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Having successfully campaigned against the showing by the Barbican Arts Centre, of Brett Ba...
The backlash against proud Black people demanding respect and dignity has been unleashed li...
It’s very difficult to see a strong, dignified Black woman cry. But as I arrived at P...
The controversial and offensive ‘Exhibit B’ exhibition was finally closed down after mass protest
EHRC will carry out an investigation into unlawful discrimination of employees by the Met
Tull lost his parents at a very young age and spent rest of his youth living in an orphanage
BME residents in Scotland, mainly living in Glasgow and Edinburgh could easily be the deciding factor
Labour party leadership needs greater representation at the highest level within the party
The only Black local authority CEO in London will be standing down
Ahandful of women are staggering ahead to make a change in men-dominated oil industry
Speech after speech highlighted the institutional arrogance of the Barbican
OBV cartoon corner: Lack of diversity in the Public Sector
The Barbican has no senior Black person on its management team. Trustees all white.
BME activists protesting at The Barbican against their plans to show Brett Bailey’s Exhibit B
Encouraging: Strong and proud resurgence of African/European identity across Europe
Meandering hypotheses on who will run in 2016 confirms that as of this year, little appears certain
Last Thursday marked the 189th birthday of Dadabhai Naoroji the “Grand Old Man of India”
Both OBV and BARAC UK will now be organizing meetings & series of actions at the Barbican
Jewish and Muslim communities working together to tackle anti-semitism and islamophobia
We should remind the children of today how important education is and how privileged we are


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