OBV alumni Clive Lewis wins selection battle


Clive Lewis confounded his critics by beating his rivals to be the Labour candidate for Norwich South in the next General Election.

Lewis, a local BBC reporter and presenter and a territorial army officer who served in Helmand province, Afghanistan had to beat two local authority cabinet members and the drummer from the pop group Blur.

As an alumni of the OBV MP shadowing scheme, Lewis was happy to speak exclusively to the organisation after his selection.

Tidjane Thiam has the power



Only last year, there were calls for Tidjane Thiam to resign as chief executive of Prudential after a takeover bid for an insurance company went wrong and cost the company millions of pounds.

British Muslims more patriotic than the average


Muslims are more patriotic than the average Briton according to a new survey. A massive 83 percent of Muslims said they were proud to be British compared with the national average of 79 percent.

And less than a third of Muslims believe Britain's best days are behind her, making them more optimistic compared to the overall population, with just under half of the 2,000 people surveyed by think-tank DEMOS saying the good days are over.

Basil D’Oliveira: the man who hit Apartheid for six


As a big fan of the gentleman's game of cricket, I have always been fascinated and intrigued by the way the sport has been used as a political tool. As most people know, games between south Asian neighbours India and Pakistan has been used as a way of creating dialogue between politicians between politicians from the two nations.

The Media and the Riots: big debate


Young people and media practitioners are to get the chance to meet and air their views at a conference probing whether media coverage of Black people during the August riots in England was biased.

The Media and the Riots Conference, is to be held on Saturday 26 November from 10am-3pm at the London College of Communication, in south London.

Diversity enriches the workplace of America


The first John Adams Society annual lecture was given by Spencer P Boyer, US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasian Affairs last week.

Showcase of provocative plays by South Asian women


Beginning on Monday 21 November, the Kali Theatre Company will begin its annual “Talkback” series at the Soho Theatre showcasing eight new plays by South Asian women playwrights.

The week of performances runs until Saturday 26 November and marks the culmination of the year-long Writer Development Programme. Kali describes the event as a chance to see “witty, bold and provocative” work by the “freshest and most original voices” in theatre writing.

Bla bla Blatter!


Georgina Brown: BMA’s new diversity and equality chair


A general practitioner from Glasgow has been named as the new chairwoman of the diversity and equality committee for the British Medical Association (BMA).

Dr. Georgina Brown’s election as the head of the committee signals a victory for racial and gender equality.

As chairwoman, Dr. Brown has said that she hopes to raise the importance of her committee within the framework of the BMA, ensure that doctors are empowered, and that working environments are flexible and accepting.

She stated,

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