‘Strange Fruit’: That bitter taste lives on


On Tuesday, 26 May, BBC Radio 4’s Soul Music series featured Billie Holliday’s moving recording of Strange Fruit. It is a blood chilling performance of a song which highlighted the lynching of black people in the US south.

Although recorded in 1939, it was written as a poem two years earlier by a Jewish communist, Abel Meeropol. Since then, dozens of singers have covered it, but none of them have come close to matching her hauntingly angry, pained delivery. For good reason, Time magazine in 1999 named her version the ‘song of the century’.

Did the Black vote win it for Cameron?


This question is not as absurd as you might think. Of course, given that the Labour Party have historically received up to 80% of the BME vote, if Labour’s Ed Miliband had won the Election, then many would have suggested that the BME vote was that crucial factor. But the Conservatives: could you make that claim?

Well, the new data released yesterday by British Future actually makes a strong argument that without the BME vote, David Cameron’s Conservatives would not be enjoying a majority Government. That fact is difficult to dispute.

Black leadership in good shape


WHEN CHUKA Umunna declared on May 12 that he would stand to become the first black leader of any political party and potentially the first black British prime minister, countless thousands rejoiced. Not just here in the UK, but as word quickly spread to the USA, Europe and Africa, including Nigeria the country of Chuka’s father, black people fizzed with the excitement that great change was afoot.

Figures prove case for reform of voting system


An analysis of the voting in May’s General Election shows the following.

The increase in UKIP’s support was far greater than that of any other party, including the SNP. It won 12.6 per cent of the votes, an increase from the 2010 election of almost 10 per cent. SNP’s share went up three per cent to 4.7 per cent and won 56 seats. UKIP, which had two MPs before 7th May, lost a seat.

Racism On The Doors of British Nightclubs


The urban club scene in the UK is often held up as being the epitome of multicultural Britain, from Grime to Garage from Rave to Reggae, the cultural domination of black music and fashion is easily spotted on every weekend in the bars and clubs of most major cities.

Tory's plan to scrap Human Rights Act and introduce Snoopers' Charter


As a life long Conservative member and supporter it pained me to see that immediately after winning the Election, the Tory’s priority was to abolish the Human Rights Act. Theresa May as the Home Secretary appears to want to push through a Snoopers' Charter that risks turning the UK into a police state. I doubt if many voters told their Tory candidates that the Human Rights Act was high on their list of priorities or that they wanted a snoopers’ charter to be introduced as a matter of urgency.

Two wins in the world of soccer


In the white male-dominated world of professional football, it is good to report two rare victories.

The first is the story of Annie Zaidi, who is Youth Engagement Coach at Leicester City Football Club Community Trust. Annie is a Muslim coach with Leicester City Football Club, and the first ever South Asian woman to get a level two coaching certificate from the Football Association. Her story can be seen here.

Kingsley Burrell Inquest Verdict: Beaten, Battered, and Neglected


The horrific death of Birmingham black man and father of two, 29 year old Kingsley Burrell at the hands of the West Midlands Police Service and Birmingham NHS workers, provides another tragic commentary on the reality of institutionalised racism within the criminal justice and mental health systems.

The Inquest held in Birmingham and heard over the last seven weeks, broke the heart of all who had this misfortune to be forced to hear it.

Chuka pulls out of leadership race!


I guess with any meteoric rise there’s always the potential for a spectacular fall. And so it is with less than a week gone by since Labour's brightest star, Chuka Umunna announced he would run for the leadership of the Labour party, he has just announced he’s withdrawing from the contest. He stated in his resignation letter that:

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