Black workers receive ‘poverty wages’


Today’s Trust for London report doesn’t make comfortable reading, particularly if you’re Black. This comprehensive report into low paid wages across London should shake the political establishment to the core. Truth is it probably won't. The figures which are truly shocking speak volumes: 20% of working Londoners or 1in 5 are being paid ‘poverty wages’.

That means they are not being paid enough to meet the basic costs of living in the capital. This figure jumps to 33%, or one in three living on poverty wages when it comes to being Black. Black Londoners face a double whammy: First, unemployment levels for Black young men is running at 55%, and many of those and others including women who are lucky to find a job are too often being paid ‘poverty wages’.

We’ve had a glimpse of this when we look at the thousands of office and hotel cleaners in the capital, who are predominantly from Africa, Latin America or South Asia. Many women and men are up at the crack of dawn, working long, hard hours for a wage that barely covers London rents, food and travel.

The report strongly suggests that employers should pay employees a London Living Wage. CEO of the London Trust, Bharat Mehta, said:

This piece of research conclusively shows that paying the Living Wage benefits employers, workers and government. Government can save nearly £1 billion a year in London if companies in the capital pay the Living Wage; workers receive thousands more in wages and employers can reap HR, reputational and efficiency benefits. This means there is no reason for large numbers of companies to pay poverty wages in the capital.

Mehta added:

Paying the Living Wage gives people fair reward for the work they do and helps to tackle poverty and inequality in one of the most unequal cities in the developed world.

Do we really need any more convincing why we need a strong political voice to demand social and racial justice? Are we still saying ‘it’s cool not to vote’, whilst our political class pay scant regard to these levels of gross inequality?

Only when 1-million Black people collectively have a political voice, will we be in a strong position to demand that tens of thousand of Black people are taken out of their ‘poverty wage’.

Simon Woolley

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Well New Labour?

Add all this to the fact that employers have now been given the ease to dismiss employees is something that is very worrying. A lot of Black people will be out of work by this time next year and it will be back to the nineteen seventies cum early eighties again. I hope the government gives a racial tabulation of those out of work and the periods they occurred for transparency purposes. A democratic government should be happy to publish such information if they are truly practising democracy.

All work to bring racial equality into the work place was undermined and damaged by Tony Blair's New Labour government. Tony Blair is toast, but, is making a lot of money for services rendered to the rich city of London and big business in general during his time as Prime Minister; all at the expense of the electorates whose numbers dwarf those who are now rewarding him with blood money; their way of thanking him for abusing his position in office; shallow thinking people who have forgotten that they can only enjoy their wealth in a safe environment; and that helping to finance bad leaderships will eventually destroy what is left of the system – greatly damaged under New Labour – in the United Kingdom today.

In a democratic society, everyone has a right to participate and their voices heard. Tony Blair's New Labour introduced a system that reversed that. A system that politicians now see as a way to line their own pockets at the expense of the electorates; even practising racism to achieve it. Who do we have at the helm of the government today? A very dangerous individual indeed. A privileged person who knows nothing about real people. Things are going to get worse before most of these jokers see the errors of their way; and by then, will no longer see politics as a hobby.

If we are going through a period where some blind people see Boris Johnson as something special, I think that there is something seriously wrong with the current set up of politics which is still being run on New Labour mode.

Politicians today have abandoned what the true idea and spirit of democracy is for, for their own selfish interests. This barbaric Conservative government is introducing very harsh policies that they can't live by, but, are prepared to force it upon other people.

The introduction of this daft idea for employers to sack employees is going to negatively impact on minority ethnic citizens around the country; where a lot of us will be out of work soon. The beasts who have furtively introduced this new method know that employment tribunals have been set up to longer dispense with justice, and are encouraging employers to get their heartless ways via this service; an idea that was already in operation under Tony Blair's New Labour.

Politicians are ripping the whole nation off and are also openly playing the race card to achieve this; where is the spirit of Team GB? Remember Liam Fox and political lobbying? No doubt if Conservative ever wins the next General Election (Heaven forbid), Liam's place is already assured in what will be that Cabinet, and Conservative minority ethnic MPs will continue to rubber neck at key positions that will again elude them in what will be a far greater barbaric and backward government selected by a backward thinking coward of a leader.

David Cameron, Boris Johnson and all other racist thinkers in the coalition government (both Conservative and Lib. Dems.)are not right for the future of politics, and the future of the United Kingdom.

To think that this country once had a Labour government that had similar ideals to them and the BNP.

Equal Pay claims

Given the Court ruling allowing women to make equal pay claims going back six years, is it not worth considering making similar claims based on ethnic orgin or race?

The blatent fact that BME employees get a raw deal when it comes to promotion let alone a chance to even be employed in the first place (according to recent DWP reports), many would feel at least curious as to why such claims have not been part of the so called equality agenda from the outset.

It is reported that the 'city' is afraid of the impact of the Birmingham City women's win in the courts today - the city has every reason to be afraid as its practices are questionable at the best of times - lacking morals, based on personal greed and devoid of feelings of those at the bottom of the food chain. Yes THEY are all in it together.