Historical ‘race at work’ survey

This is your chance to make history.  Never before have we had the opportunity to, in our own words articulate what the Black experience is in the workplace.  Now we do. Business in the Community's 'Race Equality Campaign' in par...

If Lord Sewel were Black!

Lord Sewel was caught in drugs and sex sting that saw his glittering political career implode. I've heard that some peers have claimed he has ' brought the Lords into disrepute' and when I heard that I laughed so much I fell off my cha...

Runnymede Trust: "Budget's racial disadvantage"

Yesterday, the leading race equality think tank, Runnymede Trust unveiled their analysis of the Governments  recent budget. The hard hitting report suggests nearly 4 million Black and minority ethnic individuals might be disproportionately a...

Theresa May and Police Accountability

"To me Brixton was a significantly more genuine neighbourhood with touches of the Windrush generation"