Black British Hollywood


Idris Elba, Parminder Nagra, Archie Panjabi, Adrien Lester, Chiwetal Ejiofor, Eamonn Walker. Al successful British Black actors yes, but what else do they all have in common?

The answer is that they emigrated to the US to make a career for themselves because of the dearth of opportunities that were presented to them on this side of the Channel.

Between them they’ve been nominated and/or have won Oscars, Emmys, Tonys and Golden Globes; all prestigious awards for those working on the stage, small screen and big screen.

Person and Plate: dinner at Stoke Newington’s Aziziye Mosque


Whomsoever despairs at how parts of our planet are imploding from ethno-religious war, take heart from the words of Faizullah Khan. He says:

We have another Jerusalem beyond Jerusalem. Hackney has a significant number of Jews living alongside Muslims living alongside Christians. Thank God we’ve got more peace in our Jerusalem.”

We're judged by how we treat our weakest


Since 2001 OBV has worked in the Criminal Justice system on many frontiers: holding Magistrates Shadowing schemes to nurture talent; promoting the recruitment of lay visitors to prisons to ensure justice is served; and visiting prisons to hold talks, panel debates and workshops with inmates.

OBV Welcomes back Ashok Viswanathan


After three years working away in US politics and in the UK Parliament, one of OBV’s founders Ashok Viswanathan has returned to the team.

For us here it was difficult to have Francine Fernanades leave due to ill health, but to prise Ashok away from the Westminster bubble back to where he began his political career is a real coup.

Independence Day for Chad


Today marks the anniversary of Independence for Chad. Human settlement in Chad existed in 7000BC and to this day it's areas are rich for archeological digging. Europeanisation came to Chad through violent French colonisation in 1900. By 1920 the French had full control of the area as part of French Equatorial Africa which included parts of Cameroon and the Congo as well as Gabon.

Black communities over-policed and under-protected


Mike Brown, an 18 year old US high school graduate has been shot dead in St Louis, Missouri after an encounter with a police officer. Police details of the incident - that an unarmed Brown had tried to capture the gun from the armed officer - were greeted with scepticism and bewilderment in Ferguson, the St Louis suburb of 20,000 people.

US - Africa Summit: Scramble for Africa


In what has been seen as an unprecedented move, the President of the USA Barack Obama has hosted the country’s first Africa Leaders Summit there in which 40 leaders from continent have been invited to open greater trade links with the USA.

Both the USA and Europe felt that if they don’t act quickly China will overtake them in a new scramble for African rich resources and business opportunities.

Will Tories get more elected BME MP’s than Labour, again!


That the Conservative party selected and elected more new BME MP’s than Labour at the 2010 General Election can only be described as lamentable for the Labour party that has 70% of the BME vote.

Last time round the Tories, admittedly from a low base-2- elected a further nine BME MP’s, whilst the Labour party which seeks to pride itself as the party for BME communities, only selected and elected three new BME MP’s.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi resigns over Gaza


Baroness Sayeeda Warsi came into politics with all the passion of someone who believed in social and racial justice, a lot has happened in between. But in the end she leaves Government and all the trappings of power with that same passion that began her political journey; with a passion for social and racial justice.

OBV Cartoon Corner: Immigration Debate


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