Rev Sharpton Backs OBV project to unify all voter registration campaigns before the next UK election


Operation Black Vote (OBV) hosted a successful voter registration roundtable on February 6th 2023, at the House of Commons, Westminster, London in the presence of a wide range of Black, Asian and mainstream prominent political funders and campaigning figures from the UK.

In pictures: Pathway to Success 2022 Graduation


Operation Black Vote, in partnership with the University of Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government and Magdalen College and the House of Commons held the Pathway to Success Graduation ceremony on 24/Nov/2022 at Westminster.



2022's Reflections on Windrush: 'A fine summer's day'



Follow along as guest writer, Monica Cru-Hall, openly muses on the Windrush scheme almost 75 years later and pays homage to its daring travellers...

OBV brings 'historic' Leadership Programme to Greater Manchester



On Tuesday (24th May 2022) Operation Black Vote (OBV) launched their first Civic Leadership Programme of the year as well as their first based in the Greater Manchester area. The programme seeks to nurture Greater Manchester’s future leaders in order to equip communities facing racial inequality with the knowledge needed to begin life as a Public Appointee.

The speakers (from left): Ashok Viswanathan, Andy Burnham, Diane Modahl and Alyson Malach

‘So-and-so is earning this so why am I not earning that?’


Michele had big dreams

Michele would achieve these dreams a lot quicker if she was being paid the same salary as her colleague Bill.

Despite working the same role, the most glaring difference between Michele and Bill is that Michele misses out on nearly £8,500 each year. …

“Michele” in this case represents one of the many women originating from African and/or Caribbean or Black and mixed heritage backgrounds who have fallen prey to pay disparities ranging from £3,000 to £10,000 each year.

Local Elections 2022: Register to Vote


a) Deadline for registering to vote

Register by 11:59pm on 14 April to vote in the following elections on 5 May2022:

  • local government, combined authority mayoral, mayoral and parish council elections in England
  • local government and community council elections in Wales
  • Northern Ireland Assembly election

Register by 11:59pm on 18 April to vote in the local government elections in Scotland on 5 May 2022.

b) Register online

Why Harriet Tubman's inspirational legacy will outlive us all


March 2022 marks the bicentennial anniversary of the birth of Harriet Tubman, who died on the 10th of March in 1913. Last week some of us saw an opportunity to celebrate her profound life. But why is it that we continue to adore, celebrate and take inspiration from this exceptional woman almost seven generations later? Read on to find out.

IWD: Sonia Boyce - A woman of radical political artistry


As we celebrate the inspiring legacy of International Women’s Day, let us take a closer look at acclaimed Afro-Caribbean artist, social activist, and feminist, Sonia Boyce.

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