British Chinese event highlights need for constitutional reform



The British Chinese Project deserve a lot of praise for organising a General Election Chinese Question Time last night.

It was held at the very impressive China Exchange, a new purpose-built venue in the heart of Chinatown, funded by Sir David Tang.  So it was appropriate that Sir David gave a speech opening the event, and even more appropriate were his critical remarks about the outdated first-past-the-post electoral system.

2015 Election and The ‘Blackna Carta’


The General Election can’t come soon enough for some as we are subject to the longest political campaign in history.  Of course, for political geeks (and I confess I’m one) this election represents a critically important moment for the nation.

Three candidates blazing the trail! - Gallery 16


Azzees Minott, Green Party Candidate, Warwick and Leamington

Azzees, an International Relations and Politics graduate, left university feeling that the three major parties did not represent her as a young black female. She was also concerned at rising rail fares and tuition fees, dwindling accessibility to university and bleak employment prospects.

The Black vote is a Golden vote. Don't waste it!


A golden vote has a significance way beyond its individual vote. When cast a golden vote becomes a deciding factor whether or not a candidate wins or loses. Ultimately, the golden vote decides who walks through the 10 Downing St. door when all the votes are counted on May 7th and 8th.

The Black and minority ethnic vote is that Golden vote.

Three candidates blazing the trail! - Gallery 15


Sam Gyimah Conservative Candidate East Surrey

Sam was born in Buckinghamshire and later graduated from University of Oxford where he read Politics, Philosophy and Economics.  During his time as a student he was elected President of the Oxford Union. He then worked for Goldman Sachs as an investment banker. He is a former chair of the think tank Bow Group.

His is the Vice President of the National Centre for Young People with Epilepsy.

Three candidates blazing the trail! - Gallery 14


Dr Shahrar Ali, Green Candidate Brent Central

Dr Ali has lived in Brent for the last decade. He is a philosophy lecturer, teaches and has a Phd that focused on lying and deception in public life.  He was previously a researcher in the European Parliament studying the risks of growing and eating genetically modified foods.

Twitter: @ShahrarAli


Sam Juthani Labour Candidate Henley

Three candidates blazing the trail! - Gallery 13


Mark Hendrick, Labour candidate Preston

Mark Phillip Hendrick was born in Salford Lancashire and attended Liverpool John Moore’s University where he earned a degree in electrical engineering. He’s a chartered engineer and previously worked in the Ministry of Defence

He has been very active within the Salford Labour Party over many years. Has served on the local council and in 1994 Mark was elected as member of Member of the European Parliament.

European morality sinks to its lowest level


The mood music for black and ethnic minority communities, migrants and asylum seekers across Europe and particularly in Britain has become distinctly hostile. An atmosphere of hatred has come to dominate the EU and UK political debates. Siren calls of xenophobia and racism wail like a demented banshee across the EU.

Such is the tone of this debate on immigration that here in the UK I feel like a stranger in the land of my birth.

Three candidates blazing the trail! - Gallery 12


Chaz Singh, Labour candidate for South West Devon

For over five years, Chaz worked as a funding and training Officer for BME Development. His passion for social justice means that in addition, he works independently as an advisor in specific communities of interest in the south west region.

To add to the list, this impressive candidate is also a local Councillor for Plymouth Drake ward, and prides himself in being labelled as trustworthy and engaging by his fellow constituents.

Three candidates blazing the trail! - Gallery 11


Gulnar Hasnain, Green candidate for Vauxhall

Gulnar only became active in politics after spending a year in Istanbul and seeing first hand evidence of how a historic city can be ruined; and the rights of vulnerable communities ignored without a political movement challenging the government on issues such as transport, affordable housing and access to green spaces.

She has been a student in London, and worked in both the private and public sector. Gulnar is now a self-employed mum.

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