Black British Academics


It is not often that gloomy headlines are seen as welcome news, yet a recent article on the persistence of racism in academia prompted just such a response by one reader.

Similarly gloomy headlines have been a regular feature over the years from 1999 when the BBC reported that universities 'need more black academics', to May 2011 when the Guardian wrote:

14,000 British professors but only 50 are black."

Remember Stephen Lawrence and Rolan Adams


It was 20 years ago yesterday 22nd April 1993: that was the day British society was to be fundamentally changed as Stephen Lawrence lay dying on the streets of London.

At the time, I was the national spokesperson for the National Black Caucus. We had been campaigning in Greenwich South East London, particularly in the local areas of Eltham and Thamesmead, since February 1991, a full 2 years before Stephens’s tragic murder.

The Daily Mail and its ‘Dark Skinned’ terrorists


Why did the Daily Mail run that front website page headline on the 17th April: “Boston bomber is caught on camera: FBI reveals store footage shows ‘dark-skinned man in backwards hat’ planting second explosive”?

Not only was the description extremely inaccurate but when more accurate descriptions were known - the suspects were Caucasian or white, the authorities and media outlets such as the Daily Mail made no reference to skin colour.

Stephen Lawrence: The legacy


No one could have known that the brutal murder of a talented young man twenty years ago today would have such far reaching consequences both here in the UK and around the world.

The death of a loved one is always traumatic, but for Doreen and Neville Lawrence this was to be compounded by a Metropolitan police force who would view their son not as a victim but as a potential criminal.

Stephen Lawrence Memorial Service


Today a memorial service will be held to mark the 20th anniversary of the death of Stephen Lawrence.

Stephen, 18, was killed by a gang of racists who stabbed him in an unprovoked attack as he waited for a bus in Eltham, southeast London on April 22, 1993.

His family's quest for justice for the murder of their son, became emblematic of the inequitable and racist justice system which BME communities were subject to - over policed and under-protected.

Pakistan Calling


The Samosa, a media platform for the promotion of human rights with a special interest in Britain, South Asia and the Pakistani diaspora, is running a new competition called Pakistan Calling. The project aims to increase awareness and support for Pakistani Civil society organisations and activists working to tackle the country's pressing social problems.

Wolverhampton wonders !


In many ways, Shabina Raja and Joanna Wu represent the type of dynamism that is sorely missing from our public institutions.

Two women from very different backgrounds, both educated and passionate about delivering equality through public service.

They along with ten others have been selected onto Wolverhampton’s first ever BME leadership programme, run by OBV and supported by the Barrow Cadbury Trust and Wolverhampton Council.

Obama assassination attempt foiled


It looks as though a deadly poisonous package addressed to the President has been foiled by security chiefs.

A letter addressed to US President Barack Obama containing a "suspicious" substance has been intercepted.

The suspicious package was identified at a remote facility where White House post is screened. It is believed that a substance known as Ricin, which is extracted from castor beans, is 1000 times more toxic than cyanide.

Marathon woman - Dr Yvonne Thompson


Yvonne Thompson CBE and 37,000 other marathon contestants will have a minutes silence for their fellow marathon runners and their families who cruelly lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Boston last Sunday.

Some here are worried that Sunday’s race should be postponed, but not Yvonne. She is determined to show her solidarity to the people of Boston and continue to raise money for projects in Africa.

Last year Yvonne completed her first marathon, and in doing so she raised £2,366.28 for Build Africa, and she is supporting that Charity again.

Boston Bomb Terror!


The horrors of terror that plagued the streets of New York, London and Madrid more than a decade ago have returned, this time to the streets of Boston, Massachusetts. Quite rightly, right-reminded individuals are not jumping to speculate who the murderous perpetrators are. But everyone is tense, nervous, and apprehensive as to what all of this might mean.

Right now the authorities must effectively do their investigations. All we can do is offer our most sincere condolences for those who have either lost their loved ones, or had them seriously injured.

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