Paul Uppal MP: "There’ll be an auction for the Black vote"



The Junior Minister Paul Uppal has a special and symbolic place in the Conservative Party: Not only is he the only Sikh elected MP in the House of Commons, he also represents the constituency of the infamous former MP Enoch 'Rivers of Blood' Powell.

So when Uppal speaks on race, which he doesn’t do that often, his Party avidly listens. And last week he responded when asked a question about how the Conservative Party can attract support from BME communities.

He said,

Sarah Teather MP: Abuse to asylum seekers


Asylum seekers: Damning report reveals systemic failures.

"There are moments in politics when what you hear makes you ashamed"

OBV Cartoon Corner: Vote Mannion


Google: Racial bias revealed


A study carried out on Google searches revealed "significant discrimination" in advert result depending on the perceived race of names searched for. A study carried out by Professor Latanya Sweeney of Harvard University, found that names typically associated with black people were more likely to produce ads related to criminal activity.

Black Police Recruitment


We need leadership not legislation.

Britain is a country that is changing fast. We are no longer the cultural drab monochrome society of the past. Today as the publication of the last Census showed Britain and in particular the bustling inner city areas are now thriving multicultural metropolises.

This is much to the chagrin of many on the hard right wing of British politics who see all change as threatening the end of life as they know it.

Dani Alves on racism in football


Here in the UK we often lament about the state of racism within football, particularly in regard to abuse on and off the field. However, without becoming complacent, one of the finest defenders in the world - Dani Alves - who plays for the greatest club team on the planet - Barcelona - stated that:

Spain needs to look up to the ' UK when it comes to dealing with racism’,


Chief Superintendent Dal Babu quits police


After 30 years in the police service, one of the most senior Asian officers in the UK has decided to throw in the towel, citing little progress in BME officers being adequately promoted.

Dal Babu, himself was recently rejected for a promotion despite the fact that he speaks four languages, was awarded an OBE, holds a master's degree, and has been hugely credited for the soaring public confidence ratings in the London borough of Harrow which he is responsible for. Speaking in the Guardian Babu argues:

Sepp Blatter is starting to listen: About time !


Sepp Blatter has remarkably made a couple of suggestions that football teams which make racists offences will be punishable by deduction of points and relegation. This comes as a surprise to many football fans, with his “soft” stance on racism in football during the past few years. Especially his reaction to Kevin Prince Boateng walking off the pitch during the AC Milan match against Pro Patria was rather not surprising.

He said:

‘walking off in protest is not the answer’, answer?

Mark Duggan: Still many unanswered questions


Yesterday, Kevin Hutchinson-Foster was found guilty of supplying a handgun to Mrak Duggan. Shortly after receiving the gun, Duggan was shot and killed by armed officers. The shooting and police handling of the case sparked the summers' riots in 2011.

Yet the conviction of Hutchinson-Foster still leaves many unanswered questions as to whether or not Duggan was unlawfully killed.

Black Hollywood stars front block-busters


Although Tinsel town is by definition more than a little whacky, particularly when it comes to nurturing superstars who, for one reason or another live very strange lives-Martin Sheen, Lindsay Lohan, Micky O’Rouke-turning a buck has never been a failing. Moreover, ensuring huge amounts of money are made has in many ways driven the big film companies to play it safe: ‘Johnny in Oaklaoma must get this’.

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