Prospect, Goodhart and race


About six years ago, editor of Prospect magazine David Goodhart was given unprecedented column inches in the Guardian to talk about race in Britain. Although he was pilored from people such as Trevor Phillips, Gary Younge and myself for his thinly disguised racist views he did resonate to an extent  within political thinking of that time.  Goodhart himself, however, felt chastened by being vigorously challenged and, I would argue being exposed for what he was really trying to do: put the brakes on Government tackling race inequality.

Six years later he is back to his old stomping ground: race.

But this time he's got others to do his dirty work. And boy are they a willing bunch: Munira Mirza, Swaran Singh, Lindsay John, Mike Phillips, Sonya Dyer, and Tony Sewell.

A loose set of individuals who write more from anecdotal rather than an evidential base to paint a spurious picture that race equality no longer exits. The clear message is: move on.

Here Abitya Chakribatea gives an over view about what the collective pieces are about and what they mean.

We hope we'll be able to comprehensively respond to each and every article in detail and as a collective.

It is sad that our own people should do this to us, but that is a reality of life, I'm afraid.

Simon Woolley