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A great day to be empowered
The OBV eXpress bus tour was barely half way through its journey when I went off to Brussels
"Mark Duggan was shot dead in the street like a dog..."
Black activists say Trevor phillips doesn't speak for the Black communities
Until April this year, the OBV eXpress is set to visit towns and cities across the UK. By Colin Joseph.
Amin sought to collaborate with EDL known for its thuggery & hatred for Muslims and Black people
The far-right movement continues to gain momentum in the UK and across Europe
Many in the room including Bishop Powell, Bishop J Aldred, and Dr David Muir, who knew better.
If Mandela or Martin Luther King were alive today, they would oppose what Trevor Phillips has just said
The deadline for voter registration is quickly approaching! With just weeks left until the cut-off
Two young women have epitomised a new generation of young Black leadership: Shanice & Lauren
In an age where you can use smartphone technology to do most things from booking a holiday ...
A 50% increase in young BME people that have been unemployed for more than a year
Press Release: OBV launch the UK’s first voter registration download APP at Youth Concert
Farage has said if he was in Government he would scrap race equality employment laws.
The role of decent art in any democracy is to critically challenge, inspire, educate and help us
PPC Naz Shah tells what inspired her to fight for equality and get involved in politics
HMIC: “police forces are at considerable risk of discriminatory strip-searching practices.”
Fuse is flying in from Los Angeles , US to give this free concert to inspire a young generation to vote


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