Is the Cabinet "too white, too male and too rich"?



Following David Cameron and his Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg's first ever reshuffle of the cabinet last week, Simon Woolley, Director of Operation Black Vote spoke about his views on an interview with Voice of Russia.  Presented by Daniel Cinna, Woolley was joined by Dr Mark Bennister, a Senior Lecturer in Politics at Canterbury Christ Church University and Dr Chris Hanretty, a Lecturer in Politics at the University of East Anglia;

The major talking points surround accusations that the new cabinet was "too white, too male, too rich and too right wing". A considerable amount of the ministers have come from privileged backgrounds, they are all white (for the first time in over a decade) and there is a significant lurch to the right that spells more trouble for public services.

The demotion of figures such as Ken Clarke, Baroness Warsi, George Young and Justine Greening and the promotions of Jeremy Hunt, despite the BSkyB debacle, Patrick McLoughlin, Theresa Villiers and Owen Paterson reflects a change of personnel that may lead to more right wing policies. To listen click here:

Does the reshuffle "really demonstrates that this is a Government that means business" as the PM declared or is it a case of "the same old faces and the same old policies" as claimed by Ed Miliband? 

What do you think of the Cabinet reshuffle?

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Alien Cabinet.

David Cameron's Cabinet is not truly representative of today's United Kingdom. It is so painful that the British public are allowing this man to take us all for a ride. The selected Cabinet are only interested in looking after the interest of 'Big Business'. Now, where have I heard that before? Tony Blair of New Labour fame had a similar idea and ended up being the richest ex prime minister ever. Since Tony's bad policies, we have had race riots. The whole world witnessed the images of the racial group in the United Kingdom that where badly hampered by Tony's rich policies for big business that greatly rewarded him after he was turfed out of government in 2007.

Now we are lumbered with David Cameron who sees Tony Blair as his role model. At this moment in time, the future of Minority Ethnic citizens in Britain is not looking good at all. All British citizens have to collectively stop David Cameron in his tracks before he makes our streets very unsafe to walk on.

These politicians have to understand that the citizens of the UK - vulnerable, rich, those struggling etc, electected them into office to represent us all; not just the rich who will reward them after their political careers.


One of the Cabinet's member from the Cabinet pictured above insulted the Metropolitan police at the gates of Downing Street because of a police officer's refusal to allow him to flout Downing Street's regulations regarding security in these very tensed times.

This Cabinet minister said the following: "Best learn your f***ing place ... You don't run this f***ing government. You are f***ing plebs."

Guess what? He has still got his job. Some of David Cameron's arrogant Cabinet members are not right for their offices because of the selection policy which was void of simple equal opportunities in line with the law. There was a failure of practicing an equal opportunities policy in line with the law for all to see; thus, setting the correct example for the rest of us to follow.

The result of this is he has chosen a very arrogant millionaire who is very much out of touch with present day British Society - based on his outburst to the police who protected us all and brought stability back into our daily living last August 2011. The police did not deserve being spoken to in that manner and as a result, I feel this arrogant millionaire should be asked to step down and let someone else take over.

David Cameron deluded himself by picking this Cabinet that is not really representative of present day United Kingdom; talk about square pegs in round holes.

The longer British Governments continue their selection processes this way, the more embarrassment their ill judged selections will continue to bring to them. Let’s sit back and watch more embarrassing situations unfold from this arrogant government who are beginning to think they are above the law themselves.