The Voice Newspaper: Barred from the Olympics


With less than two weeks to go before the Olympic games the oldest and most-read Black newspaper in the country, The Voice newspaper, has been refused Olympic accreditation to be at the games.

This is an insult on a number of levels; not least because the games here in London was won on its teeming diversity, secondly and equally important is that on the track at least, it will be Black athletes who will dominate success.

OBV’s director Simon Woolley said:

Running the fastest, jumping the longest is without doubt one of the most meritocratic endeavors in life. It doesn’t matter how rich or how poor you are, you can either run fast or you can’t. Within real equality-on the track- Black people do well. And yet still the authorities deny us access to celebrate and report it. It is utterly shameful. If there is one thing you do this Olympic games it must be to sign this petition. Don't allow the Olympic authorities to yet again walk all over Black people.

Zita Holbourne who started this petition said:

I am furious. There has been a catalogue of errors and issues around the Olympics and this is just one more thing.

The Voice Editor and Managing Director George Ruddock said:

We are truly disappointed that The Voice which has covered the glorious achievements of British, African and Caribbean athletes for many years will not be inside the Olympic Stadium to record more expected glory as the track and field events get underway. This is truly a slap in the face by the BOA.

Other Leading figures queued up to demand that BOA officials reverse the decision, including David Lammy MP, Jamaican High Commissioner Aloun Assamba.

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Banning the Voice from the Olympics

Barring The Voice from the Olympics is indefensible racism. The Olympics should not be the preserve of big business and establishment media.

Banning the Voice from the Olmpics

I see this only as racism plain and simple.

Banning the Voice from the

Banning the Voice from the Olympics seems to me to be utterly disgraceful - What are the objective reasons given for such a decision?