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It’s a widely held view that when it comes to racism, today’s generation is much l...
An analysis of the voting in May’s General Election shows the following. The incr...
The urban club scene in the UK is often held up as being the epitome of multicultural Brita...
As a life long Conservative member and supporter it pained me to see that immediately after...
In the white male-dominated world of professional football, it is good to report two rare victories
This horrific death provides another tragic commentary on the reality of institutionalised racism
I guess with any meteoric rise there’s always the potential for a spectacular fall.
BB King had a 70 year career and mentored and inspired a generation of great musicians
Some bookmakers have just made him favourite, and they rarely get these things wrong.
Farage: "I said I would resign if I lost the election in South Thanet, and I’m going to keep my word"
The Black and minority ethnic vote turned out in increased numbers, bucking the national trend
Defying both the polls and the pundits, PM David Cameron has scored an incredible victory
A record number of BME politicians: Ten new BME female MPs have been returned to Parliament
Every people have brought their distinct cultures to make the UK economically and culturally richer.
Much of his time is spent promoting community cohesion, supporting third sector organisations...

Time to vote

From: News
07 May 2015
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What is racism

From: Article
06 May 2015
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Surely I’m not the only one weary of the constant denial of racism from Britain’s Ukip...
Seema’s mantra has always been work hard, and then even harder. That way they cannot ignore you


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