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Today, Katie, the second of our two new US interns (in their first week with OBV) tells the...
One of our new US interns Alexandra Fox (Alex) started today, and has hit the ground runnin...
The Liberal Democrats have invited Simon Woolley, Co-Founder and Director of Operation Blac...
Building successful black businesses has an important role in supporting the nation’s...
Almost ten year ago to the day, Merlene Carrington was sworn in as one of Her Majesty&rsquo...
Here we reprint an posting on Facebook by a group of young Musilm women from Leeds. Yusra A...
Why BME NHS staff, are much more likely to face disciplinary charges than their white counterparts?
For his services to young people and interfaith work, Harris Bokhari has been awarded an OBE
There was some recent research that received little attention in the national news
Diversity in the NHS workforce is the jewel in the public sector crown and it's improved our nation's health
Once again OBV is making international headlines with news just in
What makes US racism so lethal is the ease with which people can acquire guns
For most Muslims, the very essence of fasting is to both curb earthly desires, and to bring them closer to God
"I accept who I am... Do I understand why people question or have trouble accepting me? No."
The murder of nine African Americans echoed the heinous act of White Supremacist terrorism in 1963
Mrs Obama's passion that girls and young women can be strong, safe and educated
The ex-minister said her ex-colleagues were fuelling the problem by “disengaging” with Muslim communities.
Today, the language of exclusion is hard to spot as institutions have learnt the language of diplomacy
The success of right-wing parties in last year’s European elections is a worrying symptom of nationalism


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