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Speech at the Labour party conference
Yesterday saw the most watched Presidential debate in US history with approximately 100 mil...
It was only recently that I became aware of how easy it is to be on the NHS Organ Donor Reg...
It’s not very often you see footballers past and present in the news, and you say, ‘Wow, that’s impressive’.
When 15k African Americans gather annually in Washington DC, the White House has to take notice
A black man was shot dead on the streets of Charlotte in a manner which has become all-too-predictable
New footage of the same officer is filmed harassing and arresting another Black man Kyle Adair Whyte
An inspiring book written by Zanib Mian, encouraging girls to be independent and find their own adventures
Today is the last date to vote for the Labour party leader which will be either Corbyn or Smith
Police claim that he refused to hold his hands in the air, however, the video clearly shows a different story
Oxford Brookes University Presents: An Open Lecture with Simon Woolley, Director Operation Black Vote
The day began with a breakfast meeting and catch up with OBV’s dear friend Reverend Jesse Jackson
Mayor Marvin Rees and Helen Grant MP will be part of a delegation heading to the White House
Chibundu Onuzo looks at one potential fallout from the Eu referendum outcome
Matthew Ryder QC has been appointed London’s first Black Deputy Mayor by Mayor Sadiq Khan
And why is Africa in the basement, or worse still as many of us now not even on display at all
How many times have you heard a racist and sexist comment followed by those immortal lines: ‘It’s only joke’
Julia didn’t really want to talk about ‘Blacklivesmatters’ but rather to spew scorn on the movement


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