‘S.A.L.U.T.E.’ to Black History Month


A Black History Month event is to be held this Saturday, the 6th October 2012, in celebration of Black history, lifestyle and culture. Titled ‘S.A.L.U.T.E.’ and hosted jointly by Recognize and Inspiring a New Generation, the event aims to honour the legacy of Black achievement and excellence.

Black History Month acts as a unique opportunity to look back on the journey of change that is Black history, as well as to raise a collective debate as to what Black heritage shall signify in the times to come. S.A.L.U.T.E. is a free fun day out that promises to leave goers that bit more informed about Black history and heritage. The event is one of its kind, in that it is designed to not only promote an awareness of the truth behind the history of the Diaspora, but it also shall leave the goer with an insight into the history of the wider world.

It is a time of paying tribute to the sacrifices made over the years by the greats of Black history and doing it in the spirit of merriment. Garry Stewart, one of the organisers of the event is particularly aiming to attract the younger generation to the event, to learn and draw from the legacy left by the heroes and legends of the Diaspora, whose impact can still be felt today.

The event runs from 12pm – 8pm and promises to be an exciting festivity that draws communities together in celebration of this season of remembrance. It is to be held at the ‘The Public,’ at West Bromwich Arts Centre, with exclusive programmes ranging from exhibitions, stalls, workshops as well as including various speakers. Amongst the various speakers scheduled to speak on that day is Birmingham magistrate, Sharon Thompson, an OBV graduate who will be talking about the benefit of BME communities becoming active in civic and political society.

It is a free event that caters to all ages and must be attended by all whom seek to experience an insightful yet inspiring journey through Black history and accomplishment. Brimming with variety, the event also allows those with musical inclinations to experience a ‘Black Artist Collaboration Showcase,’ featuring a range of musicians, whom, through their music also pay tribute to Black heritage.

So, whether you would like to listen to speakers who have made a difference, taste some unique food samples or partake in enlightening workshops and presentations, you will find that the event includes all the above and more.

The S.A.L.U.T.E will take place on Saturday 6th October at The Public, New Street, West Bromwich, B70 7PL. The free event will run from 12pm – 8.00pm. All welcome.

Sarah Nwandu

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I Am Black And Proud.

The images of those great people above just makes me greatful to the LORD Almighty that I was born Black. Sisters, Brothers, and all the great black leaders ever, thank you for making me feel so great about myself.

I am saying it loud ... I am Black and proud.

The N Word.

I hope those Black people who use the N word in the lyrics of their music, in screenplays/teleplays/stage plays and in their everyday living, remember the good work of our great leaders who brought a lot of respectability to us; the respectability that has opened doors for us, and, that sadly, some of us are now taking for granted.