Human Zoo: The show must not go on


We live in one of the most diverse cities in the western world. London is what a globalized future looks like for and increasing number of world cities. As the demography of our cities changes, so should the diversity of a broad range of important institutions that make up our city, change to reflect the people its serves.

Jon Daniel interviews Carolyne Hill





You can read more about the ethical dimensions of geopolitics, race and vaccine treatment here:

Somali Leadership Scheme: Safer Neighbourhoods Observation


OBV's Samira Ahmed, Hashim Omar, Tajir Ali, Safiya Mohamed and Yarub Farah were five of a dozen participants that attended the Safer Neighbourhoods Observation meeting in East India at the Aberfeldy Neighbourhood Centre last week.

Safer Neighbourhoods teams are dedicated to the needs of each specific neighbourhood, with the policing priorities for that area decided in partnership with local stakeholders - the public, crime and disorder reduction partnerships (CDRPs), local authorities and other local organisations.

The Powerful and the Powerless


You have to accept that when the Zara designer produced the children’s stripy night top with a star in the corner, they along with the myriad of quality control checks did not realise their product bore a striking resemblance to the clothes that were given to Jewish people in the death camps. On the other hand you may not accept it.

But that’s not the point, either way.

What occurred next is most telling, and should be a wake up call for all of us who demand to be respected and above all listened to.

Mackay symbolises all that’s wrong in football


I’m paraphrasing of course, but this is what Malcky Mackay in effect said last week in his media conference:

Just because I sent truly awful racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-Semitic comments to friend doesn’t mean ‘I’m not a racist, sexist, homophobe, or anti-Semitic."

Well Mr Mackay, exactly what does it actually mean?

Ferguson, Missouri


Madras Day - 375th Anniversary of the metropolis


Last week, millions in the city celebrated Madras Day, renamed Chennai by an Indian government act of decree in 1996 to remove the yoke of British and European colonial history on city names.

Ferguson, Missouri: Dear Mr President!


Operation Black Vote has always had links to the top American Black news site North Star. OBV’s Director Simon Woolley and North Star’s CEO Walter Fields collaborated on UK-US empowerment projects nearly two decades ago. Now we want to rejuvenate those links to help ensure that African Americans are better informed of the Black British and Black European perspective, and that we too are linked in to the pulse of Black America. Here is the first of many articles and news pieces which we will be covering.

Brett Bailey and the new white supremacy


I guess it’s one way to get international fame, lauded by liberals, and thanked by Black actors for getting some miserly short term employment.

But in the real world for the vast majority of Black Britons, and other Africans on main land Europe -where this exhibition has been equally controversial- Brett Bailey’s human installation that mimics the nineteenth century Victorian ‘human zoo’, which exhibited Africans in cages, is but a modern day facet of white supremacy.

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