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Mayor Lutfur Rahman is perhaps the most scrutinized politician in Britain today. He is the ...
Leadership building, civic engagement and electoral participation have been the political b...
One year ago, a groundbreaking report was delivered in Parliament. It was called Hear Me No...
The Daily Express,The Daily Mail, and the Telegraph are writing about it almost as fact!
The term “diversity” increasingly just applies to gender. By Iqbal Wahhab OBE
133k sign petition. Chris Grayling under pressure to afford the family legal aid.
Black is beautiful. This is a powerful message to embrace the colour of your skin.
Growing support for Walter Tull from footballers to Ministers
Sapeurs defy poverty with flair for fashion
Labour have pledged to ‘bust open’ the closed club that is Whitehall.
Sajid Javid made history today by becoming the first Black Secretary of State, ever
Met Commissioner recommends 50/50 recruitment to increase BME officers
Calls a local Councillor for Stockport Council to cut twin-town ties
Baroness Benjamin questions Government's education plan
Deadline to register May 6th. Vote come May 22nd
Stroke continues to be the third leading cause of death in England.
Jeremy Clarkson used a racial slur against Asians in an episode of Top Gear
The ceremony recognises the very best of Muslim contribution to British society
Swedish activist Jallow Momodou depicted in noose by Dan Park
Why are universities failing to treat BME students as equals?


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