Race inequality ‘entrenched’ in UK report finds

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has given its most damning report on the state of race inequality perhaps for a generation. Not only does it highlight entrenched racial disadvantage in key area of education, employment and the criminal justic...

Australia’s outsourced misery prison to close

We are all aware of multinational companies outsourcing their work to countries who pay a pittance to what they would have to in their own countries. Often the conditions and pay are terrible. In some cases such as the retailing manufacturing tragedy ...

Brexit, 'The Book Thief' and the lessons from history

The Book Thief eloquently lays bare the cancer of division spewed by Nazi propaganda

Nadiya Hussain: “Racism is part of my life”

'The Great British Bake Off' winner says that being on the receiving end of many forms of racism is part of her life.