Ebola : International problem needs global response


Ruth Hirsch is an intern with OBV from the University of New York. She is here helping with the 2015 General Election campaign and undertaking political research. We always encourage our interns and all staff to write and Ruth has started with a very relevant piece about the Ebola crisis.

Exhibit B: 'Censorship, Racism And Power'



Nels Abbey: Tories can win!


Writing in this week’s London Evening Standard Nels Abbey sets out how the Tories can win the next general election: By wooing the Black Vote.

In the 2010 General Election, a deeply unpopular Labour party won 68 per cent of the ethnic minority vote, while the Tories took just 16 per cent. If this trend holds in the next election — and all the indications are that it will — then the likelihood of David Cameron returning to Downing Street is at best dismal.

Poet Kei Miller wins prestigious prize


'The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way To Zion' took the £10,000 prize, with judges relishing Miller’s ability to “defy expectations” and “set up oppositions only to undermine them”.

Miller, 35, who was born in Kingston, Jamaica, and financed his studies at Manchester Metropolitan University was announced the winner of the Forward Prize for Poetry, 'The Cartographer Tries to Map A Way to Zion'

The chair of the judges, the historian and broadcaster Jeremy Paxman, said:

Deputy Prime Minister Clegg: Exhibit B anti-racist?


Having successfully campaigned against the showing by the Barbican Arts Centre, of Brett Baileys Exhibit B, otherwise known as the Human Zoo, with the full support of over a million people, the inevitable whitelash has begun.

Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg weighed into the debate today. Speaking on Nick Ferrari’s breakfast show on LBC. He spoke out against ‘censorship’ and suggested that the exhibition was too similar to that of ‘educational anti-racist, Jewish holocaust exhibitions.’

Exhibit B protest: We fought for our dignity


The backlash against proud Black people demanding respect and dignity has been unleashed like the dogs of hell.

On Tuesday evening the Barbican decided to halt the show because of what they described as the ‘extreme nature of the protest’. Newpapers and other media outlets have shown outrage that the show was stopped by protesters.

Ed Miliband: Race equality not on the agenda?


It’s very difficult to see a strong, dignified Black woman cry. But as I arrived at Piccadilly station in Manchester ready to head home after my attendance at the Labour party conference, I bumped into my friend- I won’t mention her name - she was also heading home.

I enquired "What did you think of the Labour Leader’s speech?". she said:

Barbican shut down Bailey’s offensive ‘Human Zoo’


After a huge, short sharp and a dynamic campaign, South African artist, Brett Bailey’s controversial and offensive ‘Exhibit B’ exhibition, due to be staged in London last night, was finally closed down after mass protest.

The show featured live African actors, men and women semi-naked, shackled with chains and bondage as a theme. This misconceived offensive mess, was supposedly making a statement about the nature of racism, objectification, power and control.

Commission to investigate racism in Met police


In a move that will rock the Metropolitan police service, the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has today informed the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service (the Met) that it will carry out an investigation into unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation of employees by the Met.

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