Brexit and the normalisation of race hatred


Not since the 1970’s have we seen day to day extreme racial abuse and violence on the streets of Britain.

When an Italian man enquired to someone else about how they voted in the EU referendum, he was punched to the, knocking out his teeth and needed hospital care. Sadly, this is not an isolated incident of racism since the UK voted to leave the European Union.

Black Britain Brexit: This how the Jews felt in 1930’s Europe


The UK’s black and ethnic minorities, and immigrant communities will be waking up this morning blinking staring into the strong glare of undiluted racism, Islamophobia and xenophobic mainstream sentiment.

UK to Leave EU: Turmoil and fear embroils nation


Whether you voted Leave or Remain, the UK has woken up to a more fearful and uncertain world as a result of the Leave's victory.  Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage claim a brave new world, but those outside the Brexit bubble remain deeply anxious, even scared about the future.

Veteran politician Keith Vaz MP came on the BBC news to say it was a catastrophic day for the United Kingdom, as the news broke around 6am that Britain had decided to vote leave.

A shameless Nigel Farage attacks OBV


In a desperate bid to defend the indefensible, the UKIP leader Nigel Farage has sought to attack OBV and the poster we used to highlight the racial hatred the likes of his campaigning has caused. When asked about his vile 'Breaking point' poster, his response has been, "what about OBV's see saw poster."

For months Nigel Farage has fed the media with immigrant bashing, xenophobic rhetoric that has shamed our society and unleashed a strain of Far Right vitriol across the UK.

EU Referendum: Why it's imperative that Black people vote


As we approach the EU referendum, it is vitally important that all black and minority ethnic peoples ensure that they use their vote, in what will be the single most important decision that they are likely to take in their lifetimes.

To leave this decision to others to decide constitutes a profound abrogation of personal responsibility on a matter, that once decided, effects all us for the rest of our lives.

Cartoon - "Britain First"



Black youth speak out: Jo Cox


Our deepest condolences go out to the family of Jo Cox MP, we can only imagine the pain and despair they must be going through right now. Notwithstanding their grief and sorrow they should feel nothing but pride and honour for a wife and mother who without doubt was a shining new light in politics. A young woman who was not afraid to stand up for the rights of the most oppressed and the most subjugated.

We believe that Jo was killed for providing a powerful voice and a platform for those who have no voice in Britain and throughout the world today.

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