Students protest: Reminder of inner city uprisings


As protesting students took to the streets this week Marc Wadsworth remembers the many community uprisings and asks can Black people benefit from being more rebellious?

Kanye West: Its a wrap


It seems Kayne West apologised for calling George Bush a racist and Bush replied saying that ‘he appreciates it, and ‘he doesn’t hate him’

The men appeared on NBC's Today Show, speaking separately to the host.

During a telethon in 2005, West expressed his views about the Hurricane Katrina devastation saying that Bush "doesn't care about black people".

Government fund: Black business must benefit


An innovative governement  appoach to supplier diversity for growing and supporting small black businesses is required now writes Ade Sawyerr



Yesterday OBV and the EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) held a historic reception and photo shoot of the UK's BME Parliamentarians.

Community campaigners and aspiring MPs from the OBV shadowing scheme all came out to celebrate at the gathering in the House of Commons.

2012: Let's talk business



Business owner Sonia Brown and leading specialists will host a Let’s Talk Business: Procure 2012 seminar to help local business skill-up for Olympic contracts. Here she explains the day and invites applications for the free event.



In the furore and uncertainty that followed the General Election result on May 5th one very important, even historic fact was sorely overlooked.

Parliament had nearly doubled the number of Black and minority ethnic MPs.

Not only was it the largest intake of new BME MPs ever - 13 -  but their numbers swelled from 14 to 27 literally overnight.

Today, with the support of the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) we celebrate their success.

BNP could be fined and assets seized


The EHRC (Equality and Human Rights Commission) could demand that a substantial fine is levied against the racist BNP (British National Party) and their assets seized if far- right group lose the legal action against them to scrap their ‘whites only’ membership policy.

The BNP was hauled to court by the EHCR who instructed leader Nick Griffin that BNP party policy must comply with race relations rules.

Eastern promise: Obama and Cameron in India and China


Global power has resided in the West for about 500 years. It was the all powerful Ottoman Empire that was finally pushed out of Spain during the 16th Century that marked the beginning the Western global domination.

But is the global tide turning once more? Today, two of the most powerful leaders in world President Barak Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron are both heading East to woo the emerging power houses of China and India.

Racism in Lewes:


The writer David James Smith caused outrage in his beloved town of Lewes when in an article for the Sunday Times he dared to suggest, that racism was a fact of life for his family.

Oxford University: A dream too far for Black students?


Have universities taken their eye off their responsibilities to promote race equality? asks Rob Berkeley, Director of think tank Runnymede Trust

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