EDL Founder to stand for Police and Crime Commission


Joint Leader of the English Defence League (EDL) Kevin Carroll will be putting his name forward in the Police and Crime Commission (PCC) elections in Bedfordshire this November.

The PCC is a new position created amid staunch criticism of the slow court services and distant behind-the-desk police officers. The PCC aims to cut crime and deliver efficient policing by providing stronger and more transparent accountability of the police. Duties include holding the Chief Constable to account on how the force is being run; setting up and updating crime plans; engaging with the community and swearing an oath of impartiality to serve the local community and not engage in partisan politics.

It is hoped that through all this, the public’s trust and confidence in the police force, which has taken a few dents after the deaths of Ian Tomlinson and Charles De Menezes, will be restored.

However from the said criteria, it is clear Carroll would fail in his duties as the PCC of Bedfordshire if elected. How is one supposed to be impartial when one of his major policies is to purposely target one ethnic group? This is inferred from a speech of Carroll’s in which he said, “Put an end to two-tier policing which treats Muslims better than the rest of society”. Moreover, in 2009 Carroll was convicted of a public order offence for hurling abuse at Muslim protestors at the Poachers’ homecoming parade through Luton.

Furthermore, Carroll’s party allegiance makes him a highly unsuitable candidate for the role. How is someone with such extreme views, that is clearly not in alignment with the majority of Bedfordshire’s electorate, supposed to engage with them? Judging from the low percentage of votes , the similarly minded BNP received in the last general election, it does seem as though it would be an impossible task.

Nonetheless, given the far-rights record in elections Carroll will not be expected to win, though that is not the aim. The aim it seems is to spread awareness of their group. And it is because of this the BME community and all those who believe oppose the views of the EDL to remain diligent and vote in their numbers.

Fortune Achonn

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Kevin Carroll

It seems that the EDL are determined to create a situation of intolerance and hatred against fellow citizens. I don't understand it. I think we need to make sure they are not elected, but also that they do not disrupt relationships between communities.


The EDL are a bunch of thugs masquerading under some loose sense of idealogical beliefs. They attack Muslims, but I fail to understand what they think Muslims have done. Is it terrorism? Yes, there was 7/7 but all the major terrorist attacks in the UK, have been carried out by white men, who have Christian beliefs. Someone like me. Does it mean we target, white Christian men? Of course not, but then the EDL should follow the logic through.
If it is about austerity - then they are certainly not cost effective - the recent demos in Leeds cost us £500k!!!! Please if someone can explain why they hate Muslims that would be great because I just don't get it.