Tess Aslund: The bravest woman in Sweden


We’d all like to be heroes, or at least think we might do the most extraordinarily brave, courageous things even if it puts our life in danger. Truth is though why we might think it in reality the vast majority of us wouldn’t, not least because we’re simply not heroes.

Marvin Rees: A good man for Bristol Mayor


Part of OBV’s mission is to nurture political talent. The type of talent that will not only serve their elected constituency well, but one who acutely understands the challenge to recognise and effectively confront race inequality. The Bristol Mayoral candidate and OBV alumni, Marvin Rees understands that.

When African children's lives matter, perhaps ours will too


A few weeks ago, the AIDS-Free World's Code Blue campaign, a Canadian AIDS charity, published a damming report which contained some highly troubling allegations. The charity alleged that UN and French troops in the Central African Republic (CAR) had sexually abused at least 98 girls.

Well done Leicester: Diversity works


Not only did my home town football club-Leicester city- do the impossible by winning the premier league, but they also did it with perhaps the most diverse team in the Europe.

Much has been said about just how little this team cost compared to the big clubs, but very little has been written about the rich diversity of this title winning team.

May 5th Elections: Vote, and demand race equality


In many ways the in-out European referendum is overshadowing the local and Mayoral Election scheduled for this Thursday. They shouldn’t.

Four YouTubers-Being Black And Gay


“It controls the minds of the masses” Malcom X once wisely said. Connecting social, political and cultural issues, the media is a power of its own. Mainstream media touches everyone in one way or another and it helps shape ones belief and values. The media creates meanings of gender, race and sexuality and plays a significant role on how we understand sexuality, sexual orientation and race. This often leads to stereotypes and prejudices amongst certain groups of people, propelled by mainstream media.

Anti-Semitism: Shah and Livingstone both wrong


The Labour party are right to have suspended the Bradford MP Naz Shah and the former London Mayor Ken Livingstone for remarks that were anti-Semitic and extremely inflammatory.

Activists send open letter to David Lammy


Press Release: Embargo -Thursday, April 28th 2016 00.01 am

An Open Letter to the Rt. Honourable David Lammy MP concerning the Parliamentary Review of racial bias and BAME representation in Criminal Justice system

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