Keith L Scott shot by police, as Charlotte burns


America, physically and metaphorically is burning again. First of all, I must make clear that no reasonable person can condone any violence, much less the levels we’ve seen in North Carolina this week.

Yet, at the same time, any rational person must also understand the source of this violence, and appreciate the gravity of the problem which underpins it.

Raging police officer: Thank God he doesn’t have gun


We have thank God for small mercies. The fact that this particular officer did not cause blindness or any other serious injury to Black driver Leon Fontana is a minor miracle. The video footage shows the officer getting so upset and angry because Fontana wants to prove he’s got all legal documents from inside the car, he begins to smash in the windscreen in a frenzied attack.

Little wonder why the Fontana was reluctant to get out the car.

'I Promise’: a book to empower Muslim girls.


‘I Promise’ is an inspiring book encouraging girls to be independent and find their own adventures.

Written by Zanib Mian and illustrated by Maria Migo, ‘I Promise’ follows a young girl’s trip around the globe as she encounters too many broken promises, including a promise from a man to give her the world.

This endearing tale sees the protagonist journey across the world meeting people, beautifully depicting the diversity of culture as she empowers herself.

Labour leadership race: Will unity be restored?


Today is the last date to vote for the Labour party leader which will be either the present leader Jeremy Corbyn or challenger Owen Smith.

The odds -1 /150 for Corbyn to win mean that if you put £150 on JC you’ll win £1 is an indicator that the bookies see this as foregone conclusion. If only I had a spare 150 million pounds I could win another million.

The real question after what has been a bitter campaign which has virtually torn the party apart, is can it unite to be a credible opposition party?

Unarmed Pastor Terence Crutcher shot dead by police


Oh no, not another police assassination of an unarmed Black person! Well, the police video doesn’t lie, although the police officers in their report clearly did.

The justification for opening fire on the Pastor Crutcher, whose car had broken down, was a police claim that he refused to hold his hands in the air, however, the video clearly shows Crutcher with both hands held over his head in a none threatening position.

An Open Lecture with Simon Woolley, Director Operation Black Vote


Oxford Brookes University Presents:

An Open Lecture with Simon Woolley, Director Operation Black Vote


Date: 12th October 2016

Time: 6:00pm till 7:00pm

Where: Charabarti Room (JHBB208), Headington Campus, Oxford Brookes University

Who: Free event, open to all

Booking: Booking is essential,To book your place, please email:


The Congressional Black Caucus: Black politics and big business


The day began with a breakfast meeting and catch up with OBV’s dear friend civil rights icon Reverend Jesse Jackson.

"How are you Brother Woolley?", I’m greeted by the great man, "and just how did you allow your nation to leave the European Union?", he follows up.

We talk about many things, and he is particularly pleased that the European delegation to this event gets stronger and stronger.

Cartoon: Stop and Search


















Mayor Marvin Rees, Helen Grant MP head to White House


Mayor Marvin Rees and Helen Grant MP - both OBV alumni - will be part of a Europe delegation of minority elected officials and activists heading to the White House to talk to senior officials and grass roots activists about how best to tackle race inequality in the US and Europe.

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