Oxford recognizes first black student

In a move to satisfy its priority to recognise its broad range of alumni displayed in its pictures, paintings and plaques around campus, Oxford University has unveiled a new plaque honouring Christian Cole. The plaque, which can be seen in Logic Lane ...

Boundary change review and political clash

The boundary commissions for England, Scotland and Wales have just produced a new map of constituency boundaries – one that would increase the chances of continued Conservative power in the next election, and abolish Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn&...

Michelle Alexander: Race central to drugs policy reform

I’ve just returned from an international conference on drugs policy reform in Atlanta, Georgia USA. The keynote speaker addressing the 1500 strong attendees was Michelle Alexander, author of the best-selling book, The New Jim Crow. In it she out...

Four years to appoint ethnic minority directors in FTSE 100 companies

Britain's biggest companies given a four-year deadline to appoint one BME board member