Abid Hussain : Collateral damage in the fight to get Warsi


Abid Hussain might have expected the national media to give some praise for the relentless work he has done over the years in fostering greater community cohesion particularly between young Muslims and wider society.

For example, recently he hosted a reception for a young persons leadership course that set out to nurture young Muslim leaders. He told the would-be leaders,

We demand you be successful, and in your success, you will help bring our communities together, so that they can see the best in us, and we can all  work together for a better society

But in a political dogfight, Hussian’s attributes count for nothing. In fact they are not interested in Hussain, the man, at all. For certain sections of the media Hussain is being used in an attempt to politically damage Tory Party co-chair Sayeeda Warsi.

In the smear campaign against Warsi, her friends, family, and friends of friends are being targeted in an attempt to undermine her.

Sadly, this tactic is not new. In the first Boris Johnson, Ken Livingstone battle for the capital’s Mayoral ship, a certain section of the media relentlessly target many individuals in the Black community including Doreen Lawrence, Guardian writer Hugh Muir, Pastor Nimes and particularly Lee Jasper. In a bid to get rid of Ken Livingstone all the others were collateral damage.

As a community we have to find a way to stand up to media bullies who have no qualms  in demonizing and crushing anyone if it helps bring down their intended target.

Simon Woolley

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A question that needs to be asked and a legitimate concern


I admire your loyalty BUT are we supposed to defend BAME politicians and their friends no matter what?

You defended Diane Abbott. Her tweet was totally unacceptable and racist. If she was White and had said that about the Black community she would have had to resign.

You have defended Lady Warsi. Going on the media reports, it is clear that all her dealings - business etc - have not been totally above board. Politicians need to have honesty and integrity and they should not be corrupt or fiddle the books. Lady Warsi I think needs to go.

Abid Hussain. I do not know him. Again, I have been reading the news. Mr Hussain has admitted that he had been involved in Hizb ut-Tahrir, a radical Islamist party. Hizb ut-Tahrir has been accused of promoting racism and anti-Semitism, praising suicide bombers and urging Muslims to kill Jews. A former Hizb ut-Tahrir activist, Ghaffar Hussain, who now works for the Quilliam Foundation, the anti-radicalisation organisation, said: “He [Mr Hussain ]acted as a key recruiter and propagandist for the groups in the late 90s". Is this acceptable? I don't think so.

There comes a point when you are defending the indefensible. Why are you defending those who make unacceptable racist statements, who are corrupt, and who have affiliations with radical Islamist organisations?

I would like the same standards to be applied across the Board. If BAME politicians and their friends are not living up to the right standards of behaviour and integrity, they need to go. End of.


'Abid Hussain. I do not know him. Again, I have been reading the news.'

And that's the point, 'reading in the news'. Diane, made a semantic error, easily done on twitter. If Warsi was a corrupt politician, she would have been out long ago. And as for Hussain, there are politicians who have belonged to many suspect organisations when they were younger, how come it's only Black politicians who are not allowed to move on?

My article isn't about defending the indefensible-I/we didn't defend Lord John Taylor-but rather exposing a clear and malign hidden agenda.


Simon - you are a fair and

Simon - you are a fair and honest man but blind loyalty is not something thats suits the best of us. I would have more respect for you if you opened your eyes. Baroness Warsi is the worst kind of black politician - the type that knifes and undermines other black politicians who are doing good work. My proof is clear below from the minutes of the House of Lords and I welcome your honest response:

Pakistan: Visit of Shahid Malik MP (
House of Lords)
All Written Answers on 28 Oct 2009

Baroness Warsi (Shadow Minister (Community Cohesion and Social Action), Communities and Local Government; Conservative)

1. To ask Her Majesty's Government whether Shahid Malik MP's August 2009 visit to Pakistan, including his meeting with Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, was in his official capacity as Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government.

2. To ask Her Majesty's Government with reference to paragraph 10.4 of the Ministerial Code, whether the travel expenses incurred in relation to the August 2009 visit to Pakistan by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Shahid Malik MP, were paid for, in whole or in part, out of public funds; and whether any free travel was accepted.

3. To ask Her Majesty's Government whether the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (a) was informed of, and (b) approved, the August 2009 visit to Pakistan by the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Shahid Malik MP, including his meeting with the Prime Minister of Pakistan, prior to the visit taking place.

It is divine intervention I suppose that Malik responded to the above satisfactorily and the matter went nowhere, however today the honest and sincere champion of black communities is herself being investigated for breaching the ministerial code in relation to a trip to Pakistan! She is the enemy of all you stand for and it is the Lord's work that she today feels the pain she wished inflicted on others!

As for Abid Hussain, it is alleged in the papers that he was a member of the National Executive of Hizbut-tahrir in 2005 - If true then face for the multi-faith public and one face elsewhere........ In addition, calling himself a barrister when it is untrue is a criminal offence...and that wasn't in the 90s but last week!!