Lewisham Ethnic Minority Partnership networking event today


Disciple Samuel Georgewill is an example of how far determination and hard work can go. The former doorman, who was already a volunteer in his local community, saw posters around his church and neighbourhood promoting the OBV Lewisham Leadership Scheme. Impressed by the opportunity, he decided to apply and was initially refused but his fortunes were good after a space became available and he was granted a place on the scheme.

That was in 2011. Fast foward to 2012 and the former unemployed volunteer is now working for Lewisham Ethnic Minority Partnership (LEMP), who work to provide opportunities to BME individuals and organisations from the disadvantaged communities in Lewisham and surrounding areas.

He landed the post by attending a networking event he heard about through OBV, and counts the communication skills he learnt on the leadership scheme to be imperative in his current role as a community advisor.

The community advisor is passionate about his work and counts partnerships as key to this. If you are interested in partnering with the organisation, LEMP are holding their annual general meeting/networking event on 20th March 2012 between 1:45pm and 4pm, at Powerleague , Private Banks Sports Ground, Canadian Avenue, Catford SE6 4SW

For more information, visit www.lewishamethnicminoritypartnership.org.uk

Rhona Asmah

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Disciple Samuel

I hope he continues his work in the local community and secures funding for his post.

Congrats Samual. You really

Congrats Samual. You really have come along way and we are all so proud of you.

Congrats Samual. You have

Congrats Samual. You have come a long way and we are all so proud of you.

About disciple Samuel Georgewill

I really commended Lewisham Ethnic Minority Partnership Network organisation for having Disciple Samuel on board as part of its team member to steers the leadership of this valuable partnership network to its commanding heights. I have known Samuel to be a patience, astute team player for the community, especially when it concerns black ethnic communities well-being and progress. I am 100% sure it was the right choice that LEMP had made, for chosen him. A man of God who believes in clear conscience, transparency, honesty and intergrity in any thing he participats into. Well done LEMP. I am prepare to voice for Disciple Samuel any time and any where, if call upon to do so. Samuel Ayuba-Kuwu.

Inspiring individual

I was interested to read about your progression and determination to encourage others. i am inspired by your drive and commitment to promoting the importance of voting, amongst other things. I too believe that partnerships are the way forward. Keep up the good work and hopefully you have inspired other people to take positive steps forward, for themselves and for their communities.

interesting and controversial ill say it

Its about time people start valuing our contribution in prevention is better than cure , many black men are out of work 50% is not a lie and we should work hard to ensure that the ones who do work in the community are paid and not made to do this for free.Its a important role especially in this area of lewisham and whilst we are in a reccession its about working smarter and helping people who deserve pay and spending resources where it is needed most a disgrace to let this man loose his job.We are only disadvantaged because someone is trying to create advantage for themselves some would called them conservatives. I rest my case.

It is very inspiring to read

It is very inspiring to read of the achievements of Disciple Samuel Georgewill. We hope he continues his good work in the community.

Disciple Samuel: Thanking you so much for your comments[pass on]

Yes and thank you very much indeed - oh halleluYAH!!! Praise the LORD for such comments...
these should have been out long time ago and so we at the Lewisham Ethnic Minority Partnership [L.E.M.P] are interested in positivity moving forward. For those who do not kn ow, this BME Community Outreach Adviser post ended in March due to a decline in local gvernment fundingfor it to continue. Things happen for a reason especially in this economic 'double dip' recession. However, greener pastures are on the way in this barren part of London, namely our Londn Borough of Lewisham [Isaiah chapter 49 verse 9]. Im still working hard now as a volunteer - what else can I do, my post is there with responsibility, funded or not! Our community needs us and so anyone who wants to be a blessing to us at the Lewisham Ethnic Minority Partnership, keep spreading the positive word for Lewisham Borough's only [active] umbrella organisation that as a 'voice' represents and supports hundreds of BME communities.

Agape Love and donate to us if you want [quoting me as your reference as I dont get paid] so that you can make a financial difference to- better still ask if you can donate towards my salary,

Disciple Samuel Georgewill
Redundant Community Development Outreach Worker [Volunteer]
t-mobile: 07572 648 923

Your amazing

God will continue to lead this path,for you,whatever you need for this journey God ,Jesus will provide them for you in the mighty name of Jesus.

Love you in Christ
Sister Funmige