Naomi: No Cadbury apology yet!


These three senior executives form part of Krafts European team.

Michael Clarke Exec Vice President, Patrick Satamian, President Chocolate Kraft foods, Nick Bunker President kraft foods and Cadbury’s

The full team across Europe is 21; many won't be surprised to see that across Europe the senior team is all white.

Should the make up of the board really matter? Well it shouldn’t but some very senior people would have had to give the offending advertisement the green light. One suspects a Black exec may have spotted this 'elephant in the room' before it went to print.

But as they say these days, 'we are where we are'. So, now it's clear that to many this ad is offensive - if you are one of those who are still in doubt try telling your Black friend that they remind you of your favorite chocolate bar - what should Cadbury's do now? Good grace would dictate that some senior executives writes a statement to this effect:

'We never set out to offend Naomi Campbell or Black people. On reflection our ad was clumsy and could be viewed as offensive. For that we apologise and reiterate our commitment to race equality'.

My guess is, if that happens the issue gets closed. Everyone becomes a little bit more thoughtful, not least the agency that produced this ad, and we all get on with our lives.

Come on Cadbury do the right thing.

Simon Woolley

Picture: Cadbury’s Michael Clarke, Patrick Satamian and Nick Bunker.

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No apology yet!

Three middle-aged, balding white men, shame on you all!!

Governmet's To Blame.

The last New Labour Government were unequivocal in their wish to promote racism during their last time in government. They clearly abused the trust that non-whites had in them in their wish to prolong their stay in office. Their wrongful and racist policies which they successfully promoted within the Employment Tribunal Service has no doubt emboldened the negative action of this company.

Can anyone in New Labour please step forward and condemn the actions of this company?

The Coalition Government are clearly continuing with these bad policies. One question we should be looking for answers from is:

Are we going to get an apology? My answer is: I don't know. It is very possible we might get one because of Naomi Campbell's dogged and determined fight against the unhealthy advert.

I strongly feel that governments are obligated to set the right examples.