Belfast: The most racist place in the UK?


Back in the 1960’s the UK was awash with the type of racial hostility and violence that even today makes people shudder: Excrement through doors, racial abuse on a daily basis, and threats of violence common practice. Thankfully those days have gone, unless that is you live in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Over the past few days an African pensioner has been forced to leave his house after racists paint-bombed his home, along with threats that he must leave.

BME talent winning Queen’s Honours


A number of individuals from BME communities received the highly prized Queen’s Honours in the New Years Honours list. Notable honours went to business entrepreneur James Caan, football legend Brendon Bastson, and actress/writer Meera Syal.

Caan, well known for being a former ‘Dragon’s Den’ investor has used his power and influence to support apprentiships, businesses run by young people, and his foundation which has been particularly important rebuilding homes after the Pakistani floods. Caan receives a CBE.

Lenny Henry takes over BBC Radio 4


Well not quite, but he did for 3 hours with the UK’s leading political and news radio programme ‘The Today Programme on radio 4.

Never afraid to push the boundaries, Henry at the helm as Editor banished the white presenters such as James Naughtie and John Humphreys and in their place were Radio 4’s Mishal Husain, and Nkem Ifejikca.

North Korean leader in racist rant to President Obama


Nothing important in North Korea occurs without the tacit approval of its leader Kim Jong-Un. Therefore, it would be unthinkable that the run agency which launched an ugly, racist diatribe against President Obama was not approved by its leader.

In the ever increasing row between the US and North Korea over the satirised film the ‘The Interview’ which sets out a comic plot to kill the North Korean leader, the news agency called the first Black head of state a "Crossbreed with unclear blood."

The agency also said that Obama:

OBV: Seasonal Greetings to you all!


British Chinese now collaborating with OBV


The British Chinese Project had its media launch in Westminster last night, only six months since it was founded by a group of young Chinese community activists.

The BC Project aims to empower the UK Chinese community to change their under representation in our political system. It's come a long way in those short six months, setting up regional teams based in cities with large Chinese populations (the Birmingham branch was much in evidence last night), and supporting Chinese candidates in the May General Election.

Judge Hollingworth: “Patels don’t do important work”


Is this what key establishment figures really think of Asian people?

In an astonishing outburst which came out of the blue, a senior Judge, Deputy District Judge Richard Terrence Peter Hollingworth, sought to guess the occupation of a witness who might need permission for time off work.

The judge argued:

It won’t be a problem. She won’t be working anywhere important where she can’t get the time off. She’ll only be working in a shop or an off-licence.”

Our thoughts are with the children of Peshawar


As we begin the countdown to Christmas and what presents to buy for our children and loved ones, we ought to spare a thought for the heartbroken families and relatives of those who had their children and teachers gunned down in a brutal act of "extreme extremism".

In a modern day unprecedented act, 132 school children and their nine teachers were systematically gunned down in Peshawar, Pakistan, by Taliban forces fighting the Government.

Noble peace prize winner for protecting young children, Kailash Satyarthi said:

Lewis Hamilton: Furious backlash after BBC sports award win


Many of the back page sporting headlines covering the emphatic public support for Lewis Hamilton winning the BBC sports personality of the year award read, ‘It’s a complete joke’, conveying the anger and disappointment of the golfing world that bookies favourite Rory McElroy didn’t win.

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