G4S: immigration security firm fired


The private security company G4S at the centre of controversy surrounding the tragic death of Angolan Asylum seeker Jimmy Mubenga will not have their contract renewed.

In a spectacular turn of fortunes for the private security firm the Government informed them today their services after their contract ends in May will no longer be required.

UK Youth Parliament praised for its diversity


House of Commons Speaker John Bercow has praised the UK Youth Parliament for its high level of representation of gender and ethnicity in stark contrast to the chamber in which British Parliamentarians sit. The Youth Parliament is meeting today in the Commons chamber for a second year.

Reap the forgotten Harvest: An Epic Saga of Slavery


In this time of austerity the negative voices against the very notion of a Black History month have become louder and louder. ‘Why this focus? Why should public money be spent promoting Black history? What about white history month?’. And so it goes on.

MI6 chief Sawers: we have nothing to do with torture


MI6 head Sir john Sawers has given a speech about the secretive security agency and its claim that it doesn’t engage in torture of suspects. This was the first public speech by the head of MI6 in over 100 years.

Sawers, who gained unusual notoriety in recent years due to a family member posting photos of him on holiday on Facebook, claimed that MI6 declined to pass on intelligence about individuals to foreign countries if it could lead to torture even though "terrorist activity" could be the end result.

Rastafarian lawyer's prosecution anger


A well known Birmingham lawyer has accused the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) of racism in bringing him to trial over a charge that he was cleared of. Jeffrey Atkinson is well known locally, particularly in the Handsworth and Lozell districts where he has built up a reputation of defending people caught up in the city's gun and gang territories.

Growing up in Birmingham, being a Rastafarian and lawyer, has been a challenge due to the reaction of the courts to him.

Boris Johnson to fight for London's poor


In a battle that could be at odds with his own Government London Mayor Boris Johnson has said he will fight against ‘Kosovo style cleansing’ in the capital that could be caused by the Coalition Government’s proposed changes to housing benefit.

Under the proposed scheme, families living on housing benefit in and around central London would be forced to move to cheaper areas. 

Black Progress A Mixed Bag In The UK


Great Britain is celebrating its Black History Month against a backdrop of racial tension.

"I've never known it so tough … It's bad right now" says Simon Woolley, 48, who is a member of Britain's Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Tower Hamlets: New Mayor, huge task


I would like to congratulate Mr Lutfur Rahman on his victory. He has huge task ahead of him. He needs to create a cross party cabinet and bring together experts and advisors who would work to deliver an inclusive, prosperous and vibrant Tower Hamlets.

I would suggest to Mr Rahman, the first directly elected Mayor of Tower Hamlets to make a five point plan to make Tower Hamlets a place that locals would feel proud to work and live.

Here is my suggested five-point plan:  

Government u-turn on private firm deportations


The chair of the Commons home affairs select committee, Keith Vaz has reported that he has ‘huge concerns’ over the government’s indecision to implement firm policy guidelines to stop private firms using 'forceful' restraint against deportees.

The Home Office had apparently banned private security firms from forcibly putting detainees onto commercial flights and then lifted the ban 10 days later.

Deaths in custody: March on Downing Street


A Remembrance march to call the government’s attention to the increasing numbers of deaths in custody will take place this Saturday.

The March organised by the United Friends and Family Campaign (UFFC) will start at Trafalgar Square in a silent procession along Whitehall to Downing Street.

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