Theresa May celebrates BME MPs in Parliament



Parliamentarians and campaigners including Home Secretary Theresa May and Sol Campbell attended a reception at the Houses of Parliament last night to celebrate the historic number of Black and Minority MPs (BME).

The OBV event recognised the increase of BME MP’s from just five in 1996 when their organisation began, to a current record number of 41, which is 6.3% of all MP’s.

David Bowie and his love for Black music


The chameleon David Bowie refused to be stuck in any one musical genre. But have no doubt that the Brixton musical genius, that was David Bowie loved his Black music.

As we all know, particularly those of a particular age, Bowie spanned the musical spectrum that included: ‘Space Oddity, Life on Mars, Heroes,  Star Man, Rebel rebel, and Peace on earth with Bing Cosby. I even read Lee Jasper’s facebook page reading his tribute, waxing lyrical about Bowie and his first number one hit, ‘The Laughing Gnome’.

Black activist rejects Queens Honour


The impossible dilemma Black people face around accepting or not a Queens honour was no better highlighted by Black activist Phyll Opoku-Gyimah better known as ‘Lady Phyll’ who rejected the call to be honoured.

When that letter from the Prime Minister David Cameron came through ‘Lady Phyll’s' door recommending that she be honoured by Her Majesty the Queen for her tireless fight against racism and for the rights of the LGBT community, she took a deep breath, searched her own conscience and said, ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

Tamir Rice police killer will not face jury


There were two shootings of Black people by the police - caught on camera – that shook America to the core. One was by the police officer, Micheal Slager who not only shot Walter Scott in the back whilst he was running away, but he then proceeded to fabricate the shooting by calling for back up and arranging the man’s lifeless body to bolster his  intended lies that he shot Scott whilst being attacked.

BME individuals honoured by the Queen


Twice a year Her Majesty the Queen, via the Government honours some extraordinary men and women. Of course to many Black people whilst the Honours have the British Empire write large they will always be a source of controversy. Just last night I took part in a very heated debate during the Dotun Adebayo BBC radio London programme discussing this very subject.

Oliver Letwin: Privilege, power and prejudice


I don’t always agree with Trevor Phillips, but his comments today in regards to Oliver Letwin’s deplorable comments 30 years ago were spot on when he said as sickening as Letwin’s comments were, if we want redemption he should push his boss, the Prime Minister to deliver on his 20-20 vision on tackling persistent race inequality.

Race Relations Act: Blessing or Curse


Jenny Bourne, long time anti-racist campaigner and editor of the IRR’s journal Race & Class, writes about the 1965 Race Relations Act and assesses the fifty years since it was passed. Although, this was orginally written for the IRR's journal, it also formed part of the Runnymede series that looked at various race equality aspects and events around the 1965  Act and onwards.

How should we be evaluating the impact of the race relations acts, the first of which became law fifty years ago?

Jess Phillips abusive tirade to Diane Abbott


I never saw this story back in Sept, but it resurfaced after the same MP Jess Phillips boastfully remarked about ‘stabbing’ the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn in the front, ‘if he ruined her party’.

During the first meeting of Labour MPs back in September after Corbyn was elected leader, Phillips embarked on foul-mouth tirade towards Abbott, when Abbott reminded her that she - Phillips - was not the only feminist in the party. Phillips response was to tell Abbott, ‘just go and ‘’.

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