Mission Statement

Operation Black Vote is the first initiative to focus exclusively on the Black democratic deficit in the UK.

We believe that without a strong political voice for African, Asian, Caribbean, Chinese and other ethnic minorities, the ideal of equality of opportunity - regardless of race and colour - will remain an ideal.

We recognise that building a future Britain in which our community groups have real influence is a long term project. There is an entrenched cynicism about politics, especially among young people, which cannot be addressed easily, or overnight.

In addition, overcoming stereotypical attitudes and institutional racism within the dominant cultural and political establishment will require willingness to communicate and co-operation from both Black and White to reach solutions.

Our vision is for a fair, just and inclusive democracy - one that offers rights to all and demands responsibility from all; and one that allows our creativity, energy and talent to fulfill its potential and enhance British society.

We aim to make that vision real through political education, political participation and political representation.