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“It controls the minds of the masses” Malcom X once wisely said. Connecting soc...
The Labour party are right to have suspended the Bradford MP Naz Shah and the former London...
The Green Party has introduced its BAME manifesto that will support and value BAME Londoner...
Riyad Mahrez became the first African to be named English football player of the year on April 24th.
Livinstone said that he would consider emigrating if Britain voted to leave the European Union.
The third protest will take place on Friday 29th April 12noon – 2pm outside Aqua House, Birmingham
President Obama has probably single handedly defeated every argument the Brexiters have.
Harriet Tubman, anti-slavery is set to become the first black person to feature on U.S. paper currency
Iconic and legendary are adjectives too easily banded about to describe individuals
Bouattia was elected as president after a tense contest in which she unseated incumbent Megan Dunn
Zac Goldsmith’s campaign team they refuse to respond to a plea to sign a ‘Code of Conduct’
Probably largest single death toll of migrants crossing the dangerous seas has largely gone unreported
Youth violence in London is rising and too many young Londoners are living their lives in fear of violent crime
Lenny Henry is campaigning for improving black, Asian and minority ethnic representation in the TV industry
Newspaper headlines could make almost any wild aspersion they wished against Muslims.
Why do many Indian and Chinese teenagers outperform their peers? The secret is parenting.
Policing London is very much like policing the world – over 300 languages are spoken across London every day
For many BME organisations, and individuals the London Mayoral race has become increasing vitriolic


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