EDL march set for October 9th


A proposed march by the English Defence League EDL in Leicester has been confirmed.

On October 9th at Humberstone Gate EDL members will gather to protest at the so-called rise of Muslim extremism.  Anti racist campaigners will stage a counter protest.

Scottish Police step up the fight against hate crimes


Scottish Police services have pledged to increase their efforts to tackle racist attacks and other forms of hate crimes,

A new hate-crime manual has been launched aimed bringing about a huge cultural change in policing throughout Scotland.

The State of Black Britain


The State of Black Britain Symposium (SBBS) 2010 is where a raft of high-profile guests will assemble to work through this year’s theme, Health & Wealth – An Agenda for Black Britain.

The government’s bleak economic forecast and pending spending cuts makes the theme a timely agenda to discuss measures to buffer austerity.

Ed Miliband: Labour Leader speech


Yesterday Ed Miliband gave his inaugural leadership speech

There was a lot of pressure and anticipation in the run up to this.  It didn't go bad either. Ed began with a touching narrative about his immigrant parents and how the UK accepted his family as they sheltered from the Nazi regime.

It was somewhat disappointing that he followed this with anti immigrant rhetoric within minutes, without a mention of how immigrants shaped this country. 

Faith in Britain: New charity to support families


A new charity that will support and strengthen families in Britain will be launched within the next fortnight.

Faith in Britain will promote active citizenship and participation in public life by providing mentoring to broaden the educational and employment choices of young people, advice to parents and leadership training.

Ed Miliband: New Labour Leader


Congratulations to the New Labour leader Ed Miliband.

This was an extraordinary victory given that his brother David Miliband was ahead throughout the Labour leadership campaign and throughout the count until the last round. But won he has and richly deserved.

Labour members have made their choice. They want the party to move closer to it's working class roots, and make a clear distinction from the coalition parties.

The rise of the inequality deniers


Sadly, there is never a shortage of African, Caribbean and Asians who will deny even what their political party bosses know to be the truth: persistent structural inequalities on the grounds of race in all areas at all levels of society. This is what the coalition Government leaders said at an OBV event:

The London Peace Awards


Community workers were rewarded for their contributions at the London Peace Awards held recently.

The GLA supported event attended by London Mayor Boris Johnson aims to acknowledge the contributions of people who have worked to promote peace and cohesion in London.

The event which is now in its tenth year is held across London boroughs. It was set up by the Peace Alliance to organise programmes that increase community cohesion, reduce crime and raise awareness of community safety.

The united states of Miliband


This was the message from David Miliband to the Labour Party in his first address to the Labour Party in Manchester and his first since losing the Labour leadership contest to younger brother Ed on Saturday.

He was defeated by a narrow margin of 1.3% of the popular vote in part due to strong union backing for his brother Ed.

David who was the bookies favourite for the Labour crown for the duration of the race addressing the party faithful this morning spoke of his respect for his younger brother and the importance of party support.

Diamonds: Conflicting stories


The Naomi Campbell and Charles Taylor blood diamonds affair dominated the headlines for a considerable number of days.

There was plenty of talk and pictures of the events leading up to the diamonds being allegedly given by Taylor former President of Liberia to Campbell.

What we most certainly did not see was an endless stream of reports outlining the path that blood diamonds take in reaching western jewellers to satisfy the insatiable demand.

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