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This Tuesday, the UK government and UNICEF had the privilege to host the first ‘Girl ...
On Tuesday evening, Patrick Vieira walked his ‘Elite Development Squad’ off the...
Now here’s the proof from an extraordinary letter from a battle hardened Captain
Kei-Retta Farrell takes a look at the dynamics that are fueling Black youth unemployment
When we come together in solidarity fighting for equality, demanding to be respected we can win
Adam explores whether or not Jamaicans have that God-given talent to run the fastest
Illustrator Tim Sander’s is back covering OBV news
Thank you Francine Fernandes for being you and giving so much to so many people.
Why are people still using this rancid racist language? Ask Janusz Korwin-Mikke.
The appointments mean more than 50% of Conservative BME MP’s now hold Ministerial positions
On 16th July 1996, a small, but dedicated, group of campaigners launched Operation Black Vote
Community champion becomes magistrate. BME under-representation a key motivation.
The framing of the debate by the BBC is the most disappointing: ‘Too many immigrants?
In her first article for OBV, Kei-Retta Farrell highlights the plight of Africans in Israel.
The public sector is traditionally used as a scapegoat in a time of austerity measures
Ahmed Sule: the survey was not as robust as the headlines might suggest
The pop phenomena and his monster hit “Gangnam Style” - why did this one become a hit?
The Asian community now makes up over 8% of the British population, and contributes extensively
A recent YouGov poll saw Sadiq Khan narrowly edge ahead of Tessa Jowell and Diane Abbott


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