100's come out to support Frank the coffee vendor



Bethnal Tube Station has never seen anything like it: Hundreds of local people supporting Frank the coffee vendor, who has a pitch outside the tube station, came out to support him last night.

One elderly lady who spoke at the protest rally said that, "Anyone can serve up coffee, but Frank did much more than that. He served up a daily smile, along with warmth and great humanity, which, in this day and age, is priceless."

This sentiment seemed to be what brought the vast crowds out in short notice.

Solidarity on Roma Holocaust day in London



On 2nd of August, Roma around the world commemorate the Roma Genocide during the Second World War. On this day back in 1944, nearly 3000 Roma and Sinti were killed in the gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau under the regime of Nazi Germany.

Boris Johnson stirring up Islamaphobia



Boris Johnson, the former foreign secretary and wannabe leadership contender for the Conservative party has rightly come under fire for inflammatory comments made about Muslim women and their chosen attire.

Johnson’s specific remarks were "it is absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes". He further went on to say that if "a female student turned up at school or at a university lecture looking like a bank robber" he would ask her to remove her Burqa.

PROTEST TO SAVE FRANK: Local coffee vender 7pm Wed 8th Aug Bethnal Green Tube



Frank Wang has been serving coffee from his cart outside Bethnal Green Tube Station to local residents for nearly 15 years. Many local people and visitors to the area have experienced his kindness, generosity and good humour. He's a friend to many and during the cold weather he even gives out free hot drinks to the local homeless.

Chinese now targeted in aggressive immigration clampdown


After the scandal of the aggressive immigration drive that plagued the Caribbean Windrush generation, and the clampdown on Indian restaurant waiters and chefs, it now seems the Home Office are turning their attention to the Chinese community.

For the first time in its long history Chinatown restaurants in London and across the country organised a shut down in protest of the heavy-handed immigration raids on their restaurants.

The London Chinatown Chinese Association, which organised the walkout, said 1,000 restaurants had been in touch to show solidarity.

OBV’s 22nd Birthday and still going… Please donate!


Operation Black Vote is 22. What started as a desperate idea about voter registration and civic engagement has developed into one of Black Briton’s most enduring and high profile institutions.

Rudyard Kipling: Of course he was racist and an imperialist


I’m sure LBC’s shock jock Nick Ferrari, could not contain his delight in reading the news that a student had defaced a poem at her college by the revered and venerable English literary giant, Rudyard Kipling.

Barack Obama: His speech reminds us what we’ve lost


To see the world’s most powerful man in the world stand up and lie, bully and perhaps worse still, support extreme bigotry, has almost become the norm when we think of Donald Trump. Just when you think he cannot shock you any more, he’ll shock you. His disregard for progressive world leaders such as Germany’s Angela Merkel and Canada’s Justin Trudeau, beggars’ belief.

Happy 22nd Birthday OBV


Twenty two years ago today we dreamt of changing our world.

With so many Black men and women dying in police custody,  such as Wayne Douglas and Cynthia Jarrett,  or being murdered at the hands of racist thugs, as were  Roland Adams, Stephen Lawrence and Ali Ibrahim, we knew we needed political power:  Political power, not to ask for protection and justice, but, as is our right,  to demand it.

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