Ghetts urges young people to stand up and be counted


Underground grime artist Ghetts is calling for young people to stand up and be counted – by taking part in next year’s census.

The young artist’s views are based on the notion that the needs and interests of young people in the UK are ignored and that one way of making sure their voice is heard is to take part in the 2011 Census.

Talking about the new track Invisible, to be released by 360 Records, Ghetts said: “The point is that young people are the future. We’ve got to take every opportunity to get our views across so that we get the sort of communities that we want for our own kids.

“The census gives us a chance to shape the future of our neighbourhoods. It’s time to stand up and be counted.”

2011 Census spokesperson Helen Bray said: “The census is about understanding the needs of communities and planning for the future so that services and facilities can be provided for young people.

“Young people can feel that they can’t influence the future, but with the help of Ghetts we can encourage them to take one step towards making a real contribution to their communities.”

Ghetts will be performing his new track at youth centres and schools across London as well as visiting music colleges and community centres promoting his new release - and driving home his census message.

The census helps Government allocate resources to the areas that need them the most. The new track, Invisible, makes the point that people need to fill in and return the census questionnaire to make sure local and national authorities know where services such as transport, housing, hospitals, schools, community centres and libraries are needed for the future.

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Ghetts, census and privatisation.

It sounds as if Ghetts is trying to primarily promote his music over making any sound and pragmatic political or social comment.

Also, given that, under the current government, public services will either be fully privatised or administrated within the conditions of the ideology of privatisation, the census is appearing to be of less relevance than previous due to the influences of the concept of supply and demand including entrepreneurial will of choice and investment over collective request, requisitioning and administrative socialist principles.

Who handles the info?

well to cut a long story short, the information is going to be handled by lockheed martin, the US arms company. They can be forced to hand over all information they have to the CIA. Seems like we won't get any privacy with this


"In December 2008, the government quietly awarded the £150m contract to collect and securely handle the 2011 census data to Lockheed Martin, the second-largest arms manufacturer in the world. It makes bombs, bomber jets and has run most of the US military's intelligence gathering and interrogation, including at Guantánamo Bay''- Boycott the 2011 Census!

Government cares about Black people?!

If anyone thinks the government want more Black people to fill in the census because they genuinely care about them, they are living in a parrellel universe.

The government want the information to control Black people, not help them. For more information, check out who will be suffering most in the cuts, and who is controlled most by police forces, the criminal justice system, school exclusions and mental health units.

You don't need to put your name or address on the census!

I'm intrigued by some of the comments on this thread.

The number of Black people in the UK is based on the census figures.

If Black communities fail to fill them in, then statistically the percentage of Black people in the UK will be shown to have dropped and any arguments Black Communities wanted to make would be weakened by that fact.

I'd urge everyone to fill them in. If you're concerned about tracking by "the CIA" then use the law to your advantage and use a name of your choice and fill it in at a different address.

Use the wisdom of the suffragette Emily Wilding-Davidson, who locked herself in a closet in Parliament to use that as her Legal address when the census was collected in 1911.

To be absent from the count is to be absent from society and that is no good for anybody.


If you knew the history about the CENSUS, (fire of LONDON 1666) you would not fill in it, why do we listern to these people and take what they say for gospel, do your research on everything, even if they try to say its a legal requirment (WHY) its all to scare you, what you could do if you want to give them any info about yourself, send them a Affidavit of truth and understanding, (google) in that you would be telling them what your understanding of things. you have to remember and be careful because any forms you fill in and sign you would be entering into a contract and they would have control over you, look up (contract law). Now I am sovereign living flesh and blood on this planet (lawful rebellion) and I for one have not and will not fill that form.
peace to all.

Ethnic monitoring.

"2011 Census spokesperson Helen Bray said: “The census is about understanding the needs of communities and planning for the future so that services and facilities can be provided for young people."

This sounds to me like this government's wish to know how many non-whites are presently residing in this country. New Labour has opened a can of worms.

Viva la (census) revolucion!!!

Sometimes I read this blog and wonder what planet people are on.

- The first official census was in 1801, and the first 'type' of census under William I. Neither has anything to do with a) the Great Fire of London, or b) New Labour.

- Like Paul says, the less people fill it in, the more skewed the picture of local areas are, and the more misinformed we are as to local areas needs.

- The reason we know about many forms of inequality is because the last census is used as baseline. You can not say black people X times more likely to be stopped and seartched, if you have no data about the general population to base your statistic on. That is the preferred position of some of these comments

- Speaking of the CIA, I find it more believable that they've spread internet rumours to dupe everyone with nonsense paranoid stories about the census.

If you don't want to fill out the form, that's your call, but lets not try and make out the census is the bogeyman and that it is not a useful tool.

p.s. I think Lockheed Martin are pondlife too, but the amount of penetration by undesirable companies, means we'd have to sit in a cave in the dark to stick to our principles. Barclays are another questionable entity (and have been since trading in apartheid South Africa), that said, how many people who feel strongly about apartheid, boycott watching the Premier League because of their sponsorship? I would argue almost zero.

Rally for the removal of LM from census management, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater!