‘Minority votes decided US election’


In his first interview since his humiliating defeat to President Barack Obama, in the US Presidential elections, Governor Mitt Romney admits the minority vote-Latino and African American-cost him dearly.

During his first major interview after losing the Presidential race, Romney stated on Fox New, that the ‘ alienation of Latino and black voters did real damage to my campaign. We weren't effective taking our message to primarily to minority voters, to Hispanic Americans, African Americans, other minorities’.

Walter Tull: Support our petition to award Tull the Military Cross


Walter Tull: Soldier, Footballer, Hero.

Operation Black Vote and Barac have raised a petition which calls upon Prime Minister David Cameron to posthumously award Walter Tull the Military Cross for which he was recommended.

Walter Tull was the first Black officer in the British Army. He was also Britain’s first Black professional footballer too. During the First World War, due to discriminatory rules, Black people were barred from becoming officers.

The very talented Oona King


Not content with wooing audiences on 'Dancing on Ice', legislating in the UK’s Second Chamber and heading up Channel 4’s Diversity Unit, Oona King has found time to compile her diaries into a very entertaining book.

In the company of King and an invited audience three actors gave a reading of King’s new book at the House of Lords dining chamber.

Who’s your favourite MP?


Who is your favourite MP? It is an interesting question. In today’s often cynical world we rarely look at the positive and almost always focus on the negative - 'MP’s expenses scandal', 'MP forced to resign', 'MP sent to jail'.

A medal for Walter Tull


Introduction by Simon Woolley

Jonathan Malia: Another Black man dies in custody


Jonathan Andel Malia is the latest in a long line of black men to die in custody. While by no means an exclusively black issue, these cases have highlighted the problems faced by detained black men – particularly those held in the mental health system. It is now common knowledge that black people are subject to detention under the Mental Health Act in far greater numbers than their white counterparts, even though there isn’t a higher prevalence of mental illness within this group.

OBV to train Tower Hamlet’s Community Champions


In the weeks and months ahead OBV will help train Tower Hamlet’s Community Champions. At present Tower Hamlet’s Council are recruiting for volunteer Community Champions who have a passion and pride in their local area .

A number of individuals from each of the 17 wards in the borough will be chosen to bring ideas, which will support, develop and tackle community issues.

Michael Gove, please listen: in adoption race matters!


Today there will be another extremely important debate in the House of Commons in regard to the adoption process: There is a Bill being put forward, which seeks to remove the importance of race, religion and ethnicity to the adoption process.

Majority Black AC Milan make history


Last night in the cauldron of the San Siro stadium of AC Milan, something very historic occurred which could have far reaching effects way beyond the football's global spotlight.

That Barcelona FC, the greatest football team ever assembled, were categorically beaten was news worthy in of itself. The Milianese fans like the rest of the football world were almost resigned to the fact that the team would lose, but hopefully not by much. In football if you can’t win, and not many do against Barca, you try to keep the score down to a respectfully level.

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