Matthew Ryder QC appointed London Deputy Mayor


The human rights barrister Matthew Ryder QC has been appointed London’s first Black Deputy Mayor by Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Ryder has been given responsibility for the capital’s social cohesion, social mobility and community integration.

On his appointment Mr Ryder, said:

We’re really keen to make sure everybody is actively working and living side by side, leading interconnected lives, rather than diverse communities in little silos.”

British Museum: Does it perpetuate white superiority?


My good friend Dr Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman sent a me a note regarding a Radio 4 documentary about the British Museum. It’s a fascinating programme, one that raises many questions about what exactly is the Museum for ? Why for example, if it is world Museum are there no artefacts from Oceania or very few from the Americas ? And why is Africa in the basement, or worse still as many of us now not even on display at all.  Below is the blurb promoting the programme:

Simon Woolley


'Racist, sexist: I’m only joking'


Intro by Simon Woolley

How many times have you heard a racist and sexist comment followed by those immortal lines, ‘It’s only joke’, 'get that chip off your shoulder', or lightening up’. Prof Thomas E Ford writes a brilliant article deconstructing the various elements of the bigoted joke and how it poisons our society.


Q: Why did the woman cross the road?
A: Who cares! What the hell is she doing out of the kitchen?

The global injustice to Black lives


The Talk Talk radio presenter Julia Hartley - 'the killer' - Brewer (her shock jock promotional blurb) called up yesterday wanting to talk about the ‘Blacklivesmatter’ protest at City Airport.  Actually, she didn’t really want to talk about ‘Blacklivesmatters’ or the issues they seek to raise, but rather to spew scorn on the movement because of the ‘disruption they are were causing to passengers’.

Bristol Mayor appoints city’s first Black Cabinet member Cllr Craig


In just a short few weeks as Bristol’s political leader, Mayor Marvin Rees, had made a statement of intent by appointing the city’s first Cabinet member from African and Caribbean decent. Councillor Asher Craig, well known for her community activism will now take the lead on Neighbourhoods with a strategic role in closing inequality gaps.

Speaking on her appointment Mayor Rees said:

Race hate thugs kill Polish man


Six race  hate thugs beat a man to death after hearing him speak a foreign language. The young men from Harlow, Essex all thought to be in their teens set upon Arkadiusz Jozwik like a pack of wolves, kicking and punching him and his friend outside a pizza parlor on Saturday night.

Arkadiusz brother, Radek revealed these attacks on polish people in Harlow are not new:

It’s happening a lot now. Nobody calls the police, they just walk home and forget about it.”

PM asks Whitehall: what are you doing about race?


In an “unprecedented audit”, the Prime Minister Theresa May has demanded every Whitehall department look at what it’s doing to tackle racial disparities in the UK.

The audit's findings will be made public, and year on year new findings will be added. Speaking on the day of launch May said:

"Today, I am launching an audit to look into racial disparities in our public services that stretches right across government,

Atif Khan rising high against the odds


A Birmingham youth is fulfilling his ambitions in spite of many difficult challenges at home.

Despite caring for his mother who suffers from severe epilepsy whilst his little sister has Downs Syndrome, Atif Khan managed to achieve high enough grades to enable him to study biomedical science at Wolverhampton University. On top of caring duties Atif was also working part-time at the local cash and carry.

The 18-year-old, a student at Moseley School stated that:

‘Be a boxer not a mathematician’ top scholar was told


TEACHERS RUNNING a careers day at Dr Nira Chamberlain’s school looked at him in disbelief when he told them he would one day like to be a professional mathematician when he grew up.

“No, no,” they said. “With your physique you should be a boxer. You’d make a very good one. Look at your jawbone.” How misguided they were in yet another example of racial stereotyping.

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