The next generation of Black MPs


The launch of the 2011 Parliamentary Shadowing Scheme at the Houses of Parliament will be shown in a special programme tonight on Sangat TV, Sky Channel 847.

The programme, which will begin at 9.30pm, will feature the launch which introduced the 25 Shadows selected to take part in the scheme as well as hearing words of inspiration from OBV director Simon Woolley, Conservative MP Sam Gyimah, Labour MP Sadiq Khan and Lib Dem MP Simon Hughes. Sangat TV's programme also features an interview with David Lammy MP.

The Help


Last week, The Help finally made it to UK theatres. The story centres around a young aspiring journalist nicknamed Skeeter (Emma Stone) in Jackson, Mississippi. Set in the 1960’s, the film, based on Kathryn Stockett’s novel, deals with the racial segregation of southern America.

Returning to Mississippi after college, Skeeter decides to embark on a secretive plan to publish a book expressing the unjust experiences of the maids of Jackson society.

Lord Ouseley may quit FA post over race row


The racism row in football seems to forever rumble on without resolve. And a lack of action or progress in the case involving England captain John Terry's alleged abuse of Anton Ferdinand could see one of the game's most influential and respected campaigners quit from his post at the Football Association.

Sam Gyimah: giving a helping hand


There are some people who believe their success and achievements are simply down to hard work, perseverance and self-determination. Sam Gyimah has a different school of thought, saying his journey up the ladder of business and now politics could not have been possible without someone lending a helping hand.

Diane Abbott: What Goodhart and others can learn


The most striking thing about David Goodhart’s recent BBC Radio 4 programme on Black politics is his fathomless ignorance of the Black community.

Racism in football: Black players must unite


Anyone that has been forced to deal with racism knows that, more often than not, racist abuse is quickly followed by racial threats of violence.

Smoking Joe Frazier R.I.P.



As a child of the 70’s Smoking Joe Frazier was part of my life. He, along side footballing greats such as Pele, Eusibeo, and his boxing nemisis Muhammed Ali were to me  Black warriors and heroes. In their chosen field of sport they strived to be the worlds best and in doing so they gave Black children like myself a sense of unparaled pride that allowed us to boast in the playground 'at sport we’re simply the best'.

Fury and claims of racism over body mix-up


Having suffered the heartbreak of losing a loved one and endured the pain over the years, the last thing you want is to discover that the body you buried more than a decade ago was not of the one you lost.

It seems unthinkable and absurd but that is the case for Janet Alder, who thought she had buried her brother Christopher, who died in police custody, choking to death while handcuffed and lying on the floor of a police station in Hull in April 1998.

Occupy London protesters want positive change


Interns from OBV recently visited the Occupy London protest at St Paul's Cathedral, which began more than three weeks ago. They spoke to demonstrators to find out more about their reasons to protest and what they, along with thousands around the world, hope to achieve by staging protests in major cities around the world. Here, Ijeoma Mbubaegbu gives us her experience of the protest and those who were demonstrating. Photo journalist Ahmed Sule also visited the site to capture the atmosphere of the protest. His images are published in this article.

Focusing on the art of storytelling



A new course which teaches about the art of storytelling is set to launch next week.

Beginning on Monday, November 14, Eli Anderson, a graduate of OBV’s Magistrate Shadowing Scheme in 2006, will begin leading storytelling course with the theme “Storytellers have the power to change lives.”

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