John Terry not guilty of racism


In what can only be described as an extra ordinary event, Chelsea’s captain has been cleared of racially abusing Anton Ferdinand.

Terry did not deny he used the words ‘fuck off, fuck off ...fucking black cunt, fucking nobhead’ but argued ‘fuck off, fuck off ...fucking black cunt’ , was a question, not an insult.

Why you wouldn’t say , ‘I didn’t say you fucking black cunt’ or at least seen to be making a questioning gesture is difficult to fathom.

What is clear from this and other incidents in football this season is that when it comes to race football is in a poor place. Racism on the field and racism off the field has been a feature throughout the premiership last season.

Furthermore, the lack of Black managers in top flight football in contrast to one third of players players being Black highlights a persistent race inequality in the middle and higher levels of football.

Football both on and off the field will not change until Black footballers collectively demand it. Black sports men in America playing in the NBA and NFL collectively joined forces to demand change. As a result of their actions there are many more Black managers and other senior people in the game.

Simon Woolley

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I have seen the footage and

I have seen the footage and it is certainly not said in a questioning way. This verdict is outrageous and once again the FA have shown their true colours.

John Terry

This is a very sad day, however not a surprise. We are lulled into a false sense of security that laws are in place to punish such appalling conduct. It is very sad that these laws which are suppose to be there to stamp out such outrageous behaviour and bring about equality very seldom do. In relation to the authors comments, I am of the view that it is not only within the sporting world that there needs to be an upraising against these injustices but across many sectors to include the political and judicial system who make and who are suppose to enforce the law.

Let's Move On...

The evidence presented to the court wasn't clear enough to have JT convicted, especially with strong support from the likes of Ashley Cole etc. I'd rather have JT putting his weight around supporting organisation such as Kick It Out rather than causing further division. He'll still get few "slaps" from the league for bringing the game into disrepute and unprofessional conduct etc.

It's time to grow up.

The word 'black' isn't racist, it looks really bad on black people if the moment that the word is used everyone jumps to racism. He was using it in the same way people use blonde, or blue eyed or anything else.

Racism will never be dealt with while some members of the black community remains so quick to judge everybody. Racism requires the ascribing of traits to skin colour, it isn't just pointing out the colour of someone's skin.

Anyone who takes offence simply from the use of the term needs to really think about the reputation that they are giving to black people. And as for the 'black managers' point, it isn't about skin colour. It is about talent and willing. Rather than presuming racism, try considering for a second that the best people are being chosen for the jobs.

John Terry not guilty

The impartial judge at Westminster Magistrates Court weighing all the evidence together, decided that what was said was not intended as an insult, but rather as a challenge to what John Terry believed had been said to him. In those circumstances, there being a doubt, the only verdict the court can record is one of not guilty. We should respect the decision of the court, which was reached with the use of witnesses and expert lip readers and transcripts from interviews with the police, thus allowing the judge to reach an informed judgement.

I genuinely hope he does not face any misconduct charges for alleged professional misconduct as an impartial court has found him not guilty.


I think Ibby is spot on here. It seems the evidence, given, the burden of proof demanded within a criminal court was simply not enough to convict. Frustrating, of course and sending out a terrible message. Personally, I remain utterly unconvinced by Terry's defence that he repeated the abuse in order to deny it. The average person would have simply said "I didn't call you that !", or words to that effect. The court felt differently given the facts and supportive evidence available to them.

John Terry

I am a white middle aged man, I was never racist but you are helping me get there, time to leave the country I think.