Salute: The Movie


Imagine you are one of the fastest men on the planet you’ve just won the Olympic gold medal at 200 meters and fame, fortune and the easier life beckon. This is what Tommie Smith confronted in his once in a lifetime moment of glory.

Yet, he and fellow American John Carlos chose another path. Standing on the podium as the flash bulbs flashed, Smith and Carlos bowed their heads and raised the black gloved fist in a silent protest. They used their moment of glory not for themselves but to highlight racial and social injustice in an America and beyond.

The ‘Salute’ has become on of the most powerful non-violent symbols of any protest. In terms of the Olympic games it is truly iconic.

But the story behind the ‘Salute’ is also one of great intrigue, sorrow, glory and sadness. The third man on the podium that day in 1968 was an Australian Peter Norman. Although, at first glance he looks like he is a bystander caught up in something bigger than he could imagine, he wasn’t. The silver medallist-who ran the race of his life, not only supported the two Black men, he also and showed great solidarity by wearing a badge against oppression on the podium, and challenged his own nation in regards to the treatment of Aborigines.

This is their story. The untold story in which their lives would forever be entwined by that one iconic moment. The Salute.

Dr Tommie Smith will attend the London Premiere-with a Q& A after the film- along with sporting superstars past and present. Music, TV and politicians from across the globe will also be in attendance.

The film will have its UK premiere on Wednesday 11 July 2012, 7.00pm at an exclusive London West End venue.

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Venue location

Hi, I purchased the tickets for the uk premiere so just waiting for confirmation of the venue? Also what will be the preferred dress code for the evening? I am looking forward to this very much along with the company I will be with on the night!
Look forward to hearing from you.
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N. Goldbourne.

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Just checking how should I go about knowing where the veunue is and what proof of payment do I need to bring?