Hate crime convictions rise tenfold


Baroness Scotland

Deir Starmer QC

Conviction rates for hate crimes have increased tenfold in recent years, Government evidence has claimed.

Successful prosecutions for racist, religious, homophobic and disability-related crimes have gone up from 8% to 82% in four years, according to the Crown Prosecution Service's second annual Hate Crime Report.

Simon Woolley appointed to Equality Commission


news20091119_simonwoolley.jpgSimon Woolley of Operation Black Vote has today been appointed a Commissioner to the Equality and Human Rights body.

The announcement was made this morning by equalities minister Harriet Harman, who said that Woolley was part of a new “strong team” that would take the equalities quango forward.

Help to stop unfair Caribbean travel tax


THE CARIBBEAN Tourism Organisation and the Telegraph newspaper are urging the public to write to their MPs in a campaign to stop the government imposing unfair taxes on visitors to the Caribbean.

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