Trump V Clinton: Will the US come to its senses?


If you haven’t watched the Netflix masterpiece documentary, ‘The Thirteenth’, then you should, even if it means taking out a Netflix trial period then cancelling it.

This is one of those documentaries that historically, and precisely documents how a powerful nation can teach its populous not only to hate and fear another ethnic group but to put in place the full weight of the State to ensure a self fulfilling prophecy occurs; "they deserve to be hated."

Black Executive Masterclass: McKinsey style


Having been invited to attend the first Black Executive Masterclass by the world renowned McKinsey & Company, was an honour in itself, not least because the class they have brought together was of the very highest order, including; Arlene Issacs-Lowe Managing Director of Moody’s investor service, Trevor James - tax lawyer and partner of Morrison and Foerster’s, and Adrian Joseph, who until recently was one of the most senior executives at Google.

Cleveland police: PC Saddique wins racist claim


PC Nadeem Saddique has won a long running battle against a group of racist colleagues in the Cleveland police force who sought to make his life a misery with extreme levels of racial abuse and campaign to undermine his work.

At the time Saddique was a prominent officer who guarded Tony Blair and members of the royal family. He has finally won his case and has been awarded a payout of £457,000 for this campaign of racial hatred towards him.

That campaign included fellow officers trying to get him thrown out of the firearms team labelling him.

Gina Miller: A powerful Black woman taking on the Gov


During the EU Referendum Brexiters vociferously claimed that the argument to leave the EU was as much about UK sovereignty as it was about immigration.

Ministry of Justice V Judge D Peter Herbert


An attempt by the Ministry of Justice to silence the radical voices of black and ethnic minority judges who have spoken out against Judicial racism, reaches a crisis point this week.

Judge D Peter Herbert O.B.E., one of Britain's senior black judges is, this Thursday set to face a disciplinary panel convened by the Judicial Conduct Investigation Office (JCIO) for an alleged offence so minor that it defies belief.

'Maxi Hayles: Taking it to the Max'. Book Review


To read the life story of Maxi Hayles is to better understand how the dark and many forces of racism in the UK can, in no small measure not only define an individual's life, but also a whole community's.

The story of Maxi Hayles, 'Taking it to the Max', jam-packed into 116 pages, is beautifully poignant, sometimes utterly sad, but most important of all a historical snapshot of how a man, his family, and more broadly speaking, Britain's Caribbean communities have had to navigate living in a country that too often sees them as less than.

Prime Minister Theresa May leads tribute to Diwali


More than 150 prominent Hindu, Sikh and Jain individuals gathered at 10 Downing St to celebrate Diwali. They met last week at Downing, although the official celebration was yesterday. Speaking at the event, the Prime Minister said:

The achievements of our British Indian communities - one and half million people- demonstrates just how much a country can achieve when talent is unleashed and people of all backgrounds are able to fulfil their potential.”

The Powerlist: 10 years of Black Power


David Cameron was unequivocal. "The military," he said. "The military is definitely one sector where I don't see black people represented at the top." That was four years ago, and the former prime minister was talking to me about the sectors of society in which he felt people of African or African Caribbean heritage were most conspicuous by their absence.

Celebrating Black Achievement: Legacy Gala Dinner


The very idea of thinking about a Black legacy propels us to both celebrate great achievements whist planning for an even brighter future.

The Legacy Gala dinner, to which OBV is a supporter seeks to do both on one special evening.

Organised by the dynamic ‘A few good men’, in collaboration with the Society of Black Lawyers and and Blaksox, the Gala dinner will celebrate achievements, be a space for networking and future planning. But like the very best Black events, they’ll be good food, and great entertainment.

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