Marsha Singh: A tribute


Former Labour MP Marsha Singh sadly passed away yesterday, but in his wake he leaves on a legacy that has had many of his colleagues championing his work. Today, OBV remembers the high points of a distinguished career.

Born in the Punjab region of India, Singh migrated to Britain where he was worked as a part of the Directorate of Education for Bradford City Council and Bradford Community Health Trust. Eventually Singh was elected in a landslide victory to become Labour’s MP of Bradford West in 1997.

Once elected, Singh proved impossible to remove, remaining at his post for nearly 15 years until an untimely illness forced a resignation. During his time at Labour, Singh worked as a ministerial aide and served on the home affairs and international development select committees. In an interview with a local newspaper, Singh stated his greatest political achievement was steering through private member's legislation restricting the amount of capital a local authority can take into account when deciding residential accommodation entitlement.

In respect of his passing away, many of Singh’s colleagues have stepped forward to show their appreciation. First and foremost, Labour leader Ed Miliband stated:

I was very sad to learn of Marsha’s death. He was a tireless representative of the people of Bradford West. Politics gave him the opportunity to make a positive difference to the community he grew up in and was so proud of. To him, it was a privilege to represent them. And while I know he was sad to leave Parliament in 2012, he did so for the right reasons. I send my deepest condolences on behalf of the Labour Party to his family and friends.

Labours shadow business secretary posted on twitter:

so sad to hear of the death of our colleague and friend. All our thoughts go out to his family at this difficult time.

Even political opponent George Gallloway and Singh’s ultimate successor as MP of Bradford west had words of praise for Singh:

I can't tell you how sad I am to hear of Marsha Singh's death. I didn't know him well personally but colleagues in the house and the staff regarded him as a real treasure. He was well-liked and well-respected. My thoughts are with his family.

From the team of OBV,

Rest in Peace Marsha Singh.

Fortune Achonna