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David Cameron said: "The military is definitely one sector where I don't see black people represented at the top
The very idea of thinking about a Black legacy propels us to both celebrate great achieveme...
Since their founding in 2012 by two inspirational businesswomen, Melanie Eusebe Sophie Chan...
Never before in British history as there ever been so much Black talent on the British cine...
Home Office Secretary Amber Rudd, seems once again to be blaming ‘foreigners’s all society’s ills
Home Office figures on race and religious hate crime show an alarming rise right across the country
Two academics gave chapter and verse about the level and details of Sweden's barbaric past
Rev. Jesse Jackson: One thing is clear from the debate Sunday night - It is time to organize
One of Britain's first black police officers, Norwell Roberts, has been honoured by his former colleagues
Randeree: "I want this educational institution to be one of the best education tools..."
A child’s life literally hangs by a human thread. Did he survive? We don’t know really know
A very thoughtful and interesting opinion piece from by Kehinde Andrews about a city - Chicago
The poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, Haiti, is bracing itself for another possible ‘natural disaster’
Speech at the Labour party conference
Yesterday saw the most watched Presidential debate in US history with approximately 100m voters tuning in
This reproduced BBC piece focuses on the low proportion of African, Asian and Caribbean donors.
It’s not very often you see footballers past and present in the news, and you say, ‘Wow, that’s impressive’.
When 15k African Americans gather annually in Washington DC, the White House has to take notice
A black man was shot dead on the streets of Charlotte in a manner which has become all-too-predictable


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