OBV’s Simon Woolley joins Black ‘Powerlist’


The Prime Minister David Cameron, like the Prime Minister before him Gordon Brown, hosted Michael Eboda’s ‘Powerlist 2013. Britain’s most influential Black people’. Writing in the forward of the publication Cameron stated:

We should never underestimate the power of role models. When teenagers see high achievers who look like them, who have reached the top in law, business, politics, they're going to think, 'I can do that; I can go far too'. It's why we send thousands of copies, most paid for by the people on the list, to schools.

Interestingly, number one on the list was an architect David Adjaye, who many people would not have heard of. But that’s the beauty of the ‘Powerlist’, Eboda and the judging panelist seek to broaden the horizon and showcase Black talent way beyond the music and sporting stereotypes.

Of course we are proud at OBV that our Director Simon Woolley who’s longstanding work here and beyond has been recognized by the panel.

But apart from the individual accolades, and the prospect of inspiring others, the real potential of the ‘Powerlist’ will be if these influential individuals from many different professions begin to talk to each other, support one another, and collaborate on shared interest. Only then would the ‘Powerlist’ be much more than a celebration of individuals at the top of the game, but rather a dynamic force that would ensure that the whole is greater than the some of its parts.

The Powerlist is available to purchase online at www.powerful-media.com

Staff Reporter