Naomi Campbell: Cadbury refuse to apologise over ad campaign


The chocolate giant Cadbury’s - owned by Kraft - today refused to acknowledge that their present ad campaign that promotes a chocolate bar as a diva, with the strap line ‘Move over Naomi there is a new diva in town’, is offensive to Black women. The Naomi in question is the super model Naomi Campbell.

Cadbury’s executives fail to see that it is both insulting to Naomi Campbell and Black women to be likened to a chocolate bar.

Simon Woolley of Operation Black Vote stated;

"Racism in the playground starts with white children calling Black children ‘chocolate bar’. At best this is insensitive and at worst Cadbury’s utter disregard for a community's feelings. Their white euro-centric joke is not funny to Black people."

Valerie Campbell, Naomi’s mother stated;

"I’m deeply upset by this racist advert. Do these people think they can insult Black people and we just take it.  This is the 21st century not the 1950's. Shame on Cadbury's.

Lee jasper of BARAC stated;

"Does the chocolate giant Cadbury believe that the First Lady Michelle Obama would like to see Black women being described as chocolate? No, thought not. The same goes for the vast majority of Black men and woman in this country and the USA."

OBV have called for a full apology and an immediate withdrawal of the advertising campaign.

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Cadbury ad campaign

I'm only going to buy Green & Black chocolate from now on.

Racist marketing department

As most of us know, most large organisations such as Cadbury's will have a department and group of people that actually sit down and think through the concepts and synopsis for an advertising or question is who were these people? and of course they would definitely know and planned to offend Naomi Campbell of whom they hate....lets face it, because she is a BLACK woman....and as a BLACK woman I am deeply offended and will never buy a Cadbury's product ever again and will advise the rest of the Black sisters amongst my family and friends to do like wise as well as my White sistas too.


I am appalled by this advert. Let's be honest, Cadbury's had many failings from an ethical perspective previously, but now they've been bought by Kraft things are only getting worse. I am furious about this, and like the previous commenter, will never buy a Cadbury product again.

I for one wouldn't have guessed

I for one wouldn't have guessed that this would cause offense. I've never heard anyone compared to food other than as an endearment, and if you wanted to insult someone, surely you'd at least choose a food which you found unpleasant?

Mr Woolley is quoted as saying "Racism in the playground starts with black children being called 'chocolate bar'. To me, that's bizarre, firstly that children are still engaging in racism and secondly that they would use such a strange insult to do so. I really couldn't have imagined it, and neither, I guess, could Cadbury's executives.

Note that I'm not arguing either that this hasn't caused offense or that it shouldn't; but you should be aware that many (perhaps most) people wouldn't realize that it does.

No offence ?

Harry that is precisely the point. My guess is that white execs do not think that to liken a Black person to a chocolate bar is offensive. Here's the thing Harry, most Black people would take a different view. Good grace dictates that when this fact is pointed out to you, you simply say, 'no offense was meant, but if we have caused offense then we apologise'. Right there Harry the problem goes away. For Cadbury's sorry seems to be the hardest word.

Everyone is over reacting

Everyone is over reacting massively. This is stirring up a massive amount of uneccesary anger

Calm down

Cadburies is NOT being racist

Cadburies is NOT being racist by any means, i fail to see how this ad is calling black people chocolate bars, it's simply saying that naomi campbell is a diva...and she is, she's a drama queen, there is no denying it's simply saying that the new cadbury bliss is more of a diva....What the hell is all this fuss about it? It does not promote racism, and does not compare black people to chocolate bars, it is simply bizzarre that she could sue cadburies over this silly little comparison of a diva...NOT a black person to a chocolate bar...!


i do t think the cadburys advert is racist at all no one gave a dam about the milky bar kid advert did they? People don't make comment cos people don't seem to think that anyone can say anything racist about White people. Children in school are just children and kids will be kids so who on here hasn't been bullied or skitted about how tall or small they are? How fat or thin they are? So why should being called a chocolate bar or milky be any different from the above??? The word chocolate andblack is not offensive look it up in the dictionary and read the meaning it's the same as White IT'S A COLOUR.


So, it would have been OK if instead of Ms Campbell, a white woman had been used and was called a diva? You have to admit that Ms Campbell's history, as displayed in the media, may point towards her being a diva.

The question here is, "Is Naomi Campbell a diva?" if she is, then she and we have no complaints; if she is not, doubtless she will sue. She's just another citizen chosen for her character, not her colour.

Cadbury Ad

I am a black man, and for the life of me i can not see the offense on Naomi, Are we suggesting that the only Diva's are black, would this still have been an issue if they used Madonna or Lady gaga? Cadbury's in my opinion have used a bit of humor in a bid to sell a new bar of chocolate, personally i just would not of used Naomi Campbell for reasons too long to list, i would have used Beyonce or J Lo. In her defense however Cadbury's should have asked her permission.

It's polite to ask

For me it beggars belief that considering the global reach of a brand like Cadbury's and the fame and alas notoriety of Naomi Campbell; that the executives involved did not let her know of their intent before giving it the green light. Then maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't have come to this. The world might think she's a diva but she may not, and secondly if she is offended by this advert then Cadbury's should apologise instantly. I've been brought up to know that even if you didn't mean to offend someone but did, then as a decent human being you apologise and think twice next time.


