Lightening Bolt


The fastest man on the planet Usain St Leo Bolt once again rose to the challenge to win the 100 metres final, the most coveted event at the Olympics Games in London last night.

More than two billion people around the world held their breath at the start of the ‘race of all races’. Few could have been disappointed. When the gun fired Bolt seemed to stay in his blocks, fear perhaps of false starting as he did in the world championship earlier this year.

This gave the young Jamaican pretender Yohan Blake, AKA ‘the beast’ the opportunity to gain two strides ahead of his friend and great rival. But this race was all about Bolt, a man driven to secure his place in Olympic history. For a blistering 9.64 seconds there was none of the usual light hearted joy one as come to expect from Bolt. For him this was all about winning.

Those in the stadium say the noise during those brief seconds was deafening. Some argue the screams from the Jamaican supporters and others in the stadium and Olympic park could be heard as far away as Kingston Jamaica.

I’m not sure about that, but with a Jamaican gold and silver medal in last nights men’s 100 metres along with the women’s 100 meter gold by Jamaica’s Shelly Ann Fraser Pryce, and bronze by Veronica Cambell Brown the night before, Jamaica’s 50th independence anniversary could not have been given a great boost.

This tiny Caribbean island born out slavery, tortured by colonialism, stands strong and proud 50 years young, and incredibly boasting the fastest man and woman on the planet.

Well done Usain, Yohan, Shelly Ann, and Veronica.

Simon Woolley