FIFA’s Sepp Blatter must go


Head, and President of world footballing body FIFA ,Sepp Blatter has once again demonstrated why he should step down from his post.

Responding to the walking off the field by the Milan team which responded to the racism shown to Kevin Prince Boateng during a friendly against Pro Patria, Blatter accuses Boateng of ‘running away’.

Not only was he dismissive towards Boateng, and his Milan team mates he also threatened, that any team following Milan’s actions would be docked points, a sanction that has never been used against teams whose fans have collectively abused Black players.

Indeed, the sanctions that have been used against players and clubs have been risible. Starting a match a few minutes late, or advertising a product on your underpants has met with sterner penalties than racist incidents.

Blatter is no stranger to ineffectual solutions to deal with racism. After the Suarez affair, Blatter suggested that the way to deal with racism on the field is for both players to shake hands afterwards.

The Reading striker Jason Roberts tweeted of the FIFA president's remarks:

This is CLASSIC..Blatter has outdone himself here...So..if you are being racially abused in a game, and have reported it to the Ref 3 times, just stand there and take it, that way YOU win..

And don't worry because Blatter and those like him..are going to hit the Clubs/FA/with a meaningless fine, or write a plan, that way YOU win.

No Thanks Sepp...tried that..65k fine for repeat offenders like Serbia about..WALK OFF THE PITCH..the only language you understand!"

Roberts is right, whilst footballing bodies continue to be ineffective, walking off the pitch is one of the few decisive actions left to players and their teams.

Meanwhile, change should start at the very top, that means removing the outdated Blatter with immediate effect.

Simon Woolley

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Blatter blubbing again!

Mr Blatter please leave the pitch immediately! This should be an impetus for a Black Players Association.