The Voice get their Olympic pass


Pressure from the Black community and others have forced the Olympic authorities to rethink their position and afford The Voice newspaper accreditation to cover the London Olympic games.

In a statement the BOA said:

We are pleased to confirm that the IOC have awarded an accreditation to the BOA, which will be allocated to The Voice.

The Voice senior Editor George Ruddock said:

I can’t thank enough all those individual who campaigned to ensure we can effectively cover these games from a British African Caribbean perspective.

We at Operation Black Vote are proud to have engaged in this challenge. Some people had argued that the readership of the Voice -14000 was too low- but that doesn’t include the 50,000 + that read the online Voice newspaper. Equally it doesn’t address the fact that in the ‘blue ribbon’ events –the track sprinting and running races-Caribbean’s and Africans will have a very special place during these games, including those who will be running for team GB too.

Well done to activist Zita Holbourne for initiating the petition. Well done for all those that signed it.

Now lets go out and start buying the Voice again in large numbers.

Together we can make a difference.

Simon Woolley