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Of course I’m a big fan of legislative measures that protect people’s rights fr...
Within an hour of the Prime Minister’s ‘bold’ party conference speech in ...
Press release: Immediate Re: Lewisham Council and Operation Black Vote:- Contact OBV ...
Saatchi and Saatchi’s strong innovative ad campaign for OBV took home the top prize for a PR campaign
Jamaica is pressing British Prime Minister David Cameron for reparations for slavery
A parallel must be drawn between the Barack Obama and Jeremy Corbyn's campaign for leadership
Researchers baffled as to why impoverished London families continue to academically outperform others
OBV supports the reparations movement in the Caribbean and beyond
if Cameron was planning to fudge or avoid the reparations debate he shouldn’t be going to Jamaica at all
Cameron’s use of the House of Lords to reward aides, cronies and donors might leave even Tony Blair astonished
God willing, one day soon we’ll have our own National Black Caucus.
Lib Dem Conference: Will it discuss race inequality and diversity particularly in its own party
Just three weeks into September, three young men have already lost their lives this month.
A powerful film, based on a true story - 24th September
‘Sancho – An Act of Remembrance’ written by Paterson Joseph, begins a short run this week,
Lisa Rowles explores the importance of restorative justice in today’s world and acknowledges its’ African roots
While we have focused on Sayed Khan’s selection, let’s not overlook the Conservative contest
Not only is Corbyn not being granted a honeymoon, relatives are determined to have a brawl at the wedding.”
Once again Marvin is on the threshold of making history by becoming the first directly elected Black mayor
Congratulations to Diane Abbott and Seema Malhotra, both appointed to Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet


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