When Boris met Obama


Eder Lopes: From nowhere to football's summit


Four years almost to the day I remember listening to the 1968 legendary 'Black power' Olympian Tommy Smith after just watching himself at the cinema win the 200 metres final in Mexico 1968. He relived and remembered every step of the race. It was though he was back there running it again, still not quite sure how it would end. A magical defining moment he said that stays with you in Technicolor for your whole life.

Brexit and the rising hatred East Europeans face


Whilst eagerly awaiting the European cup final last Sunday, when by the way the unlikely Portuguese hero Eder eventually scored the winning goal- more on him in another article- I found myself unaccustomedly watching BBC’s country file.

There was a section that, clearly not planned by the beeb that jumped out at me. The piece was about strawberries. Of course Wimbledon had just finished hours early and the discussion began with the tons of strawberries consumed over the Wimbledon fortnight.

Theresa May to be next Prime Minister


With Andrea Leavson pulling out of the Conservative Leadership race, Theresa May is almost certain to become the next British Prime Minister.

With the Labour party seemingly in utter disarray what does all this mean for Black Britain?

Well in truth we just don’t know. On the plus side May has been a champion in confronting as never before the issue of ‘Stop and search’ and how it demonises Black youth. Deaths in police custody, coupled with the negative racial aspect of mental health has also been a cause the May has sought to fight.

Black flight: England’s changing suburbs


Simon Woolley vividly remembers his introduction to the English suburbs. He was detained and handcuffed outside his own home by police officers who refused to believe he lived there. But for the intervention of his white English neighbours, who hurried to vouch for him, the black Briton was on an ignominious route to the local station. These things stay with you.

America’s soul burns with racial hatred


America woke up this morning counting more dead bodies as a direct result of its never ending racial divide and growing hatred.

This time gun men in Dallas, Texas took up sniper positions to gun down police officers in what seems to be a back-lash to the fatal shootings of two innocent Black men by white officers in the last 48 hrs.

It was no coincidence that the slaughter of five police officers, and six others critically wounded was at a Blacklivesmatter protest around the two killings of Black men - Alton Sterling and Philando Castile.

Alton Sterling: Black lives still don’t matter


Another cold blooded murder. Another Black man shot in the back at the hands of trigger happy white police officer. Another brick in the wall that screams to Black America: you’ll always be inferior to us, and we have the ultimate power to take your life.

Race equality groups demand hate crime strategy


National and local race equality groups have come together to show solidarity with all of those minorities who have been subject to unprecedented levels of racial abuse over the last few months. We have also sought to show leadership including demanding that Government urgently produce a National Hate Crime strategy that both offers protection and sets a standard for the whole of society, including MPs to adhere to.

The Tory Leadership: The knives out



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