Let's Talk Civic Engagement


As an intern at OBV, I was fortunate enough to aid in OBV’s recent training day for its Lewisham Civic Leadership Programme on Thursday 5th November.

The Lewisham Civic Leadership Programme is another partnership program, along with the MP Shadowing Scheme, the Magistrates Shadowing Scheme, Welsh Assembly and the Councillor Shadowing Schemes, run by Operation Black Vote.

Colorism: Alive and sadly kicking


There’s an old Blues song by Big Bill Bronzy: ‘Black, Brown and White; written back in the ‘Jim Crow’ days when the colour of one's skin could get you lynched. In it Bronzy sings: If you’re white, you’re all right, if you're brown, stick around, but if you’re Black, oh brother, get back, get back. It seems in spite of all the race equality we’ve gained since ‘Jim Crow’ racial prejudice in regards the shade of colour you are still matters one way or another.

Happy Diwali




To over one million Hindus in the UK and one billion across the world a Happy Diwali from the OBV team!



Armistice day: UK remembers forgotten Asian heroes


It is not well documented in British schools that more than a million rallied to the ‘Mother country’s' call in the nation's hour of need, during the ‘bloody’ First World War. This contribution on the front included 60,000 Black South Africans, 120,000 other Africans, 15,204 black soldiers from the Caribbean, and 140, 000 Chinese labourers who worked on munitions and other war tasks.

Rise in racial bullying at work


The biggest work-race survey of its kind - 25,000, in which many supporters of OBV participated in, has found, amongst many things, two startling facts that ought to be contradictory but they are not. Instead, these perhaps show the resilience of the Black and minority ethnic experience in society.

Reverend Jackson reflects on Holocaust legacy


Speech by Rev. Jesse Jackson in Poland

OBV’s international Patron Rev Jesse Jackson, made a flying visit to London last week on route to give a lecture at the Oxford university. And during the conversation he had with us and parliamentarians such as Diane Abbott and Keith Vaz he talked movingly about his recent visit to Poland and the death camps there.

Women's Equailty depends on BME inclusion


The Women’s Equality Party (WEP) launched in March of this year, their mission statement includes achieving equal representation in politics, business, industry and throughout working life. The co-founders of the political party are Catherine Mayer and Sandy Toksvig. Below Sophie Walker, the newly appointed Director explains why Black women and men are critical to their success.


It is not our differences that divide us. It is our inability to recognize, accept, and celebrate those differences.

Steve Williams: The world’s richest ‘slave’


As we end October’s Black history month when schools and colleges up and down the country will have been exploring the rich, beautiful, and often brutal history of enslaved Africans, and the African Diaspora, spare a thought for the former caddie of Tiger Woods, Steve Williams.

It seems that with no hint of irony he claims that a Black man, in this case Tiger Woods, literally treated like he was, ‘his slave’.

Is Britain fairer? Sadly, not if you’re Black


Like many parents who were able to, I took last week off to be with my son during school half term. So when the news came in - last Thursday - about the once every three years, Equality and Human Rights Commission report; ‘Is Britain Fairer’, I only caught flashes of it on the news, and from quickly scanned newspaper reports.

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