Rally for Yvonne Mosquito


The Voice reports today that a rally was held for Labour's Yvonne Mosquito, who was unceremoniously dumped as Deputy having served her purpose of garnering the Black Vote for the Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC) David Jamieson during the PCC elections of 2014.

Last Days to Register to Vote


Voters will be flocking to the polls Thursday, 05 May 2016 to vote in the UK local elections. OBV is making it their duty for voter's registration to be known. You have only one week left to make sure your voice is heard. You must be registered to vote by 18 April 2016.

#WhatBritishMuslimsReallyThink... hashtag mocks poll


Asian Image reports today that after the publication of Trevor Phillips 'click bait' survey on 'What Muslims really think' Baroness Sayeeda Warsi has created a Social media trend with the Twitter hashtag #WhatBritishMuslimsReallyThink.

Trevor Phillips's Muslim report: Panders to prejudice


When Trevor Phillips recently told me there was going to be a big report, coupled with a Channel 4 documentary about, ‘What Muslims really think?’, my heart sunk.

The combination of Channel 4, Phillips and Muslims would invariably be about how to get the biggest news headlines. After all, that’s what Channel 4 is paying him to do. I also instinctively knew that the headline, ‘Muslims are very proud of being British’, would not be headline that the Daily Mail, The Express or the Sunday Times would run with, even though it’s true.

Bristol Mayor: Can Marvin Rees make history?


The crowds patiently queued for the hottest political ticket in Bristol on Tuesday night, eager to attend the Mayoral Hustings debate planned by BSWN (Black South West Network) and the organisation ‘Up Our Street’.

The theme of the event was tackling race inequality, and the 250 packed audience crammed into the town’s City Academy school, based in the largely BME area of Redfield.

Taking Control of the Voices of Young Women of Colour


Eager for change, the feminist movement advocates for women’s liberation and rights, but the ever-growing internal clash in this movement has some women leaving the movement.

The Feminist Movement often highlights issues through the white lens, but is colour-blind when dealing with the issues of Black women. Why is there a black feminist movement? Because women of colour, to this day, still struggle to be included in the mainstream womanist and feminist movements.

Yemane-Tesfagiorgis: Airline’s Racial Profiling


In an incident he is calling racial profiling Meghary Yemane-Tesfagiorgis, a 34 year old man from North London who is of Eritrean Heritage, was escorted off an easyJet flight after a passenger complained about his behaviour on March 29.

Yemane-Tesfagiorgis interviewing with ITV News said:

I was asked to leave the plane by the captain, when asked why? He explained: 'A fellow passenger has stated that she does not feel safe with you on board.' "

Palestine's Berlin wall !


Wisconsin: The beginning of the end for Trump?


After a week of controversy the Trump campaign lost to Cruz in the Wisconsin primary, an upset that will make it very difficult for Trump to secure enough delegates for the Republican nomination.

Prior to the Wisconsin primary Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski was arrested for assault and battery against a reporter, and Trump himself made multiple contentious statements on abortion, foreign policy, and nuclear weapons.

On women who have abortions Trump said:

there has to be some form of punishment.”

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