Thank you Sol, Tinie, David, Ade, Magnus, Rankin and June


When good people come together we can change our world."

This is what one of the world's most famous photographers – Rankin - wrote on the inside pages of his book.

400 Africans die at sea: Politics doesn’t matter?


Just a few short months ago the European Union, to which the UK is one of its most powerful members agreed to scale back critical resources that would aid desperate African migrants attempting to arrive in Europe in over crowded boats.

The EU in their wisdom concluded that  if they take away the rescue boats that save lives less people will try and make the often trechorous journey.

June Sarpong turns skin white for OBV and Saatchi & Saatchi campaign


June sarpong let the Loose Women team perform an OBV makeover to enlist her talents and profile to the OBV/Saatchi & Saatchi ad campaign.

She spoke on the programme about her desire to take part in helping as many as one million people to register to vote by 20th April.

Register here:

David Harewood: Why I’m urging black and Asian Brits to vote


‘Whiting up’ for the registration campaign was strange, but the message is strong: if we don’t vote in the election, we’re taking our very colour out of British politics

Don't take the colour out of Britain


London is truly a global city. The capital represents what a globalised future will look like: increasingly diverse, dynamic and culturally vibrant. Magnus Djaba, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi UK, the world’s leading advertising and marketing consultancy, represents that future made flesh today.

Operation Black Vote 2015 General Election Manifesto


Britain, it is argued by some is now a post racial society. And in this ‘post racial’ world, the political and economic discussion on race inequality is no longer needed because, some claim, those barriers no longer exist.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

The problem begins with largely monocultural political parties which seek to represent a diverse and multicultural society. At our present rate of progress in selecting Black and minority ethnic MPs in winnable seats, we will have to wait to 2060 to see a representative Parliament.

OBV bus engages thousands at Palmers Green mosque during Friday prayers


On Friday 10th April, the OBV eXpress voter registration bus made its penultimate stop of the nationwide tour at Palmers Green Mosque.

Black bodies are piling up in morgues of America


Black bodies are piling up in morgues of America and justice lies bleeding on the gutter.

The wretched reality for black people living in North American and Europe is one that haunts our every living moment. White supremacy is such that one of the consequences of racism is that we we are routinely disbelieved. White privies and institutional racism collide in a toxic mix

Coventry Council and OBV: Reclaim democracy - register to vote


Coventry today hosted the Operation Black Vote eXpress voter registration bus. OBV research has shown that BME communities could decide who wins in over 168 marginal seats.

The striking orange vehicle aimed to encourage and inspire communities to play a full and positive role for greater social and racial equality, and to get people on board to register to vote online.

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