Will any Black artist play for Trump?


2016:18 Black teachers in Liverpool. Jan 2017 no change?

The issue highlighted in Liverpool today is one that is occurring in almost every major city in the UK- The lack of Black teachers. This is particularly problematic where the number of Black students is significant. Nationally the data shows there are...

PM brave Brexit New World:Immigration Still Key

If you were pulling together a strong poker playing team you might want some like the Prime Minister Theresa May on your side: Strong, resolute and prepared to call the opponents bluff when the stakes couldn’t be higher. That’s prob...

MLK Day: ‘Racism; Black man’s burden, white man’s shame’

  This year Fifty years ago, Dr Martin Luther King made a prophetic speech whilst being honoured with a doctorate at the University of Newcastle. For his work as a freedom fighter, and ‘social revolutionary’ the University’...