New Met commissioner calls for diversity


Just days after officially taking over as commissioner of the Metropolitan police, Bernard Hogan-Howe seems to be making all the right noises in terms of regaining trust in the police.

Hogan-Howe wants the make-up of the Police to be more representative of the population and one way to increase diversity was by bringing in senior recruits from beyond the service.

London APSA and Sporting Bengal - Battle of East London


There are just hours to go before the big football match in London but we’re not talking about Arsenal’s Champions League clash with Olympiakos. Tonight is the battle of east London, a fight between neighbouring boroughs, a clash of the titans!

Blood donors needed from the Black community


The Afro Caribbean Leukaemia Trust will be hosting their third annual Daniel De-Gale Blood Donation Week between 3-7 October.

The ACLT, a voluntary charity, is looking to encourage the Black & Mixed Race community to register as new and regular blood donors by donating blood for transfusion purposes, even if they are already on the bone marrow register.

Shanade Johnson: Black history month


As we approach Black history month OBV's new intern Shanade Johnson has written a controversial piece about it, condemning the anunal project as 'segregating rather than integration'. I myself disagree, but we do encourage debate with staff, interns and you, our readership. Is Shanade right, or is Black history month needed more than ever? What's your view?

Is a Black person only Black for one month out of the year? Does their history only matter for one month out of the year?

Nobel prize winner Wangari Maathai dies


Africa is a state in mourning following the death of a visionary woman who was the first female to win the Nobel Peace Prize from the continent.

Kenya's Wangari Maathai, who won the peace prize in 2004, lost her long and brave battle against cancer on Sunday aged 71. Maathai is desribed as a social activist and an environmental crusader who fought hard on many issues including justice and womens rights.

The Murder of Meredith Kercher:


If the mixed heritage murdered student Meredith Kercher looked like Amanda Knox, the victim in this gruesome and sadistic tragedy would have rightly taken centre stage. Instead what we witnessed since Meredith’s death has little short of a ‘beauty’ obsessed freak show that positions Ms Knox at the centre, either as a ‘scheming murderous temptress’ and ‘Foxy Knoxy’, or as one pundit put it ‘a woman hounded because of her beauty’.

Muslims denounce terror and extremism at peace conference


Muslims in Britain are often wrongly accused of failing to denounce acts of terrorism in the name of Islam.

But over 12,000 Muslims gathered at a major event at Wembley Stadium at the weekend to join a leading Islamic scholar to collectively denounce terrorism and give their backing to a global declaration of peace.

"Get Rich or Die Trying"


Get Rich or Die Tryin' is the title of American rapper 50 Cent's debut album and film. It also seems to be the mantra that many in Britain swear by - from the youth who want things to come to them quickly to the bankers who are responsible for getting the country into a financial mess which has affected the economy.

According to MP Diane Abbott, there is direct correlation between the bankers who have fast tracked the country's push towards recession and those who rioted and looted in cities across England last month.

Proof Multiculturalism works


It seems that Prime minister David Cameron was wrong to say that multiculturalism is failing - especially when it comes to the English language.

It turns out that kids from an Black or Minority Ethnic (BME) background speak English better than their white counterparts from low income families.

England's school commissioner Liz Sidwell, who was brought in by Michael Gove to tackle underperforming schools, fears the white working class in coastal and seaside towns are posing one of the greatest challenges to education reforms.

Barbara Lindsay is European Diversity Awards winner


Senior Policy Advisor and community campaigner Barbara Lindsay MBE last night succeeded against the odds to become the European Diversity campaigner of the year.

At a lavish event at the Savoy Hotel in London last night, Barbara beat off her rivals to take the coveted crown.

Speaking exclusively to OBV, Barbara said,

"I nearly didn't go to the awards. I knew I was nominated but I never thought I would win, particularly as the competition was so strong."

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