Black Church leaders meet activists


Senior Black Church leaders began a fact finding tour across the country in a bid to help them write a Black Church manifesto in the run-up to the General Election scheduled for 2015.

Their first meeting, hosted by ourselves at the OBV offices, sought to have a conversation with Black activists , NGO’s and campaigners. Amongst those who attended were Superintendent Leroy Logon, anti Gang campaigner Sheldon Thomas, Church leader Celia Apeagyei-Collins, and head of BARAC Lee Jasper.

Chairing the meeting Bishop Joe Aldred stated:

This all came about during a church leaders meeting in which participants wanted the Black-led churches to engage in a nationwide voter registration campaign, and to formulate a Black church manifesto. We know that there are many social issues facing our communities, we want to show leadership both with knowledge and a great sense of purpose.

Echoing the sense of purpose theme Celia Apeagyei-Collins stated:

This is our ‘Kairos’ moment,

referring to the South African Black church document published in 1985. A document that galvanized the Black churches into political action by using scripter as a tool to mobilize resistance to the apartheid regime. she concluded:

A generation of Black church goers will not forgive us if we do not seize this moment

Sheldon Thomas urged the Church leadership to ‘listen’ to those youths who were deeply cynical of both politicians and the church leadership.

After four hours of discussion and debate, the gathering left the OBV offices much better informed, united towards a common cause, with spirits raised that this indeed could be our ‘Kairos’ moment.

Let’s hope so.

Simon Woolley

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The churches becoming active

How is the church opening it's door to the people who are struggling to relate it's seemingly very traditional views? Have you thought of working with small, medium and larger businesses from the surrounding areas.

Black Churches Play an important role 4 Next Gen

Yes, that is right.. listen to the youthy, to the next generation- the young adults in and out the church know more than you think. It is vital that they are heard with ALL their views taken onboard regarding who to vote for, why and if they can influence who they think should be voted for in light of who they voted for last time and received ineffective governance].

Agape love and best regards;

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