Refugees: Unravelling the truth



At this time of severe austerity measures, immigration, foreign aid and refugees are just some of the issues which become easy targets in a populist backlash. OBV spoke exclusively to Pam Inder, Chair of Leicester City of Sanctuary, a national charity which helps people seeking sanctuary in the UK to explore the so-called ‘refugee problem’.

James Meredith - 50 years on


Sol B River had an exclusive interview with the American Civil Rights activist, James Meredith, which was aired last night  on BBC 2's Newsnight. The interview covered a range of themes that resonate profoundly with both its participants as well as the BME community at large. In an age of significant racial discrimination, James Howard Meredith went on to become a key player in the African-American Civil Rights Movement that dominated the early 1960s.

Dadabhai Naoroji Awards - Leicester Political Trailblazers


Leicester City Liberal Democrats have received the prestigious Dadabhai Naoroji Award at the National Party Conference in Brighton last week. It is the first time the award has been presented in commemoration of Naoroji’s historic achievements of which there were many.

Chuka Umunna - Equalities Commission could be abolished by stealth


Shadow Business Secretary Chuka Umunna MP has written to Business Secretary Vince Cable MP to urge him to rethink measures in the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill that will weaken the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Umunna believes that the Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Bill which is due to return to the House of Commons for its third reading this month, contains measures relating to the Equality and Human Rights Commission which Cable referred to as “legislative tidying-up” at Second Reading.

Met Police Committee - more questions than answers



Following on from OBV’s reporting earlier this week that a leading BME campaigning group slammed the Metropolitan Police’s Commission on Policing and Mental Health as nothing more than a ‘cosmetic exercise’, OBV attended the Police and Crime Committee, which convened at City Hall yesterday morning.

John Terry found guilty of racism



The FA has found Chelsea captain John Terry guilty of racially abusing QPR player Anton Ferdinand. Terry has never denied he said the words, ‘You f…Black c…t, but has consistently argued it was always in the context of a question, ‘are you saying I called you a f…black c...t? ‘

Racism and the British press


Protests have rocked the Muslim world over the past week, sparked by a tawdry amateur film produced in the US widely seen as a gratuitous attack on Islam.

Throughout the Middle East the ongoing reality of US interference and bloodshed makes any insult to the Islamic tradition especially provocative. But even in Britain Muslims have cause to feel they are seen as "fair game" by an unscrupulous media.

The Leveson Inquiry is entering its concluding phase and the subject of press racism has been ignored.

Cllr Roger Taylor to face Standards Committee



Following yesterday’s article about the abhorrent behaviour of Calderdale Councillor Roger Taylor, Calderdale Council have acted swiftly to address concerns about his inappropriate behaviour. The Conservative Councillor who described the Hillsborough Report as "overloaded with politically correct language" and the Stephen Lawrence inquiry Report as a "joke" will now face a formal investigation by the Standards Committee.

Councillor Roger Taylor: Stephen Lawrence Inquiry a "joke"


The prominent racial justice and civil liberties organisation, JUST West Yorkshire, are shocked and appalled by the response of a Yorkshire Councillor Roger Taylor to a recent article they had written following the Hillsborough Panel’s findings. Ratna Lachman, the director of Just West Yorkshire shares the incident.

Zita Holbourne: Race activist wins top award


The grassroots efforts of Zita Holbourne, fighting social and racial justice were awarded with a national honour as she collected the Role Model award at the National Diversity Awards.

Zita who is Co-founder of Black Activist Rising Against Cuts-BARAC –came to the fore this summer when she confronted the Olympic Committee LOCOG and forced them to reverse a decision that barred The Voice newspaper from being at the Games.

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