Sisters in Conversation

The recently-launched Ubele Initiative is hosting a very unique and creative event called 'Sisters in Conversation' for twenty African and Caribbean women. This event will take place Saturday, January 28, 2012 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM London in Women Resources Centre.

If you view yourself as an informal or formal community based leader, have some insights into the challenges facing the African and Caribbean community in London, are curious about using processes such as 'sensing' and 'reflection' and are committed to the creation of innovative solutions and lasting social change, the Ubele 'Sisters in Conversation' event could be for you. This event is created with initiative to provide a great opportunity for women to come together in a creative space for challenging dialogue, conversation and support to help our community's future emerge. It is enough of silence that often surrounds our community when tragic issues occur and design collective, creative and effective responses.

This event is unique in its setup, it will take place in a small space where women can sit in a circle and talk, there will be no presentations, panels and definitely no Q&A. This is a different and creative approach to make sure the issues are tackled to its core. You are very welcome to come along and try a different creative approach, meet some incredible African and Caribbean female community based leaders and facilitators of social change and take part in on the beginning of a new, energising and creative initiative.

Ubele is planning to design a similar event soon which will involve co-creating with our brothers. Keep up to date on the website:

Event is free but donations are welcome. To find out more about the event, visit:

Arita Pecaka