During her life her exploits were revered, by royalty, the military elite and thousands of ordinary citizens. More than 100 years later, tens of thousands of school children view Seacole as a wonderful role model.

Mental health and the police


An independent report has found that the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) must improve its response to mental health to reduce the likelihood of deaths or serious injury occurring. The report highlights issues of severe discrimination towards those with mental health issues. Worst still the levels of discrimination increases when the victim is from an ethnic minority background.

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