Edward Enninful: Taking the fashion world by storm


There’s a new kid on the fashion block and critics say he’s about to shake up the fashion world with insight, pizzazz and a relevance that brings the industry into the 21st century.

Edward Enninful is a Ghanian born stylist who has lived here in the UK since he was six. He first burst on to the scene as a young model, then at the age of 18 as the youngest ever editor of the youth culture magazine I-D. I-D founder Terry Jones saw something special in this young man and duly gave him the reigns.

Happy 21st Birthday OBV


It is sometimes difficult to find things to celebrate when there are a lot of negative events going on: the four terror attacks - Westminster, London Bridge, Manchester, and Finsbury Park, - the awful tragedy of Grenfell Tower, and the continuing rise of xenophobia as we march towards the EU exit.

But as OBV reaches its 21st birthday-16th July 1997- and is still trying to make an impact to confront and challenge racism through civic and political participation I think it’s right that we duly celebrate this historic milestone.

Bristol city councillor in race row


Black groups in Bristol are in uproar over the race-disparaging comments made by a Labour Councillor against the country’s first directly elected Mayor from an African/Caribbean background, Marvin Rees, and his Deputy Asher Craig who is also from African/ Caribbean heritage.

Speaking on social media, Cllr Harriet Bradley commented: ‘Wish I was Mayor! I like Marvin but I am honestly not sure if he gets socialism. His background-like that of Asher Craig his deputy –is in diversity politics.’

Tory MP Suspended After Making Racist Remark


At an East India Club event in London yesterday, Anne Marie Morris, the Conservative MP for Newton Abbot, casually used the N-word during a discussion of Brexit, which led to the eventual removal of her party whip.

While taking part in a public panel along with other Pro-Brexit Conservative MPs, Sir William Cash and John Redwood, Morris used the offensive language while talking about the possibility of having no Brexit deal after the two years of negotiations.

Rise in racism at schools post Brexit


Introducing Abigail Kass

Abigail Kass is a political science student from Boston University and  has recently joined OBV on our international intern programme. She has been assisting the team with our MP Shadowing scheme recruitment, and has now written her first article for us, highlighting the rise of racism in schools post Brexit. We look forward to many more insightful articles, and assisting us with our campaign work.


Understanding racism by Ibram X. Kendi


Ibrahim X Kendi has taken America by storm with his new book. 'Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America.'

And now based on that book he’s written the ‘Long Read’ article in the Guardian explaining some of his thoughts. Some of his ideas both in the article, book and other articles he’s written are challenging to say the least, but at the same time his work is illuminating, and wonderfully empowering.

Publish death in police custody report


The inquest into Sarah Reed’s death begins on today . Tues 4th July- She was found dead in her cell in Holloway prison in London in January 2016 and her relatives will be expecting answers on the level of care she received and her wider treatment by public authorities. In 2012 Sarah was the victim of an assault by a police officer, an experience which aggravated her mental health issues.

Campaign to reinstate Dr Vivienne Lyfar-Cissé


Campaigners in Brighton are calling for the immediate reinstatement of race campaigner Vivienne Lyfar-Cisse.

Young OBV talent take their place


As activists I and my OBV colleagues were filled with great pride watching the first Prime Minister’s Question time of this new Parliament.  For there sat proudly on Her Majesty’s green benches representing the people of Slough and Battersea two OBV alumni, now MP’s: Tan Dhesi and Marsh De Cordova.

Sir Martin Moore-Bick - Unacceptable Grenfell Judge


If the Government are trying to build confidence with families of those who perished in Grenfell Tower,  survivors and communities,   could they  have done a worse job by appointing Sir Martin Moore-Bick?

Two elements that mark out the Grenfell disaster: one often spoke about -class, and the other completely ignored - race.

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