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Never mind Ukip, what about the migrant vote? A new report by the Migrant Rights Network gr...
The semi -fictional characters convey a history of Black political life, and party political struggle
Rev Al Shaprton made a blistering attack on the UK’s political elite when he told a p...
The relevance of Selma March of 1965 to today's politics.
Our thanks to the US Embassy for hosting the private viewing of Selma last night
OBV launches its General Election campaign on 24th Jan at the University of Westminster
Former Lib Dem Lord Oakeshott is helping to bankroll 30 Labour candidates including 4 BMEs
A rabid anti-EU stance is just about all he and UKIP agree on, according to Robin Brant
Due to high demand OBV has made available more tickets to see Civil Rights Icon Rev Al Sharpton
Martin Luther King day in the US, celebrating the courage and achievements of this amazing man
To be a conscious African or Muslim and to live in Europe is to inhabit a dual consciousness
  Greetings to you all! In a year that has already been so dramatic, in particula...
`The current rules on standing for election are complex, out of date and difficult for candidates'
Cartoon Corner
I met Lorenz in Berlin just before Xmas at a leadership training event which OBV helped found....
Our first thoughts must go out to the families and the unbearable pain they must feel about losing loved ones
Many hoped, including myself, that National Health Service, without doubt the Jewel in the ...
Mayoral hopeful David Lammy takes on the toxic immigration debate head on


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