“Freedom of Speech” - A bigot’s last line of defence


Last month, Tommy Robinson, the Ex-Leader of the English Defence League was permanently banned from the social media platform Twitter. Twitter have yet to comment, but the reason is believed to be due to his repeated breach of the website’s “hateful conduct” policy. This comes as no surprise, as his feed was a spew of derogatory commentary about Islam, alongside propaganda of crimes carried out by people of a Muslim background which he had no doubt scoured for, to propagate and justify his xenophobic views.

Stop and search race disparity revealed


To those that have been fighting to reform stop and searches and policing practices that value personal face-value judgment above a standard practice, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) report for 2016/2017 finding that white people are more likely to be carrying drugs than black people when stopped and searched, is not surprising.

The 44 billon Euro plan for Africa


The African Union, in conjunction with the European Union and the United Nations, has finalized a plan which aims to halt the escalation of the migration crisis in Libya while simultaneously putting an end to the resurgence of slavery of Sub-Saharan migrants on smuggling routes to the Mediterranean.

On November 30, 83 of the world’s heaviest political weights from Africa and Europe convened in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, for the Europe-African Union summit.

Trump tweets: new low for US-UK "special relationship"


Ever since the last ballot was counted, proclaiming the United Kingdom sovereign, Prime Minister Theresa May spared no time in developing a close relationship with the President of the United States Donald Trump. Theresa May went as far as to proclaim the relationship between the two countries as "special". However, what the Prime Minister failed to consider is that President Trump is in a hot seat and whoever gets too close will eventually burn with him—or burn their "special relationship".

Ratko Mladic sentenced to life in prison



A historical ruling emerged from The Hague on November 22nd. The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia sentenced General Ratko Mladic to life imprisonment after finding him guilty on all accounts of war crimes, crimes against humanity, and genocide.

Peter Herbert: Race for justice



Celebrating BME success: Powerful Media and Green Park



In the same week Powerful Media and Green Park recruitment released their much-anticipated annual reports ranking the one-hundred most influential black and minority individuals of the year in the United Kingdom: the Powerlist and the BAME 100 Board Talent Index 2017, respectively. Distinguished with a position on each of these two well-known and prestigious classifications is Operation Black Vote’s Executive Director and Co-Founder Simon Woolley, joining other notable activists and influencers.

Black gay men face shocking bigotry


Within our communities we see how discrimination affects us, but Black women, Black people with disabilities and Black gays often face a double form of discrimination.

A good example is the contentious issues raised when Black gays are involved in mixed relationships and that tension is reflected in the broader politics and culture of gay communities. FS Magazine (published by the gay men's health charity GMFA), recently highlighted this in a study.

Education: Opening the eyes and minds of our young


It’s a widely held view that when it comes to racism, today’s generation is much less prejudiced than their parents’ generation. Britain has moved on, so the thinking goes, and become a 'post-racial society'. 

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