Crabs In A Barrel

Not enough of us are raising our concerns about the disproportionate and increasing numbers of black men and other vulnerable groups within the prison system in a unified way. The figures are staggering - the ethnic minority prison population has doub...

Twitter US: Spot the Black Employee

Among Twitter’s 2,910 employees in the United States, only 49 are African American.  Figures released yesterday from the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report show that black employees account for only 1.7% of the US-based company&rsquo...

Farron and Lamb: ‘I’ll be Race equality champion’

On a hot sticky evening at Draper House, South London the two men fighting it out for the leadership of the Liberal Democrat party - Tim Farron and Norman Lamb - had their most difficult, yet most inspiring hustings event to date in front of a largely BM...

Greek bail-out crisis

Greek bail-out crisis