British Black art pioneers exhibition


The work of four prominent Black British artists who rose during the period of unrest in the 1980s will be on display at a special exhibition in Sheffield later this month.

Known as the The Blk Art Group, it featured the likes of Eddie Chambers, Keith Piper, Donald Rodney and Marlene Smith, who produced powerful, defiant and thought-provoking pieces in the 80s which raised awareness of Black British art at a time when the then Conservative government advocated an anti-immigration agenda, the BNP were on the rise and the Brixton riots took place.

UK Riots: A view from Black Britain


The African and Caribbean community faces its biggest challenge since the riots of the 1980s. Some even argue the challenge today is even greater than back then.

Starkey inflames the blame game


Whenever trouble brews which involves the youth of the country, it is easy rhetoric to blame it on the violence and gangster lifestyle depicted in rap music.

Historian David Starkey believes this to be the case, even going as far as to say it is a "Black" thing.

He states the language, the culture, and glorifying the life of a gangster are all down to Black culture and it is the reason why the country seems to be going to pot.

Lib Dem Mayoral hopefuls address EMLD hustings


The contest to become Liberal Democrat candidate for London Mayor moved into the home straight this month with a focus on race equality issues.

The four hopefuls gathered at the frayed, but historic surroundings of the Africa Centre in Covent Garden for a hustings organised by the Ethnic Minority Liberal Democrats.

Reality TV star and ex-MP Lembit Opik, 2008 mayoral candidate Brian Paddick, City Hall Assembly Mmber Mike Tuffery and recycling expert Brian Haley addressed an audience that included many Black and Asian party members.

Mark Duggan death


A cloud of doubt surrounds the Independence Police Complaints Commission following the admission that it may have misled journalists to believe that Mark Duggan had fired at police before being killed.

Duggan was shot by police last Thursday by officers and his death sparked a protest followed by widespread rioting which began in Tottenham and spread across London and other cities in England.

The IPCC, who are investigating the events of Duggan's death, said that any formal statements issued by the body made no reference to shots fired at police.

OBV’s Director writes for Huff Post


In what we hope will be the first of many articles for the Huffington Post, OBV’s director kicks off with one of the hottest and contentious debates out there at the moment. The recent civil disturbances.

In it he examines how the civil disturbance perpetrated by young men and women of all races is being characterized as a ‘Black problem’.

He warns of the dangers to the whole community if Black leaders do not respond quickly and effectively.

Broadcast industry fails BME community


The UK broadcasting industry has been accused of failing to make any progress their workforce more representative of society.

A report suggests that members of the black and minority ethnic (BME) community made up just 10.4% of staff at 71 broadcasters who employ more than 20 staff.

The shocking figure is 0.6% down from the previous year and there has been no significant progress in the past five years.

Jakobi Wilmott: Unsung hero


The prevalent headlines in recent days has been a plethora of negative stories featuring Black boys. Whilst we at OBV, do not condone the recent violence and criminal acts, there are many unsung heroes in the community. We would like to commend the many fantastic achievements and successes of our young Black men, exemplified by 16 year old Jakobi Wilmott.

Appeal for witnesses to shooting of Mark Duggan


A week after his death at the hands of police, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) are urging for witnesses to come forward with any information which could help them with the shooting of Mark Duggan.

The 29-year-old was shot by officers last week in Ferry Lane, Tottenham as they attempted to arrest him. A post-mortem revealed Duggan had died from a single bullet wound to the chest but his family are considering to request a second examination.

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