Obama: Good news for the US and World


Tomorrow evening Carole Bell will be hosting one of the largest election night parties in the UK. Supporters of OBV are warmly invited and will be afforded a discount from £40 per ticket to £32.  This is her view as to why Barack Obama should be re-elected.

Simon Woolley


Obama said America's like a big truck - you can turn it around, but it takes time.

‘What is going on at the Equality Commission?’


Strange goings on at the Equality and Human Rights Commission. Older leaders being denounced; pictures turned to the wall; Year Zero.

Desmond Jaddoo: Registering Black people to vote


Desmond Jaddoo, of the Birmingham Empowerment Forum (BEF) has twinned his project with OBV to help get the black community to register to vote in time for the election of the new Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC). The Black Voter Registration Campaign was launched in October by OBV and Black-led Churches and has been galvanizing people since.

The Presidential Candidates


OBV pair on Presidential Campaign


OBV co-founder  Ashok Viswanathan and Deputy Director Francine Fernandes are both in the USA for the final week of Presidential election campaigns.

Viswanathan has joined the Obama camp in Wake County, North Carolina to help get the Black vote out. Talking exclusively to OBV, Viswanathan said:

Of course this is a great experience I'm here in North Carolina (NC) because it's a swing state. Its 7 times the size of Hackney, but with a population 40 times bigger.

Amanda Lowe: No prison for violent racist attack


A violent racist mother - Amanda Lowe - left her 4-month old child in pram, along with her 8 year old sibling to attack a man, including stamping on his head, for no other reason than the colour of skin. Lowe screamed racist abuse as she attacked Khuran Nisar who was walking home from work. The father of their child Wesley Earls and friend Daniel Wray joined Lowe in the frenzied attack that could have easily killed Nisar.

After the attack mother of two Lowe is seen on CCTV camera showing her eight year old daughter how she stamped on Nisar’s head.

Diane Abbott: Black History Month being ignored


New research reveals that spending on Black History month by London Boroughs has dropped by almost half. This is striking because almost half of Britain’s ethnic minorities are in the London area and local authorities might have been expected to take it seriously.

The worst examples of these cuts to Black History Month cuts include Camden, Greenwich and Westminster councils who have completely scrapped their BHM budget. Whilst others, such as Islington, Lewisham and Wandsworth have decreased their budgets by almost 70% since 2009.

Golden Dawn: Nazis on rise in Greece


The Global Economic Crisis has had adverse effects in many parts of the world, especially Europe. However, of all European countries and European Union member states, Greece is suffering far more than most. Its economy is predicted to be 25% smaller than it was in 2009, unemployment stands at 25.1% and those still in work have gone weeks, if not months without pay as harsh cuts to public spending bites hard.

Marion Le-pen: There’s no beauty about fascism


Once again the mainstream liberal press has fallen into the trap of giving a platform to fascists purely on the basis of their appearance. On Sunday the left leaning paper-The Observer- ran a feature article on the French far right, Front National MP, Marion Marechal-Le Pen. The 22 year old was described as “blonde, slim and striking” and at one point the journalist admits that she was almost “hypnotised” by her charm.

50 rare stamps: Jamaica’s 50th anniversary


Art and creative designer Jon Daniels has once again harnessed his obsession with stamps with Black history. And again he has teamed up with one of the world most famous stamp dealers Stanley Gibbons to host an exhibition of 50 fabulous and extremely rare Jamaican stamps.

Some of Jamaica’s greatest figures put on to stamps will be on display including; political icon Marcus Garvey, running sensation Don Quarry, and World heavy weight champion Trevor Berbick.

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