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The West’s silence to children murdered in Gaza


This is not OBV’s field of work, but after so much brutality and murder of innocent men, women and children and the lack of moral courage from our political leaders we felt we have to say something. We must condemn what is so patently wrong. On humanitarian grounds we speak for the powerless who are being brutalised by this one sided conflict.

1st August Emancipation Day


In support of Emancipation Day, campaigners are appealing to the community and beyond for support for the 2007 Memorial campaign to raise £1.5 million for a memorial in Hyde Park recognising the victims of the transatlantic slave trade.

Long time activist Patrick Vernon has produced a video to raise awareness for the campaign. He said:

UK political leaders: Don’t shame us!


Open letter

In an unprecedented move race equality activists and campaigners have written to each of the main party leaders to demand better political leadership on issues such as race equality and immigration.

50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act event


Earlier this month marked fifty years since the passing of the historic US Civil Rights Act.

To commemorate the monumental occasion, the British Library hosted two events in collaboration with UCL Institute of the Americas, KCL Institute of North American Studies and the US Embassy, London.

Met officers undermine police Chief's drive for change


Just at the time when the Met Commissionor Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe was meeting with Black leaders and promising wholesale changes in the way the Met Police police inner city areas, revelations of shocking police practices have emerged.

Kei-Retta Farrel reports.

Trevor Phillips tipped to become BBC Chair


Operation Black Vote has learned from a senior source in Government that the former Chair of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is being seriously considered to be the next Chair of the BBC.

Before moving from the CRE to become the first Chair of the EHRC, Phillips had a long career in journalism and as a TV executive. For many years he fronted his own programme, 'The London Programme'.

PM: India and GB must have strong ties


Prime Minister David Cameron has spoken of the vital relationship between India and Great Britain, as one that we ‘should not take for granted’, and has revealed his commitment to ensuring the longevity of the relationship.

Last week whilst speaking at the annual gathering of the Conservative and Friends of India, the PM told those who were in attendance his vision to strengthen the ties between India and Great Britain, saying:

We have not yet even scratched the surface of how far this relationship can go”

Rami Ranger: Britain’s No 1 entrepreneur


Entrepreneur Rami Ranger has won The Queen’s Award for Enterprise for a fifth time. The self-made millionaire had previously won the award in the four consecutive years leading up to 2012. Prime Minister, David Cameron visited Rami after his latest success, to show support for his achievements. Speaking to the Eastern Eye Rami said:

Normally people have to go to the prime minister for an award, but for the prime minister to come and present this award to me was surreal… He gave me a wonderful speech and paid tribute to me”.

UPS: Race inequality rife despite Black MD


Black workers at major UPS depots across the England complain that their superiors refer them with racially insulting names such as ‘boy’ ‘aggressive' and 'wild’. In one of many disturbing incidents, a senior manager informed a Black HR worker, after seeing an employee with dread locks that:

We don’t want Rastafarians working here."

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