US/UK Young Muslim Exchange Programme


The U.S. Embassy will be running an exchange program for young Muslim community members and leaders, this January.

Muslim communities in the UK have been confronting serious challenges, from radicalization of young people to alienation and lack of employment opportunities to Islamophobia.

In order to promote positive change within their communities, community leaders must be empowered and given opportunities to enhance their leadership abilities.

Black Europe Caucus joins US Quad Caucus



The US State Department under the guidance of Mischa Thompson, along with Lora Berg from the German Marshal Fund have for the first time ever expanded the annual Quad Caucus meeting which consists of State legislators from the powerful; Black Caucus, Native American Caucus, Hispanic Caucus, and the Asian Pacific American Caucus, to include a Black European Caucus.

This historic event will take place in Miami, Florida over the next three days.

Miliband's resuffle highlights lack of Black shadow cabinet members



Congratulations to Anas Sarwar on his promotion as Shadow Minister of State for International Development as part of Ed Milibands' mini-shuffle.

The Labour leaders rejigging of his top team has grabbed more attention because of the females he's promoted with insiders saying it means he's met his target of women making up 50 per cent of his team, and indeed Anas Sarwar is number two to Mary Creagh, the new shadow Secratary of State for International Development.

The real story behind the US mid-terms


The mid term US elections said a lot about US society and politics. Such is President Obama's unpopularity that Democratic candidates begged him not to turn up to their campaign meetings, with some in denial that they even voted for him.

Reena Ranger wants to change the world


Following in her father’s footsteps Rami Ranger, Reena Ranger wants to change our world.

Rami Ranger’s Modus Operandi is to use his man contacts, his business acumen and wealth to demand greater justice, and above all open up opportunities – through his college - so that others can fulfill their great potential.

A message for politicians: trust us, and maybe we’ll trust you too


Democracy in the UK is in crisis, with turnouts so low the vote is becoming a meaningless right – and trust is at the heart of it

Our political landscape is undergoing seismic shifts, and two factors stand out.

First, the three main political parties are haemorrhaging support. Recent figures show less than 1% of the electorate is a member of a political party – 20 years ago that would have been nearly 4%.

Jon Daniel interviews Benjamin Wachenje


Design Week: Four Corners

As October and another British Black History Month draws comes to an end, it gives me cause to reflect on the years since its inception in 1987. Culturally and technologically the changes in our society in that time have been immense. However, politically we seem to be going backwards rather than forwards as our basic freedoms and human rights come under constant attack and outrageous acts of prejudice, racism and violence become increasingly flagrant and frequent.

In praise of Joseph Harker...and the Guardian


Leadership is not what you do to elevate yourself, it’s what you do to use your position to both help change society and nurture other leaders too. As the Deputy Comments Editor for one of the best-read online newspapers in the world -The Guardian-, Joseph Harker has been doing both for many years. In a media industry that has less than a handful of Black and Minority Ethnic columnists, and only one Editor, the Independent’s Amol Rajan, there are few people, if at all any, who have done more than Harker to change the face of journalism.

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