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The Events Calendar lists community and fundraising events.

Educational seminars, conferences, meetings, networking events, small or large, as long as they are intended to educate, inspire and engage our communities. Send information of your up-coming events to:

We will be having a Jamaican Diaspora Day of Prayer. The main aim of the service is to pray for Jamaica, we also pray for all Caribbean and African countries. There will be a vigil to commemorate those who fought in WW1 especially the Caribbean and African Soldiers.
Nubian Heritage Me is a civil society forum, focusing on community engagement initiatives. We promote events which are life affirming and ones which celebrate the achievements of all those who are Nubian and Mixed Heritage Nubian.
Venue: The Elephant & The Nun, Burgess Park, London SE5 Details: Celebrating t...
Mental health in the Black community is still a taboo subject to discuss even though at some point it will affect us all one way or another. What is going on with the criminal justice system and Black Mental Health?
Europe’s biggest street festival is a vivid spectacle representing London's multicultural past and present