Survivors of Florida school shooting speak up, speak out


Yesterday, survivors of the recent shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were given the opportunity to speak to and hear from their elected officials and a spokeswoman from the NRA.

The town hall was hosted by CNN after survivors of the attack have gained media attention for their gun control advocacy following the loss of 17 people at the Parkland, FL high school. Students, parents, and community members spoke on Wednesday, pressuring officials to provide tougher restrictions on guns.

Black-led voluntary sector funding discussed at Downing Street


The independent review of the Mental Health Act is mandated to explore why people from black African and Caribbean communities are more highly represented among those subject to the Mental Health Act - and what might be done to address any discrepancies and reduce inequalities. Patrick Vernon reports from Downing Street for Mental Health Today.

Funding for the black-led voluntary sector has been discussed at Downing Street as part of the ongoing review of the Mental Health Act, the law governing mental health in England and Wales.

Black Panther: A hero of our own


Since the beginnings of film, African descended people have been caricaturised, impersonated, and rendered invisible. From early 20th century stereotypes of the large, docile Black Mammy to the hypersexualized drug dealing heroes of ‘70s Blaxpliotation, Black people have had social roles and categories prescribed onto them by (mostly white) Hollywood filmmakers for years.

Cyril Ramaphosa: A new dawn for South Africa?


South Africa’s parliament has elected Cyril Ramaphosa President of the Republic of South Africa following Wednesday’s resignation from former president Jacob Zuma. For many, this comes as a welcome change. Members of parliament even stood to cheer and sing upon the official announcement of their new leader.

Can Winnie Byanyima save Oxfam?


As Oxfam continues to deal with the backlash of its recent sexual abuse scandal, it has thrust Winnie Byanyima, Executive Director of Oxfam International, to the forefront of media coverage.

Oxfam sex scandal; neo-colonialism?


Same sex marriage repealed in Bermuda


Bermuda has become the first nation in the world to grant and repeal same-sex marriage rights. With its recent Domestic Partnership Bill, the British territory will revoke the option of an official marriage for same-sex couples. Same-sex couples will now be only eligible for recognized domestic partnerships.

Blue Plaques on Wolverhampton’s diversity, not Enoch Powell



The Express and Star ( have deliberately and social engineered a debate promoting the legacy of Enoch of Powell in Wolverhampton and his infamous Rivers of Blood speech which after 50 years is still divisive and dangerous.

Anas Sarwar speaking truth to power in Scottish Parliament


Scottish Member of Parliament Anas Sarwar has laid out an eight point plan for addressing institutionalised racism and Islamophobia within the Labour Party. The plan comes after he reported allegedly Islamophobic, racist comments from Labour council leader Davie McLachlan during his campaign for party leadership.

In November, Sarwar ran for party leadership, but was defeated by Richard Leonard. Sarwar recently uncovered that Davie McLachlan allegedly told him he refused to support Sarwar’s campaign because Scotland was not ready for a "brown, Muslim Paki.”

India’s historic 69th Republic Day Celebration


On Friday January 26th, India celebrated its 69th annual Republic Day. The holiday marks the anniversary of India’s constitution going into effect, replacing the Government of India Act as India’s primary governing document, and officially completing India’s transition to a fully independent republic. This date was chosen to commemorate India’s independence, as it also marked the anniversary of the Indian Declaration of Independence, made known on January 26th, 1930.

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