The Olympics: More than just a Game


In just one day, the world’s greatest spectacle, the Olympic Games comes to town.

In what has seemed an eternity since the bidding process was won in 2005, the games are nearly here though not without its share of controversy. Over the years much commotion has been stirred. Will the venues be built in time? Questions have arisen about the robustness of security, who will be the beneficiaries of the games and more recently, the initial banning of The Voice newspaper have all been major discussion points. Even whether the weather will ruin the spectacle has been a continual question. And whilst these are valid points, they detract from a vital point of the games; getting involved and having fun.

As the torch made its way through the country and now around the capital’s boroughs, there has been media frenzy over the torch relays, with much coverage going to those who are deemed heroes whether it is for their sporting or those with less famed, but nonetheless praiseworthy achievements. However, the coverage also shows legions of the public watching and cheering with amazement highlighting just how important the games are to the nation. Even our own Francine had a piece of the action running alongside the torch as it came to her local area.

Since the bidding process, there have been many events which have soured the general mood of the public such as: the London 7/7 bombings (which occurred the day after London was awarded with the games), the recession (which has seen record levels of unemployment) and a series of political and banking scandals. What the games have so far shown is an innate ability to transform the spirits of a nation.

Keeping with the good vibes, the current anticipation is soon to turn to expectation as our Brits are tipped to continue their upward ascension in the medals table. Much attention will be fixated on the likes of triple jumper Phillips Idowu, heptathlete Jessica Ennis, cyclist Sir Chris Hoy, sailor Ben Ainslie and swimmer Rebecca Adlington are all among our best hopes of the coveted gold medal. Hopefully they’ll do us proud!

Long-term, we do not know what the impact of the Games will have. But in the short-term they have provided jobs for some people who were previously unemployed and lifted the mood of the nation. As it stands this once in a lifetime opportunity looks fruitful for all and may even achieve the aims of its slogan; inspire a generation.

Fortune Achonna

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