Call for Black police officers to boycott ‘Stop and search’


Lee Jasper former Policing Director for London will call for Black officers to boycott the use of racial profiling in the discriminatory use of abusive stop and search powers. He also will call on National Black Police Association- NBPA- to lead the fight against racism in the British judicial processes.

In the last 5 years relations with Black and Muslim communities and the police have sunk to the lowest point since the 1970’s. There are now more black officers leaving the police service than are joining. When black officers complain of racism, far too often they face disciplinary witch-hunts.

They are hugely overrepresented in disciplinary proceeding and much more likely to be subject of covert police surveillance. They are routinely denied promotion when compared with their white colleagues and 50% of those who do join subsequently leave within 2-5yrs.

On the issue of increasing diversity in the police service, we are literally going backwards. Stop and Search rates are rising year on year and 75% of young black men are on the police DNA database. If you’re black you are twice as likely to be charged for a first time crime offence and less likely to receive a caution. The acute level of concern about the propensity of black men who die in police custody in suspicious circumstances continues to rise. Complaints of racism against officer are on the rise.

The advent of Police Commissioners is eroding police accountability and there are moves afoot to abolish Community Police Consultative Groups established to improve relations as a result of the 1981 Lord Scarman Inquiry recommendations.

Racism with the criminal justice system is on the rise with black defendants receiving ever-longer sentences when compared to white defendants. Since August 2011, we have seen massive increases in the black prison population.

Justice in Britain is a colour-coded principle where black people as suspects, witness or victims face a system that routinely discriminates. NBPA is best placed to seek to facilitate national discussions among criminal justice organisations about how we end the scandal of a justice system that penalises black people simply for being black.

That’s why I am calling on the NBPA to consider backing a boycott of black officers and refuse to undertake stop and searches that are driven by racial profiling and performance targets and to organise the fight back against the stench judicial racism.

The Government, Association of Chief Police Officers, the Ministry of Justice and the Home Office all need a 10,000-volt political shock in a serious attempt shake them out of their complacency and reset the Governments commitment to race equality.

We need to reinstitute and reinforce the recommendations McPherson made. Fifty years after King's iconic speech real race equality remains a dream in the UK. It is time to embark on a radical campaign for justice.

Lee Jasper

Lee Jasper will shortly be announcing plans for national celebration dedicating next year 2013 to celebrating the 50 years since Dr Martin Luther Kings iconic “ I have a dream speech” (MLK.50)

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Police, CPS and Judiciary - Institutional racism is rife

The failing of the institutions, where do we start?

When one or 2 police officers behave in a racially abusive way is one thing, to have their colleagues who witness such abuse to all produce false statements to protect such dreadful conduct is something that worry us much more profoundly. We must demand that such conduct, ie witnessing but failing to report police colleague's misdeeds must be given serious disciplinary measures including dismissal. Providing false police statement to protect other colleagues from prosecution must be charged for perverting the course of justice without fail by the CPS. It is about time CPS stop being the protector of those rotten police.

The basis of a civil society do not exist if one section of the society are being mistreated by these powerful institutions ganging up together to dish out injustice. This is a recipe for the breakdown of civility.

Police, CPS and Judiciary are behaving the way as they are, simply because they have been getting away with it without any consequences.

Lee jasper

Jasper takes statistics and labels them racist ,just based on his own dislike of not seeing things his way, For a start regarding People of Ethnic minorities being charge more likely for a first offence odes this take into account that Black people are more likely to face a first charge for Carrying a knife or theft, burglary or robbery ,yet white people are more like to face a first charge for Anti social behaviour or traffic offence, Let alone the riots saw behaviour by White people being charged for things more than Black people ,like the Kid who stole some water.

Regarding profiling of people fore stop and search I recall A known White racist gang were stopped and searched in a car near the death of Stephen Lawrence minutes after the attack, Does Jasper want Black officers not to stop and search and the target of white people, or in that case should White P.C.s not target other white people and search them if they think they've done something based on their skin colour,