Pension freeze for minorities who retire abroad


People who retire to countries such as India, Pakistan, Trinidad &Tobago, Grenada, Nigeria and Kenya are not entitled to their full pension payout, unlike those retiring and staying in the UK and Europe.

People from Black and minority ethnic (BME) background who retire to certain countries will have their state pension frozen for the duration of their retirement and this will have a detrimental effect on future of BME finances according to a report by equality think tank Runnymede Trust.

Stop the Deportation Flight


News of the planned deportation flight to Jamaica has resulted in anger and concern. This latest chapter in the Windrush scandal is extremely worrying not just for the families and individuals involved, but also for the wider Caribbean communities here in the UK and beyond.

The Long Walk Continues



Almost exactly thirty years ago, on the 2nd February 1990, Nelson Mandela was finally freed from prison. An historic day which marked the end of a system steeped in racism. The apartheid system, initially established to promote difference, was used as a tool to stigmatize and punish a section of the South African population on the basis of their skin tone and appearance.

Britain’s success, OBV’s success: Now let’s act together!


The historic gathering of BAME parliamentarians who represent a record number of BAME MPs and Peers will speak volumes to a nation that at times is struggling with race.

Politicians from all three main parties and from both the House of Commons and House of Lords came together in the hallowed Westminster Hall for an historic picture organised by Valerie Vaz MP.

Liverpool’s future is in your hands


Operation Black Vote in partnership with Liverpool City Council is delighted to launch a unique Civic Leadership Programme to nurture Liverpool’s future leaders.

The Programme is designed to encourage people from black and minority ethnicity communities to get more involved in civic and political leadership. You will have the opportunity to observe areas of public life including:

School Governor Magistrate Councillor Safer Neighbourhood Panel Board of Liverpool Health Services NHS Trust Charity or NGO Board Trustee.

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