OBV and Patchwork: Labour Mayoral hustings


Forty percent of Londoner’s are Black, Asian or part of the real global ethnic majority - people of colour. In a city that thrives on its diversity in terms of its people, economy and culture, it's absolutely vital that the rapid transformation we see on our streets is more rapidly translated into fairer representation in civil society, public administration and local government.

Lewisham future leaders! Applications being assessed


Update! : Applications received at OBV offices are currently being assessed. Shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews around the middle of September 2015. The deadline for application was Friday 21 Aug 2015.

Civic Leadership Programme

The Civic Leadership Programme is designed to help more people from black and minority ethnic backgrounds get active in civic and political life.

Open Letter against Human Zoo in Galway


14th July 2015

John Crumlish, CEO, Paul Fahy, Artistic Director
Galway International Arts Festival
Administration Office
Black Box Theatre
1 Courthouse Square
Duke Road
Republic of Ireland

Dear Mr Crumlish and Mr Fahy

We the undersigned are writing to you regarding your inclusion of the racist installation 'Exhibit B'in the 2015 Galway International Arts Festival.

How Business can deliver over Government


We are very pleased to reproduce here The Runnymede Trust Annual Lecture which was presented by Iqbal Wahhab OBE FRSA (restauranteur and social commentator) at the London Guildhall Faculty of Business & Law, London Metropolitan University, on 8 December 2014.

Britain's Slave Owners uncovered


A BBC2 documentary to be screened this Wednesday takes a much needed look at Britain’s imperial past. 'Britain's Slave Owners', the first of the two part programme, features what happened in 1834 when Britain abolished slavery and paid compensation to over 46,000 British slave owners. Presented by the historian and film-maker David Olusoga the documentary will shine a bright light on this murky part of our history.

Most Diverse Wimbledon Yet


Greece like Africa enslaved by debt


Today the International Monetary Fund -IMF-dramatically issued a statement that could have easily been levelled at itself many times in the way it dealt with African and Latin American countries. In the statement it said the bailout deal  European union members forced upon Greece is 'totally unsustainable and will cripple the state and its people for many years.

The Greek Eurozone Crisis is not the first case of a crippling economy to be saddled with debt after debt that keeps it shackled and burdened by a debt it cannot pay back to wealthy nations. 

Politics and Black mental health


Confederate Flag Will Not Rise Again


Early Thursday morning, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted to remove the Confederate flag from the state’s capitol grounds. After 13 hours of debate, the vote passed 93-27. The bill was signed later on Thursday by South Carolina’s Republican Governor Nikki Haley, and the flag is set to be taken down at 10:00ET on Friday. This decision follows weeks of debate surrounding the meaning of the Southern emblem. Historically, the flag has been seen as a symbol of Southern heritage and history, with its origin dating back to the American Civil War.

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