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Not since the end of the 2nd World War has Britain has seemed so uncertain about its leader...
For many years xenophobia-which is a dislike of foreigners- was almost always the exclusive...
The London Mayoral elections have come and gone and several commentators have tried to anal...
Not since the 1970’s have we seen day to day extreme racial abuse and violence on the...
There will be lots of analysis seeking to explain how we ended up being the pariah of Europe.
Whether you voted Leave or Remain, the UK has woken up to a more fearful and uncertain world
When asked about his vile 'Breaking point' poster, his response was, "what about OBV's see saw poster"
It is vitally important that all black and minority ethnic peoples ensure that they use their vote
We can only imagine the pain and despair the family of Jo Cox MP must be going through right now.
The EU referendum vote will dictate whether or not the UK turns it's back on the European Union
Warsi states that Britain will be a more divided and xenophobic country in the wake of the Leave campaign tactics
He recalls his mother telling him that the ‘mother country needs you, but make sure you come back’.
It is devastating that an MP should be so brutally murdered going about their duty as a public servant
We claimed that these elements were on both sides of the debate, but particularly on the Leave side.
No to all forms of hate crime
OBV and Saatchi launched a poster campaign urging people to go to the polls to vote in the EU Ref
It should not be driven by the few and certainly shouldn't be decided by minority of small interested parties
Mayor Khan applauds OBV’s latest poster campaign that urges the UK’s BME communities to vote
My heart goes to those affected, my anger is focused on our own culpability as a wider society.


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