Rev Al Sharpton: “They hope you won’t vote”


Rev Al Shaprton made a blistering attack on the UK’s political elite when he told a packed audience at Westminster University, that those who refuse to effectively tackle race inequality are ‘depending upon the fact that come polling day, Black people won’t show up’.

Because if we did, he added, we could not only vote them out but also demand those who come in to address our issues. Reciting from OBV political research, he said:

Selma’s message relevant to the UK in 2015


Our thanks to the US Embassy for hosting the private viewing of Selma last night, and asking OBV to lead the event. As a result, a number of the invitees were OBV guests, and Baroness King of Bow and Simon Woolley made up the panel, chaired by Afua Hirsch, which discussed the film and took questions from the audience.

Rev Al Sharpton's only UK public talk-University of Westminster


OBV launches its General Election campaign this  Saturday 24th Jan at 12 noon at the University of Westminster, 4-12 Little Titchfield St, Central London, W1W 7BY.

To help with that launch we OBV has invited international civil Rights icon Rev Al Sharpton.

Last few tickets for hear Rev Al Sharpton


Due to high demand OBV has made available more tickets to see Civil Rights Icon Rev Al Sharpton, who will help launch OBV's 2015 election campaign; Our time, our success.

To reserve your place for the last few available tickets email:

This will be Rev Sharpton's only public debate during his UK visit.

We look forward to seeing at this historic event.

Simon Woolley

Has the memory of Martin Luther King been airbrushed?


Yesterday was Martin Luther King day in the US, a day that celebrates the courage and achievements of this amazing man who galvinised people, black and white, to change American history.

Interestingly, however, a growing number of US activists believe the memory of Martin Luther King has been sanitised and are behind the #ReclaimMLK day hashtag.

Charlie Hebdo and Europe’s rampant racism


To be a conscious African or Muslim and to live in Europe is to inhabit a dual consciousness. That reality is informed by our historical and contemporary experience of European racism and bigotry. That double consciousness defines our reality. If we are told to look up we invariably look down, when we are told ‘he was carrying a gun when shot by the police; or that ‘ the job has already gone’ we look for their lies and are rarely disappointed.

OBV: our time, our success



Greetings to you all!

Electoral Commission: End £500 deposit required to stand in elections


A new review of electoral law has led Jenny Watson, Chair of the Electoral Commission to say: `The current rules on standing for election are complex, out of date and difficult for candidates to navigate.`

The Electoral Commission issued a report reviewing criteria for candidates including the removal of the `ability to pay` criterion.

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