East Lancashire Royal Mail: ‘Endemic’ Racism


The level of collective racism at the Royal Mail in Blackburn’s Canterbury Street depot, has been exposed in court. Former postal worker Abdul Musa is thought to have received at least £100,000 after he was racially victimized by numerous staff at his depot.

After Musa first complained in 2007 about being called a P… , cockroach and vermin by his colleagues, the investigation was seen as ‘shambolic’ the court heard. A counter claim was made against him and he was sacked in 2007 .

A postal worker Christopher Eccles was eventually sacked, however, in support of their racist colleague workers at the depot went on strike. 12 other colleagues, many of whom can be named for the first time today, were later disciplined.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission funded Mr Musa’s case after his previous legal representation withdrew from the proceedings.

John Wadham, a former director of Liberty and now general counsel for the EHRC, said:

The fact that his colleagues were acting unlawfully was not enough to stop them from victimising Mr Musa.

People facing discrimination also need an advocate, such as the Commission, to make sure that the law is obeyed.

Blackburn MP Jack Straw said:

Behaviour like this has always been unacceptable but in this day and age it is outrageous and doesn’t do anyone any credit.

Simon Woolley