OBV’s 15th anniversary


To all those who attended OBV’s 15th anniversary event at the United States Embassy in London last week, thank you for making it an unforgettable evening.

His Excellency the Ambassador Louis Susman opened the proceedings with the remarks, ‘this Embassy is honoured to be a friend and collaborator with Operation Black Vote’.

Prevention rather than the cure


In the month that the Metropolitan Police carried out hundreds of arrests as part of the newly launched Trident Gang Crime Command, one community project proved there is a better way to deal with the apparent growing gang problem in London.

The Prime Minister’s Football summit


I don’t have anything against the UK’s only two senior Black football managers Chris Powell and Chris Hughton. They are great coaches and hold themselves with dignity. John Barnes too has been a great ambassador for the game - although his unequivocal defence for Kenny Dalglish has been disappointing.

But none of the above have shown the type of leadership which will convey the Black communities anger at the lack of effective action in regards to racism, as it once again sweeps through football, on and off the terraces.

Black Leaders accuse Liverpool FC of inciting racism


Liverpool Football Club has come under fierce criticism from an influential group of high profile, local and national black leaders, alongside a host of anti racist organisations.

The group have written an open letter delivered today accusing LFC and manager Kenny Dalglish of grossly mishandling the Saurez/Patrice Evra affair contributing to the incitement of racism in football and wider society. We know that they have had good advice to assist them and refused to take it choosing instead to continue on in this manner.

Lord Iain Blair slams London's racism



What’s interesting about the psychology of race, politics and the media is that black concerns about racism are usually ignored until repeated by a white person. It replicats the dynamics of sexism where women, for as long as time can remember, have noted that their opinions are routinely ignored until repeated by a man. Racism has a tendency to render mute the expressed concerns of black people. I call it a “ whiteout” of black opinion.

Suresh Grover: The reluctant hero


Just over a week ago Suresh Grover gave a talk to a group of young men and women, all taking part in a leadership programme run by SOAS University and the Borough of Tower Hamlets. It was both inspirational and moving.

I’ve known Suresh for about 15 years. He was one of the founder members of the groundbreaking Southall Monitoring project, which we worked with and supported. But it is his tireless campaigning, fighting against racial injustice, particularly for families that have lost loved ones in racial attacks that he is most well known for.

African Achievers Awards 2012


Yinka Alli Balogan is a woman on a mission. Her vision? To see Africa ‘become a place of great achievement’ and she believes members of the Diaspora like herself have a significant role to play in realising this dream.

The British Nigerian is currently undertaking a graduate Traineeship at Wirral Council, alongside this she has been busy making her vision a reality by organising a new ceremony, ‘The African Achievers Award’ to celebrate the success of those on the continent and around the Diaspora.

Prince Charles praises British Asian Trust


Prince Charles opened the doors of Windsor Castle last week to celebrate the successes of the British Asian Trust.

The Prince of Wales, who initiated the British Asian Trust with the help of a group of Asian business leaders, praised the efforts of donors, partners and celebrities for their role in helping the Trust to transform the lives of more than 350,000 poor people across South Asia through education, health and livelihood initiatives.

Rimla Akhtar: fighting the stereotype of muslim women


Rimla Akhtar has been used to breaking stereotypes over the past decade or so. She was part of a team which set up the Muslim Women's Sports Foundation, aiming to raise awareness of the issues Muslim face in sport. But the MWSF also takes a proactive step by directly producing and implementing the solutions. Back in 2009, the organisation was given over £230,000 by the Football Foundation to commence a project called 'Born to Succeed', encouraging women in all areas of sport including playing, coaching, refereeing and volunteering.

Coexistence Trust to discuss hate crime and institutional discrimination


The Coexistence Trust will be hosting a discussion panel on the issues of hate crimes and institutional discrimination.

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