Attack on UK Muslims will create extremism


From the political Right, Left, and Centre it is truly open season on Britain’s Muslims. I read the papers, watch the news, and occasionally read the blogs, and shake my head in disbelief.

Under the guise of confronting Islamic extremism and terrorism, there is a daily deluge of Muslim bashing. The vitriol towards the Birmingham Muslim School governors, which is now spreading to Bradford and Tower Hamlets is polarising whole communities, worse still alienating a generation of young Muslims.

Success hidden within the EU elections


The aftermath of the European elections indicates a strong surge to the right, however one story which was not highlighted, was the historic rise in the number of BME MEPs from the UK.

Even though numbers of BME MEPs across Europe is still alarmingly low, it is fantastic to observe that 7 BME MEPs from the UK were elected, which is 3 more than in previous elections and which is approximately half of all BME MEPs across Europe.

World Cup Brazil 2014: Racial divide behind ‘Beautiful game’


In two days time, the samba drums will beat to the ‘beautiful game, played in beautiful Brazil in front of billions of global fans.

With the exception of countries such as Argentina and Uruguay,-explanation is for  another article- Brazil will be most people’s second favourite team to win the World Cup, outside of their own, of course.

Colston & King Leopold 11: Monuments of evil




OBV congratulates rising BME political stars


With the rise of anti-immigrant parties across Europe, the importance of BME political representation is more needed than ever. Initiatives like Operation Centurion, in which illegal immigrants were allegedly targeted using ethnic stereotypes for removal, highlight a distinct change in the political landscape.

The effects of such policies to community relations can be devastating with raids taking place predominantly in BME communities, leading to disruption in many businesses and leaving these communities feeling under attack.

Bayard Rustin: Brother Outside


The “unknown hero” of the civil rights movement

Bayard Rustin, was a brilliant organiser of the US civil rights movement, an adviser to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and was one of the key organisers of the 1963 March on Washington, yet his name is relatively unknown.

He brought Gandhi’s protest techniques to the American civil rights movement, and worked with Dr King to promote the idea of nonviolence and peaceful demonstrations.

Asda: Remove Klu Klux Klan style outfits


You know the business marketing and advertising world is shockingly unrepresentative when business executives representing one of the biggest superstores in the country, indeed the world, approve a product which is identical to the dreaded and feared Klu Klux Klan outfits.

For products to be approved they have to pass a myriad of people and levels. What is extraordinary is that no-one said, ‘Hmmmm you are kidding about this product. Do we really want England fans willingly or unwittingly being dressed up as the KKK?

The 'Tank Man': The man that changed the world


Imagine changing the world and yet, no one knows your name. In fact,  no one knows if you are alive or dead.

25 years ago today, the 'Tank Man’ of Tiananmen Square, whilst innocently out shopping became a symbol of resistance when he interrupted  a column of tanks single-handedly. That we ever witnessed this most single act of defiance is in itself a miracle. The Chinese authorities had already begun their brutal crackdown on students who were protesting for a more open, fairer society.

Anna Lo: UK’s only Chinese-born parliamentarian hounded out by racism


Anna Lo, the UK's only Chinese-born parliamentarian is leaving Northern Ireland politics because of continued racial abuse by loyalists.

She has reluctantly decided not to run again for the centrist Alliance Party in the next round of Stormont assembly elections in 2016 because of continued racial abuse both personally, and what she sees as a deteriorating racial climate in Northern Ireland.

Former Prime Minister signs Walter Tull petition


The former Prime Minister Gordon Brown used the 20th anniversary of football’s anti-racism campaign ‘Kick it out’ to highlight one of England’s greatest heros: Walter Tull.

He told the packed audience including the eldest son of Dr Martin Luther King jr, Martin Luther King 3rd:

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