Swamping cities! Well those in Spain


Nigel Farage, and now the Minister for Armed Forces Michael Fallon, and of course great swathes of the British population love to bang on about the UK being “swamped by immigrants.” Fallon in a recent outburst claimed that local residents are “under siege”.

Those who come under particular attention are often the Polish community. You’ve heard it: “They’re here taking our jobs and transforming our towns. Oh, and they drink a lot outside, with cans of beer. It’s just not right. ”

Migrants crossing the Med! Let them die?


When leader of the British National Party Nick Griffin came to elected power via his European Election win in 2009, he quickly convened a press conference from Brussels. Emboldened by his anti-immigrantion win he told the waiting press:

The way to stop Africans coming to Europe is to sink a few boats.”

The world was appalled. One EU official informed Griffin that decent Nation States saved lives rather than take them.

Home Secretary demands change in race bias in mental health


The Home Secretary Theresa May made history last week by organising -along with Black Mental Heath UK- and hosting the first UK Government summit on the thorny issue of policing and Black mental health.

The records are clear and the data cannot be disputed: If you’re Black and have any mental health issues, and for whatever reason interact with the authorities in particularly the police, it is more likely to be negative, at times tragically so, leading to untimely deaths in police custody.

Ed Miliband makes race equality pledge


Politicians often make promises they can’t keep,"

said Ed Miliband to an audience of 200 people at the Croydon BME Forum and OBV event yesterday.

But this is a promise you can count on, and you are my witnesses: if Labour win the coming election, in every Government Department there will be a comprehensive Race Equality Strategy to tackle those persistent inequalities that many Black people face.”

The Million Man March – October 1995


19 years ago this week, African-Americans in the United States gathered en masse for a march on Washington DC. Minister Louis Farrakhan led thousands of Black men as they gathered to declare their rights to equal justice.

Ex Radio 1 DJ withdraws Ukip calypso song


Up unill today, Ex-radio DJ Mike Reid and Ukip leader Nigel Farage saw no obvious offence in making an anti-immigration song, in a faux calypso accent.

Aimed at stirring up anti-immigrant sentiment, Reid’s song includes lyrics about “Open borders”, and “illegal immigrants in every town”.

But yesterday Mike Reid did an about-face and has apologised for causing offence and asked his record company to withdraw the song.

Blue plaque homage to Walter Tull


Yesterday, Walter Tull was honoured with a Nubian Jak Blue plaque in Tottenham, where he lived and made his name as a football star. Tull was the first black outfielder to play in the English premier league, making his football debut just around the corner from where the plaque was unveiled in 1909. Years later he would join the army to fight in WWI, becoming the first black British army officer. Unfortunately he ultimately lost his life on the battlefield in 1918.

Festival of Lights


The festival of lights has arrived, a celebration that creates joy and festivity throughout communities. The festival celebrates the victory of good vs. evil, light over darkness and knowledge over ignorance. The celebration marks a new begging, and represents all the good virtues we seek such as forgiveness, love and knowledge. The festival is celebrated by the Hindu, Jain and Sikh communities.

Labour’s challenge up North


“LABOUR is finished!” That was the first response I heard from one of its activists in Yorkshire as the implications of the party’s near defeat in the Heywood and Middleton by-election, a safe North West constituency, sunk in. Suddenly Nigel Farage’s threat about his “people’s army” unleashing its revenge against a Westminster elite does not seem like a vainglorious boast after all.

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