Lord Oakeshott funds BME candidates

In a push to support Ed Miliband's bid for No 10, former Liberal Democrat Lord Oakeshott is helping to bankroll 30 Labour candidates – including 4 BME candidates. He also supported leftwing Liberal Democrats of the party, including John Pugh &m...

UKIP can be halted at the General Election

I can remember my mild surprise when listening to Douglas Carswell's acceptance speech the morning after he won the Clacton by-election back in October. Carswell, you'll recall, was the sitting Tory MP for the constituency who resigned when de...

Has the memory of Martin Luther King been airbrushed?

Martin Luther King day in the US, celebrating the courage and achievements of this amazing man

Charlie Hebdo and Europe’s rampant racism

To be a conscious African or Muslim and to live in Europe is to inhabit a dual consciousness