Boycott! Boycott! Boycott! Make them feel our might and anger where it hurts most! I mean boycott all Kraft products. Let's have a widely distributed list, preferably outside supermarkets and other shopping venues.

New Labour Dream.

"I’m deeply upset by this racist advert. Do these people think they can insult Black people and we just take it. This is the 21st century not the 1950's. Shame on Cadbury's."


This is Cadburys living the New Labour dream. Thanks to their backward style of government between 1997 and 2010, racism is on the increase again. This is the New Labour dream.


I think Naomi Campbell is completly overreacting, in my opinion it was just a light hearted joke. As a mixed race girl I get why people would be offended, but I think these people need to be a bit more layed back. It's acting like this that labels black women as being divas. I don't think Cadbury meant it to be at all malicious. And to be honest being called chocolate isn't offence, I would see it as more of a term of endearment. I for one will not be boycotting cadbury anytime soon!

Raciam, really

Is that the best example of racism you can dig up today then I think we are doing great as a world community. I am more up in arms over Naomi supporting the Blood Diamond trade that kills her "own people" or throwing cell phones at us common folk.

cadbery ad

I would be grateful if I was compared to a Cadberrry Chocolate bar. They are so good. Maybe that is what they are saying about Naomi Campbell. Maybe she is black and delicious. Yum. Yum. She should sue them for using her name in the first place. Yum. Yum. Naomi, you are so beautiful.

We Are...Chocolate...Think Again Fallon

The fact of the matter is that people of colour are, as in much of the media industry in Britain severely under represented. Not much is being done to address that so these ideas get by without thought.

Unequivocally, advertising executives who are supposed to have their fingers on the pulse of all that is zeitgeist (or think and brand themselves that way) knew this ad would cause a stir and that's precisely why white executives let this advert run, anyone who believes they didn't know better is kidding themselves. The creative team behind this Cadbury's campaign is sitting back undoubtedly with a Kit Kat having a good old laugh and congratulating themselves at their oh so "light hearted play on social pretensions".

Meanwhile what they have ever so light heatedly done is illuminate the "arcane' social pretentions of the advertising industry and the blatant self-interested hegemony that governs its homogeneous and witless inhabitants.

Cadbury common sense

Who are we to say we agree or disagree. It is offensive to some people - they have made it quite clear- whether we choose to see it or are in denial about it.

The milky bar kid was a character giving out chocolate he was not compared to it.

This advert used Ms Campbell's identity without her permission and in unflattering overtones. I don't actually like her either but I will not tolerate a big fat multi-national/billion pound company offending people in a cheap publicity stunt so they get maximum exposure peddling what is essentially sugar and fat with the colour bearing the only semblance to real chocolate.

Kraft should apologise and be made to pay for the offense caused and Naomi should give the money to charity.

BTW I can think of plenty of other divas, how about Madonna.

This is a rubbish ad campaign, makes no sense, what has 'bliss' got to do with being a diva. Shame on you advert producers for being lazy and tacky and shame on you Kraft for using cheap tricks to make money by pushing our buttons. Well nah uhuh, not this diva. I do not buy Kraft and now not Cadbury either.

Blood Diamonds - Maliciousness!

Having watched the Matthew Wright show on Monday morning, it was interesting listening to the panel. One thing that was mentioned that perhaps has been missed by many on this blog is the fact that the chocolate bar is sitting amongst diamonds. If this advert was not racist, it was at the very least malicious as it was a direct attack on Naomi Campbell for her alleged involvement in the blood diamonds fiasco, and relating to the fact that she is perceived to be a diva. The fact that whomever felt it was okay to be this malicious, also failed to see the undertones of racism in addition that this advert could be perceived to be exhibiting. Naomi I feel is justified in bringing this matter to media attention! As the old saying goes, 'Who feels it, knows it'



"I don't think Cadbury meant it to be at all malicious."

Some people or person within Cadburys probably did. We don't know whose idea it was in the first place. It was in poor taste, Naomi Campbell was offended, she made her feelings known; using her influence wisely, Cadburys recognised it and very rightly apolgised.

Why don't people get it?

It's all about the sub-concious and subliminal messages...

1. I remember being called a chocolate bar as a child and I did not like it. I didn't like the tone of the children and I am not as old as you might think so it was not so long ago. The children did it to make me feel small and inadequate compared to them. They called me a chocolate bar because of my skin colour (and no I did not call them a milky bar).

2. People need to look at what the terms mean not just how we use it today. Diva does not mean she is 'up her self' or 'over the top' but by Cambrigde definition- 'a very successful and famous female singer' so why are Black successful women called Diva's in a derogatory context?

3. It is up to Naomi if she feels offended. Offence has nothing to do with the person who is making it but about the person who recieves it. Otherwise there would be no point in the word offence/offended because no one would be able to express it. I can be offended by watching someone saying hurtful words against another person. It is my right; just like it is Naomi's right to be offended and want an apology. It is up to Cadbury's whether or no the apologise but they wouldn't be doing themselves any favours if they didn't. I have not known it to hurt anyone to say 'I did not not mean to cause offence but if I have in anyway I apologise'.


Maybe they should bring out a white chocolate version, and make to reference to Elton John !

I think the ad is funny, insensitive perhaps but I doubt very much it was deliberately racist. Does anyone really believe for one minute that Cadburys would be stupid enough to deliberately make a racist ad and hope to get away with it?